Translation of latter in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈlædər/ /ˈlatə/

nounplural latter

  • 1

    the latter este


  • 1

    (second of two)
    • I mention the latter because of what we both saw under a tree some distance from us.
    • If dealer does the latter, a second round of bidding occurs in which eldest hand has the right to name the trump suit.
    • To be or not to be - I'm rubbish at the former, and the latter isn't an option.
    • At present, I would say the balance of possibilities is tending towards the latter option.
    • I took the latter option, and less than a month later found myself a new job with my current employer.
    • If you were honest, you probably identified more with the latter option in each case.
    • Nevertheless, it is to the latter that we will turn, and to which the second half of this chapter will be devoted.
    • A lucky shot from the second assassin finally killed the ambassador as the latter ran off.
    • In football, the latter part of the equation does not seem to apply.
    • If anything, the emphasis has shifted progressively from the latter to the former.
    • Of course, the 1979 constitution subordinated the latter to the former.
    • The latter in turn, blamed the shoppers who barged in without paying heed to instructions.
    • Oddly enough, I find the latter to be a more important bit of news.
    • We are still clinging tenaciously to the latter at the expense of the former.
    • On the whole, I think that this campaign tends toward the latter at the expense of the former.
  • 2

    (later, last)
    in the latter part of the season/week hacia el final de la temporada/semana
    • the latter half of the film/talk la segunda mitad / parte de la película/charla
    • in his latter years en sus últimos años
    • The real significance was the difference in tone and style between the beginning of his speech and the latter half.
    • Violent times for the poor reigned in the latter half of the last century and into the beginning of this one.
    • Joining in the programme in the latter half, she will talk about her career, her father and her music.
    • Good fishing reported in the latter half of the week with good hatches of olives and mayflies all over the lake.
    • Well, Quine was probably the most important theorist of knowledge of the latter half of the twentieth century.
    • Somehow, I managed to get away with only posting on here almost once a month for the latter half of the year.
    • So we did eat quite well, like when we were on the latter half of the tour.
    • The Haldiram saga was also well mapped, but I did nod off towards the latter half.
    • You spent the first half of the week recalling the previous weekend and the latter half wishing the week forward to the next.
    • Indeed, if you do not, I would suggest that most of the latter half of the book would be unrelenting in its dullness.
    • The company was initially keen to establish export markets, a policy which has paid off in the latter half of this century.
    • In the latter half of the 1990s there has been some waning of political focus on the issue of immigration.
    • Asparagus was not grown on a large scale in N. America until the latter half of the 19th century.
    • The latter half of the book - on the necessity and the nature of missions - is heavier going.
    • The freight and passenger traffic is greater in the latter part of the week than at the beginning of the week.
    • In the latter stages of cooking add water chestnuts, small corns, green beans and a tin of coconut milk.
    • Had he missed the goal that point would have been very important in the latter stages of the game.
    • My mother is in the latter stages of pregnancy and her health is extremely weak.
    • In the latter half of the 1840s, Britain was plunged into deep depression.
    • The latter half of my previous letter, will in part, explain why.