Translation of lawless in Spanish:


desmandado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlɔləs/ /ˈlɔːləs/

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    (mob/crowd) desmandado
    (mob/crowd) descontrolado
    (region) anárquico
    (region) donde no rige la ley
    • Other sources mention Vlad's determination to bring order in lawless times.
    • What tests or considerations are to guide the jury in determining when he may reasonably become lawless?
    • He agrees that the United States does indeed act like a sheriff trying to enforce justice in a lawless world.
    • I'm not surprised that this society is becoming increasingly lawless when magistrates are giving out such small fines.
    • Was he simply an illicit fantasist running amok in a lawless land, as the prosecution alleged?
    • Parks has complained that the investigation and prosecutions of lawless cops is moving too slowly.
    • This just gave them an opportunity to turn more of the city into the lawless chaos they tend to drag with them where ever they go.
    • It's but a thin red line that separates the lawful from the lawless.
    • There can be no simple military solution to a threat hidden away in dozens of cities and lawless areas around the world.
    • When family circumstances allow, I too will exit this crumbling and lawless city.
    • He was told to go and assert British law over the lawless whalers, sealers, timber merchants, and other settlers.
    • Jury nullification is not lawless because it is simply is not prohibited by law.
    • If something similar happened in an inner city school there would be an outcry about lawless youngsters embracing a culture of violence.
    • They want nothing so much as to be protected from the lawless violence of his undisciplined war bands.
    • Yet the society has descended from being marginally lawless to one in which the outlaws outnumber the law-abiding.
    • They are tired of the lawless hell that exists inside the city and are literally willing to have us rubble it to save it.
    • The modern day rulers of this lawless land, like the nobility of old, prosecute the juiciest targets.
    • The threat of prosecution is the only way to end their lawless behaviour.