Translation of leadership in Spanish:


liderazgo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlidərˌʃɪp/ /ˈliːdəʃɪp/

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    (direction, control)
    (of party) liderazgo masculine
    (of party) dirección feminine
    (of party) jefatura feminine
    (of country) conducción feminine
    a research team under the leadership of Professor Sharp un equipo de investigación bajo la dirección del profesor Sharp
    • But the leader can still govern well through his or her leadership style or ability.
    • The report singled out the quality of teaching, leadership and management within the school.
    • It said a different style of leadership was required, and that it was the right time for a change.
    • Teenage clubs would be formed in schools to tackle teenage angst and improve leadership qualities.
    • The survival of a president to provide national leadership is essential to national unity and strong public will.
    • But at the same time he wanted leaders to exercise strong moral leadership.
    • The board will provide leadership on national issues that impact our members.
    • The Greens have been pleased to work with the Government to provide leadership on transport issues.
    • In recent years, the 64 year-old mother of six took a pivotal community leadership role, promoting reconciliation.
    • I ask the Minister why on earth we need good leadership training and planning to be included in legislation.
    • We were a very young team that needed some veteran leadership.
    • So we should welcome and push for a leadership election campaign as soon as it's feasible.
    • Her presentation topics have included functional piano, contemporary piano literature and leadership skills.
    • His maturity and leadership skills are an asset for the club's young offense.
    • He's also facilitated the promotion of a number of people to leadership positions.
    • She believes her leadership style is characterized by fairness, integrity and hard work.
    • Without the proper leadership training, these soldiers are being set up for failure.
    • This Government is in a unique position to show leadership in bilingualism.
    • There are only two people in a position to provide such leadership.
    • Until your party can offer leadership and be seen to do something principled, you will never reduce your minority.
    • Under his leadership, the village gradually developed into an era of full prosperity.
    • It was no coincidence that the golden age of British television happened under his leadership.
    • Under his leadership, the Church became immersed in the political struggle against apartheid.
    • People appointed to positions of leadership should not crave power for its own sake.
    • Under his leadership, the Foundation has raised more funds this past year than ever before.
    • Under her leadership the small department of radiology increased to involve five other radiologists.
    • Under his leadership the school was a place of academic freedom and tolerance.
    • I'm also motivated by seeing others succeed under my leadership or with my support.
    • The most diverse range of extreme nationalist groups joined together under their leadership.
    • Under his leadership, cancer networks have started to make a real difference.
    • She began to organise these women under her leadership in providing food and temporary shelter.
    • What we have in our society is that we like to apportion blame to those in positions of leadership.
    • As a liberal, as a progressive, he had risen to a position of leadership in society.
    • More often than not, they assumed a position of leadership within the malebonds, along with the alpha husband.
    • He supported chartism, though withdrew from a position of leadership in 1839.
    • The recent bungled challenge to his leadership has been damaging to him and the party.
    • That also is a very bad way to start off one's leadership in the Labor Party.
    • In 1976 Wilson announced his resignation and Callaghan beat Michael Foot to assume the party leadership and prime ministership.
    • He resigned the party leadership after the 1972 defeat but remained another 10 years in parliament.
    • Martin will likely call an election some time after assuming leadership of the country.
  • 2

    autoridad feminine
    dotes de mando feminine
    dotes de liderazgo feminine
    this country needs strong leadership este país necesita una mano fuerte
    • leadership qualities dotes de mando / de liderazgo
  • 3

    dirigentes masculine
    directiva feminine
    • The linkage between a tight ruling circle and the military coupled with oil revenues in the successive regimes created authoritarian leaderships.
    • Facing those dangers, we can expect no solution from the bureaucratised workers' states and the leaderships that rule over them.
    • He emphasized that the political and administrative leaderships would be clearly distinguished.
    • He described the key to initial success as being the existence of a good working relationship between the respective administrative leaderships.
    • Local leaderships and administrators everywhere were expected to work in the local language, which implied a lesser role for Russians outside the Russian Republic.
    • The growing support for the protests panicked the government and union leaderships, who began to look for a way to shut down the campaign.
    • Still, he made the reservation that he did not attend the talks between the leaderships of the two parliamentary groups and was not authorised to discuss the matter.
    • Their employment was directly controlled by the top military and political leaderships.
    • But owing to the erosion of the leaderships ' support bases, these countries entered a vacuum, resulting in regression on all fronts.
    • An upright, strong, willful political leadership is the need of the hour.
    • I propose a purge of the Democratic party leadership.
    • The difficulty with this advice is that it assumes minimally responsible leadership at the federal level.
    • He accused the union leadership of collaborating with management in disciplining casual workers and transferring them.
    • If the union leadership decides to call a strike, Act 46 requires them to give 48 hours notice.
    • Don't expect anything better than last season's first-round exit, though, unless the veteran leadership comes through.
    • Clearly, the leadership does not understand the need to court public opinion in a democracy.
    • I am rather asserting that the laity feels that church leadership does not know what it is talking about.
    • He charged that leadership at the highest levels of the academy implicitly endorses Christianity.
    • The leadership seemed to become increasingly aware that it needed economic reforms.
    • As do an abundance of fellow Americans, I support my country's leadership.