Translation of law court in Spanish:

law court

tribunal (de justicia), n.


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    tribunal (de justicia) masculine
    • We have complained that it decides over important matters - the ownership of a domain name - but behaves more like a kangaroo court than a law court.
    • We have 14 days in any case, but the position is that the appellant must ask the law court for permission to extend that time.
    • In a law court, much depends on one's impression of the court.
    • That is where the internal system will find expression in a general law court.
    • But a ‘disputed land’ is something that you can resolve before a law court.
    • On Christmas Day, the law court located in the town of Bobigny ruled that the workers end their industrial action before Monday at 9 a.m.
    • Our trip took us to Castle Rushen, one of the Europe's best preserved medieval castles, which later served as a mint, a law court, and administrative centre.
    • The original democracy, in ancient Athens, was built around a culture of performance, in political life as in the theatre, the law court, the gymnasium and the symposium.
    • The mobile law court holds a session on the mountain road
    • The management of the hospital tried to implement compulsory service at a Tours law court, forcing midwives to work, but did not succeed.
    • I am not a criminal, she adds recalling how difficult it was to have the family law court accept her name as Lydia.
    • It suggested a law court would be more appropriate for such matters.
    • Why didn't it take him to a domain arbitrator or a law court, you ask?
    • City Hall is always a pleasure to visit and the re-enactment of the Victorian law court was brilliant.
    • From her point of view, the lawyer who fought the case against her has lost not just in the law court.
    • It was also common for a town to ask for its own law court so that legal problems could be settled quickly.
    • Such people should be sued for libel in law court instead of talking to them.
    • The Palace of Justice expresses order and power and consists of a rhythm of eight law courts and a high court.
    • York's law courts, the Crown Court in the shadow of Clifford's Tower and the Magistrates Court, in Clifford Street, are two of the city's landmarks.
    • He fought them on the streets, in law courts, and the court of public opinion.