Translation of laughingly in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈlæfɪŋli/ /ˈlɑːfɪŋli/


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    you're getting fat, she said laughingly —estás engordando —dijo riendo / riéndose
    • this is what he laughingly calls leadership ¡y a esto él lo llama liderazgo!
    • Bitter experience has taught me that resistance is futile, so it was with a heavy heart that I left my so-called home and got behind the wheel of what Brenda laughingly refers to as my ‘car’.
    • Around this time of year it's the ‘I'd better do something or I'll never get into one of those sparkly knotted hankies that designers laughingly call party dresses’.
    • On the side, while we were doing what we laughingly refer to as ‘research’ for this piece, we came across this story from November 2000.
    • She plays down, somewhat laughingly, the individual importance of an Oscar.
    • At other times - and especially during what we laughingly call the Scottish ‘summer’ - only a horizontal week of sand and sea will do.
    • The mood on the coach was good humoured - laughingly compared to a school trip, except better prepared with wicker picnic baskets and a bottle of port.
    • I don't know why I remember that; the movie itself was laughingly forgettable.
    • Airlines have shrunk schedules and staffs to the point of eliminating what were laughingly referred to as meals on many routes.
    • The camera's perched right above the monitor, looking out over what I laughingly call my ‘study.’
    • He also believes that pensioners are underpaid, so does that mean that we can look forward to a substantial increase in what this government laughingly calls a pension?
    • And the information is cutting edge, though I hope that when my kids are my age, it will be laughingly obsolete.
    • Several points which had been lurking somewhere in the hidden depths of what I like to refer to laughingly as my mind crystallized as I was watching the game.
    • It would have covered the terrace outside the ‘out-house’ and made a mess of the grassed area, laughingly referred to as ‘the lawn’.
    • Ok, I've sort of described what I'll be up to in what we laughingly call the near future.
    • She laughingly adds that working with the star was not such a terrible facet of making this move.