Traducción de lawyer en español:


abogado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɔɪər/ /ˈlɔːjə/ /ˈlɔɪə/

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    abogado masculino
    abogada femenino
    the matter is in the hands of my lawyer el asunto está en manos de mi abogado
    • Despite the pleas of defence lawyers, the attorney general appeared to do nothing to urge restraint.
    • The Attorney general is a lawyer employed by the government of the day to provide legal advice that his client asks for.
    • That only can be given to a representative or solicitor or a lawyer, or a court official.
    • Obviously a purchaser may or may not choose to give power of attorney to their lawyer.
    • Immigration lawyers and judges are thus drawn into a debate that is less and less theoretical.
    • Women attorneys, doctors and lawyers are found in the provinces as well as in urban areas.
    • Common law lawyers tend to talk about things assuming everyone knows what they mean.
    • Civil and common law lawyers have been multivalent without talking much about it.
    • This is particularly true in schemes operated in many States where public defence lawyers are assigned to cases.
    • Once you get lawyers and solicitors involved things tend to get dragged out.
    • It probably knew the judge was married to a lawyer, and thus had access to a free attorney.
    • We don't know, because the Act also permits the litigant and his lawyers to be excluded from the court.
    • It also placed the lawyer who signed the affidavit of documents in jeopardy of an award of costs against him.
    • The canon lawyer called by the Plaintiffs also confirmed the church's policy of secrecy.
    • Nor will defendants who lose be made to pay more because the claimant's lawyers are being paid extra under a conditional fee.
    • In a court you will never get completely unbiased when lawyers are ruling on lawyers, will you?
    • They are the cost of going to the court at all, lawyers or no lawyers.
    • In a sense, you know who the plaintiffs' lawyers are; they are quite well known.
    • The lawyers and judges involved in its administration tend to be made from the same cloth and are regarded as no better.
    • While the lawyers were with the judge, he sat and waited at one end of the hallway on the fourth floor.