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Pronunciación /leɪt/

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adjetivo later, latest

  • 1

    (after correct, scheduled time)
    to be late
    to make sth/sb late
    to be late for/with sth
    she apologized for the late start of the show pidió disculpas por el retraso con el que comenzó el espectáculo
    • the late arrival/departure of the train el retraso en la llegada/salida del tren
    • late applications will not be accepted no se aceptarán las solicitudes que lleguen fuera de plazo / con retraso
  • 2

    • 2.1(after usual time)

      I had a late breakfast desayuné tarde
      • spring is late this year la primavera se ha atrasado este año
      • Easter is late this year (la) Pascua cae tarde este año
      • late opening Thursdays till 8 pm jueves abierto hasta las 8 de la noche

    • 2.2

      (chrysanthemums/potatoes) tardío
      late developer or (US also) bloomer planta de flor tardía
      • he was a late developer se desarrolló tarde
      • While in pruning mode, cut late flowering clematis hard back to a low pair of fat buds.
      • Remove late flowers on peppers and eggplant to send more energy into the ripening fruit.
      • The white currant is White transparent, again a late flowering variety.
      • Acidantheras have a wonderful scent and are excellent for late flowering.

  • 3

    • 3.1(far on in time)

      hurry up, it's late date prisa, que es tarde
      • it's late: we'd better go to bed ya es tarde: mejor nos acostamos
      • is it that late already? ¿ya es tan tarde?
      • it's getting late se está haciendo tarde
      • would Thursday be too late for you? ¿te parecería muy tarde el jueves?
      • it's too late to say you're sorry now ya es demasiado tarde para pedir perdón
      • it's a little late in the day or (US also) in the game to change your mind es un poco tarde para cambiar de idea
      • 45 is late for a woman to have a baby a los 45 años ya se es bastante mayor para tener un niño

    • 3.2

      (shift/bus) último
      the late film la película de la noche
      • Fridays, late show los viernes, sesión de medianoche
      • at this late hour a estas horas
      • at this late stage a estas alturas
      • it was a late marriage fue un matrimonio tardío
      • VBM was a late entrant into the computer field VBM entró tarde en el campo de la informática
      • they scored a late equalizer marcaron el tanto del empate en los últimos minutos del partido
      • we got there late morning/afternoon llegamos tarde por la mañana/al final de la tarde
      • in late April/summer a finales / fines de abril/del verano
      • the late 1950s el final de la década del cincuenta
      • the late Middle Ages la baja Edad Media
      • she must be in her late forties tendrá cerca de cincuenta años
      • late Picasso el Picasso de la última época
      • Late Gothic gótico tardío
      • Sometimes it makes me late for class, and sometimes I make excuses to stay in.
      • She had been asking for more breaks in the past week, and often coming in late for her shift.
      • Even Chelsey claiming to be late for something and dashing off would be better.
      • There was a closed-door session for about an hour, and then one of the jurors was late for court.
      • Anyways, I showed up a few minutes late for the competition and missed the first two teams' routines.
      • It results in missing hospital appointments or being late for appointments because there are no useable parking spaces.
      • She looked at her watch several times as she was getting worried that she would be late for an important meeting with a client.
      • Make-up and jewellery are worn openly and pupils are late for school ‘with impunity’.
      • But she says buses regularly fail to show up leaving her late for work.
      • Well - as always, Ann was late, I swear that girl will be late for her own funeral.
      • But there were others who were late for meetings and getting quite angry.
      • The Dublin band were late for the soundcheck, but their crew said to go ahead and set up and everything would be okay.
      • Management loved him, except for the fact that he was always a few minutes late for work.
      • I left my phone number and drove back to school, by now late for my rehearsal.
      • I'd better hurry up, have my shower and get dressed or I'll be late for lunch.
      • I then looked at the clock to realize that I was an hour late for work!
      • Although, I'm sure Shawna was often fashionably late to her classes just like all of her popular friends.
      • Her plight is merely a bureaucratic blunder but she has left it too late to save the day.
      • Arriving nearly an hour late for a scheduled meeting, she smiles and goes directly for the photo session.
      • I rushed home, practically a half-hour late for work already.
      • As the baby-boomers enter their mid to late fifties the issue of how we care for the aged is never far from the news headlines.
      • It looked all over at that stage for the home team but they fought back admirably and got two late goals, one from the penalty spot.
      • But the other Sheffield side showed a bit of steel as they grabbed two late goals to guarantee the celebration had to be put on hold.
      • Two late goals gave Crewe their first win since the opening day of the season as they beat Luton 3-1.
      • It seemed fitting fare for a late breakfast on a day you're giving to yourself.
      • On the 25th December after a late, and simple breakfast, we walked along the beach and back into the palm groves.
      • Allie was in her early twenties, young very pretty and I was in my late forties.
      • Second of all, it comes so late in the game.
      • I had arrived quite late in the day when dusk was falling.
      • Depending on the weather, Phil provides 25-40 gallons per tree per week late in the season.
      • They taste the best because the Cabernet grapes ripen late in the season - in September or even October.
      • And the six-year-old company spent the late 1990s developing software to connect Internet applications.
      • The narrative halts for a paragraph to depict the dreary marsh landscape on a late winter afternoon.
      • The advancement of a counterclaim at this late stage did give me some concern.

  • 4

    • 4.1(deceased)

      difunto formal
      my late father mi difunto padre formal
      • If the late princess were still alive, however, she might have changed her mind about him.
      • She said her husband's late sister had complained to the council on their behalf and they had understood something was going to be done.
      • He was husband of the late Kathleen and was a popular and prominent member of the local rural community.
      • He was husband of the late Evelyn and was a popular and well liked member of the local rural community.
      • My naked face has been likened to a canvas by my late artist husband, and like a boiled egg by my own observation.
      • The late King's grave is marked by an inscription in the floor and by a plaque, in the wall above, showing his head.
      • Most of all, she said she draws to keep her late mother's and grandmother's spirit alive.
      • The late Mary is survived by her devoted husband, Paddy and her son, daughter and grandchildren.
      • She may be going to the Supreme Court to get some money from her late husband.
      • I am sure, though, she will be comforted by the fact that her late husband touched the lives of so many in such a positive way.
      • After the inquest his widow Joan described her late husband as a ‘gentleman in every sense of the word’.
      • Bridget was a hard worker as was her late husband James and together they reared a family of four in very difficult times.
      • It's a tape of her and her late husband talking about his financial plans for her.
      • I married my late husband when he was a widower after he retired and I accept that as a result I am not entitled to any pension from him.
      • She and her late husband Jack, who died 20 years ago, took up bowls together.
      • This included her engagement ring given to her by her late husband.
      • For her late husband, David, who died this summer, was one of the villagers who had previously rung the bell.
      • It was at a dance that she met her late husband, Bill, who she married in 1937.
      • She was a devoted wife to her late husband Tom, and mother to her five children.
      • This is the first time that Sheila, aged 46, has spoken publicly about her late husband.

    • 4.2(former)


adverbio later, latest

  • 1

    (after correct, scheduled time)
    (arrive/leave/answer) tarde
    the trains are running 20 minutes late los trenes llevan 20 minutos de retraso
    • The unofficial action was expected to end late last evening, with services returning to normal by today.
    • Cathy was never late and expected the same when you met her for dinner.
    • The second phase is expected to start late this year or early next year.
    • To be sure, one can arrive late and leave early, confounding the schedule's disciplining force.
    • I arrived half an hour late because Dad lost his palm pilot and couldn't remember what time school started.
    • He arrives late this morning, and is behaving out of character.
    • He said hundreds of commuters already arrive late each day after sitting in buses crawling through rush-hour jams.
    • When the post arrives late it means my staff are waiting around.
    • He came to interview me as defence secretary and arrived 45 minutes late.
    • I arrived in Wolverhampton late this evening, as I'm doing a small part in a short film here tomorrow.
    • If our mail arrived late we were advised this was due to staff shortages or holidays and the postman had to do another round first.
    • The stewardess told them if they were to arrive another minute late, the plane would have already taken off.
    • They arrived four minutes late and incurred a 40 second penalty which dropped them to fourth.
    • I arrived Shanghai late and tired so I will add more pictures tomorrow night on this page.
    • Four hours later we boarded another plane and finally arrived in Vancouver late, but alive.
    • She is late and I am edgy, expecting a group of tough females in hoods and trainers.
    • I sprang into action and started to run for the hole but remembered too late the girl behind me.
    • Eventually, clothing was suitably sorted and we set off, arriving a fashionable 30 minutes late.
    • While in Mexico, my host family and I would often arrive at events thirty or forty minutes late.
    • Department management has promised to make the payments no later than June 17.
  • 2

    • 2.1(after usual time)

      (work/sleep) hasta tarde
      (mature/bloom) tarde
      (mature/bloom) más tarde de lo normal
      I'll be home late today hoy llegaré tarde (a casa)
      • the shops close late on Thursdays las tiendas cierran tarde los jueves
      • Children were also to be made safer - safer from their irresponsible parents who allowed them to stay out late at night.
      • I stay up late at night reading stupid Philosophy readings and wake up early to read some more.
      • It would probably help if I hadn't stayed up too late last night making a fiction index.
      • I stayed up late every night and had my own bar vouchers, and was allowed to buy Cokes and ice creams.
      • It was New Years Day, and everyone was a little sleepy from staying up so late the night before.
      • Jo stays up late that night, but just as she is falling asleep she heard Beth sobbing in the next room.
      • Do you advise staying up late the night before to revise?
      • I stayed up late every night dreaming of being the lead singer of the greatest metal band.
      • He'd stayed up late the night before with some of his younger generals and officers drinking to celebrate their return.
      • She had stayed up late every night and gotten up early every day to get in some more work and homework.
      • They had stayed up rather late the night before and Kelly was exhausted.
      • If anyone showed up or someone stayed late at night, a feast would be easily prepared.
      • She stayed at the store late every night to get extra practice and work more on her guitar.
      • She had stayed up considerably too late the night before and was definitely feeling the effects of it.
      • Try to get up at the same time every morning, even if you stayed up late the night before.
      • One night, she stayed so late he suggested she stay, putting a bolster in the middle of the bed so she wouldn't feel threatened.
      • So tired, as I got home really late last night (this morning) and then couldn't get off to sleep.
      • A calm morning, as if the gods partied late last night and they are still sleeping fitfully.

    • 2.2(far on in time)

      he married late se casó mayor / tarde
      • don't leave it too late no lo dejes para muy tarde
      • the show doesn't start till late el espectáculo empieza tarde
      • we stayed up late nos quedamos levantados hasta tarde
      • late at night tarde por la noche
      • late into the night hasta muy entrada la noche
      • These headlines are all drawn from just a three day period late in September.
      • That was in the context of a writ issued late in the limitation period.
      • He commanded troops in Guangdong and advocated a fight to the finish late in the war.
      • The parties concluded their submissions late in the afternoon of Friday 1 September.
      • The third and final partition that extinguished the Polish state came late in 1795.
      • Since I first moved to London late in 1989, Hungerford Bridge has been an important landmark for me.
      • He won some points though late in August and I never made scalping jokes after that.
      • It had as much effect on the outcome as Brazil joining the Allies late in the Second World War.
      • Rose selected only those flies that reproduced late in life and bred them with one another.
      • A beautiful blue lake on its summit is frozen till late in the year and offers excellent skating ground.
      • When he wrote his memoirs late in life, he recalled that this father had been a children's book writer.
      • When we visited it late in 1998 the foundations were laid for an extension to the building.
      • An absolute high point of achievement was to sing so late in his life, in the Reconciliation choir.
      • Our family visited one of your immigration detention centres late in September.
      • Then late in the summer comes the fateful day when you discover your results.
      • Council chiefs say the new prices, due to come in late in January, are in line with neighbouring towns and cities.
      • In other words, it turned up on the Times website late in the morning of that day, Canberra time.
      • It is believed that hormones are involved and women who have their first child late in life or who have no children are more at risk.
      • Smokers only eat to enjoy the fag afterwards, so food is a pleasure that I've discovered late in life.
      • Most are performed late in the second trimester, which ends at 27 weeks into pregnancy.

    • 2.3(toward end of period)

      late in the morning/afternoon a última hora de la mañana/tarde
      • late in the week a finales de la semana
      • it was not until late in the century/in her career that … no fue sino hacia finales de siglo/los últimos años de su carrera que …

  • 3

    • 3.1(recently)

      as late as the thirteenth century/the 1950s aún en el siglo trece/los años 50

    • 3.2formal, humorístico (formerly)

      Hubert Harvey, late of Wilton Street, Chelsea Hubert Harvey, domiciliado antiguamente en Wilton Street, Chelsea