Translation of law in Spanish:


ley, n.

Pronunciation /lɔ/ /lɔː/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(rule, regulation)

      ley feminine
      to pass a law aprobar una ley
      • navigation laws leyes de navegación
      • there ought to be a law against it! ¡debería estar prohibido por ley!
      • Before long the sports law will be amended to bring about fair play and equality in the voting system.
      • Foul language is a problem for the law makers in every sport.
      • Now out of form strikers and captains who cynically exploit the laws of the game are immune from being dropped.
      • It was up to the referee to judge whether they stayed within the laws of the game and punish them if they didn't.
      • Glover agreed that too many people who play the game do not know or understand the laws of the game.
      • Regardless of whether or not is is true it does point to one of the unwritten laws of football: local derbies are a bit special.
      • Players should be obliged to be fully conversant with the laws of the game.
      • Sport is a human activity and we have people, because of the laws of the game, who are able to adjudicate the game.
      • The laws of the game should be simple to understand, a test this latest incarnation sadly fails.
      • His walk-off was totally without warning and against both the spirit and the laws of the game.
      • A strong figure is needed to administer the laws of the game for ninety minutes.
      • The laws of supply and demand are as rigid as the offside law.
      • This is not to mention an ability to play on or perhaps just over the edge of the off-side law, nor putting in the odd illegal late tackle.
      • The relaxation of the offside law, for example, means players having to cover more ground at a greater pace.
      • At the other end of the scale we have the option of removing the offside law altogether.
      • He helped athletes to cheat, using drugs that broke sport's doping laws.
      • Refs and many other officials are present to make sure all football is kept within the laws of the game.
      • The referee had made his mark on the match, it was now up to both sides to play the game within his interpretation of the laws.
      • The law states that a handball is awarded only when a player ‘deliberately’ handles the ball when it is in play.
      • Every day it seems we hear about some kind of incident with an athlete that runs afoul of the law.

    • 1.2(collectively)

      the law la ley
      • to break the law violar / contravenir / infringir la ley
      • to enforce the law imponer / hacer respetar la ley
      • to stay within the law actuar dentro de la ley
      • to operate within/outside the law operar dentro/fuera de la ley
      • in accordance with the law en conformidad con la ley
      • permitted by law permitido por la ley
      • required by law exigido por (la) ley
      • under French law según la ley / la legislación francesa
      • these proposals became law in 1987 estas propuestas se hicieron ley en 1987
      • Adequate fencing of pools will be achieved only if fencing is both required by law and regulations are enforced.
      • This may be enforced by law, with a clause in the legislation to set up regulation of care providers.
      • We will make a change to see that justice is served and no more lives will be stolen by law enforcement.
      • Employers or scheme operators who do not execute this duty immediately for their members are breaking the law.
      • Well if some communities are breaking the law, then throw the book at them.
      • Some people can get away with breaking the law and others face penalties.
      • City councilors decided that those breaking the law will incur heavy penalties.
      • You must also by law declare certain pecuniary interests in the statutory register kept for this purpose.
      • The council is required by law to review conservation areas in their jurisdiction on a periodical basis.
      • In countries where military service is compulsory, failure to perform this duty is frequently punishable by law.
      • Each of the offices is empowered within the limits set out by law.
      • Indeed it is in a sense not one which is laid down by law at all.
      • I mean after all, the argument could be put that children are required by law to attend school.
      • And another ballot was found to have violated state law requiring that candidates for nonpartisan office be listed alphabetically.
      • Legally, the women on the Plantation were bound by English common law.
      • English domestic law imposes a constraint upon the applicability of the doctrine of legitimate expectation.
      • Constitutional law requires that jury pools must be a fair cross-section of the community and not systematically racially biased.
      • But those horrible laws are still the law of the land because there is absolutely no leadership on the issue.
      • Nevertheless, enforcing contempt orders against stubborn journalists has been self-defeating for law enforcers.
      • The police are law enforcers, they abide by the laws they must enforce.
      • On that basis, they appear to be in violation of the law and subject to legal consequences.
      • Such litigation brings the law and our legal system into disrepute; and to my mind correctly so.
      • It doesn't take long before he's in trouble with the law but the police are prepared to do a deal with him.
      • In a previous run-in with the law, police had gunned down Edward several years ago.

    • 1.3

      (as field, discipline) derecho masculine
      (profession) abogacía feminine
      to study law estudiar derecho / abogacía
      • to practice law ejercer la abogacía
      • private/international law derecho privado/internacional
      • to enter the law hacerse abogado
      • law student estudiante de derecho
      • They are not criminologists or law professors who are studying theoretical issues.
      • It is important for students of law to situate the legal doctrine of the EU in its historical and political context.
      • Criminal law is a subject of great complexity which students find both fascinating and frustrating.
      • However, this was delayed as he had enrolled at Thamassat University to study law on a part-time basis.
      • In other words, EC law itself provides the basis for a legal action in the courts of each Member State.
      • He resigned after four years to study law; he practised as a barrister for several years, without success.
      • There are a variety of legal databases available for law firms and universities to subscribe to.
      • Next month she will head for Cardiff to study law and criminology.
      • They had two Washington law firms write legal letters demanding that the ads not be run.
      • In the duration of the course law students read many subjects and cover volumes of materials.
      • He graduated from law school in 1985 and articled at the defendant law firm.
      • I note that the retained law firm does not take legal aid certificates.
      • The disciplined practise or study of law does require you state concrete propositions with precision.
      • The ultimate goal would be to place the student with the law firm they intern with.
      • In fact, it was his father who advised him to study law and take up the legal profession.
      • He practices commercial and securities litigation at a large downtown law firm in Toronto.
      • What should be mandatory reading for any lawyer or law firm considering starting a blog?
      • If the law firm fails to ensure clarity, the law firm pays the price.
      • Fourth, most Korean law school professors are not lawyers themselves.
      • I would rather be a law professor than anything else, including a judge.

  • 2

    • 2.1(litigation)

      to take a case to law llevar un caso ante los tribunales
      • a court of law un tribunal de justicia
      • an officer of the law un agente de la ley
      • the law reports la jurisprudencia

    • 2.2(police)

      the law la policía
      • I'll have the law on you! ¡voy a llamar a la policía!

  • 3

    (code of conduct)
    laws of etiquette normas de etiqueta
    • the laws of rugby el reglamento del rugby
    • Mosaic/Koranic law la ley de Moisés / mosaica/del Corán
  • 4

    (scientific principle)
    ley feminine
    the laws of nature las leyes de la naturaleza
    • the law of gravity la ley de la gravedad
    • Gresham's law la ley de Gresham
    • the law of diminishing laws la ley de los rendimientos decrecientes