Translation of lax in Spanish:


poco estricto, adj.

Pronunciation /læks/ /laks/


  • 1

    (not strict)
    (discipline/supervision) poco estricto
    (morals/standards) laxo
    (morals/standards) relajado
    he's been very lax lately over his homework últimamente ha estado muy descuidado con los deberes
    • Those two sides have plenty of time to interact due to the ludicrously lax security arrangements.
    • The punishment must fit the crime, neither too lax nor too severe.
    • Many social problems stem from lax enforcement of strict legal code.
    • A review of electronic security inside commonwealth agencies has reportedly uncovered a culture of theft and lax security inside the public service.
    • Evidence of lax security is indisputable, however.
    • Today, a year later, airport security is as lax as ever.
    • There has been lax security on internal US flights.
    • Overcrowding and lax security were blamed for the escape.
    • This strikes me as a pretty lax approach to national security.
    • The person who lives here has been exceptionally lax about security.
    • He told police that security there was so lax others had already successfully targeted it before him.
    • The source says against this background of lack controls, especially lax internal controls, it is easy to see how a fraud of this type could arise and not be detected for so long.
    • Most students who graduate enjoy the two years of creative freedom, lax discipline and reasonable workload.
    • Delay, impractical documentary formalities, lax enforcement, continuing widespread visibility of piracy and the export of pirated goods remain concerns.
    • But research shows that the standards remain too lax - and mercury continues to be unregulated.
    • Despite continuing lax enforcement, concern rose at the end of the century, in response to a perceived increase in the consumption of whisky.
    • Caring does not mean you are soft and lax on standards.
    • Indeed, she seems not to recognize that state-sponsored inequalities foment terror far more effectively than lax banking laws.
    • The campaign has targeted allegedly lax regional and local governments.