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hoja, n.

Pronunciación /lif/ /liːf/

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nombreplural leaves

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    (of plant, tree)
    hoja femenino
    the trees are not in leaf yet los árboles no tienen hojas todavía
    • the oak is coming into leaf el roble está echando hojas
    • leaf bud yema
    • leaf spinach hojas de espinaca
    • To provide a backdrop to this foliage-ruled leafscape, use climbers to link together canopies of leaf.
    • She kept her eyes straight ahead as she flew over the rest of the clearing and then into a dense forest, her bare feet racing and leaping over stone and leaf.
    • Providing you prepare the soil well, and top dress every year with more compost, you can plant climbers quite densely, two or three feet apart, for a wealth of leaf, colour and scent.
    • The female Thrypticus deposits an egg in a water-hyacinth petiole - the stalk that attaches the leaf to the stem.
    • Shoots of M. micrantha were separated into stems, leaves, and reproductive organs.
    • The egg-sacs are deposited in twisted leaves or may be directly attached to a leaf.
    • Plants were dissected into leaves, stems with petioles, and inflorescences.
    • Plants were analysed by measuring the excised leaves of the main shoot.
    • Roselle is a woody annual, with green leaves on stems which are usually red.
    • The stems and large leaves on the stalk combine almost musically to enhance the richness of the composition.
    • It has three curved green leaves on each stem, with a large purple blossom in the middle.
    • Only the tender green leaves growing off the stems are really palatable, so this type of cress requires a bit of prep work.
    • Individual plant shoots from each category were separated into stem, leaves, and crown.
    • I want to put white lights around their trunks and red lights along the main stem of the leaves.
    • This also gives the best possible area exposed to falling rain so the rain is directed back along the leaf and down the stem to the roots.
    • Then the other way is called transpiration, or water lost primarily from the leaves and stems of the plants.
    • About two hours later, the yard had almost become a pond, with the green leaves of the plants shining in the rain.
    • There is no green, but leaves of the plants around that area are yellow.
    • But coca is a very resilient plant, and fresh green leaves are already sprouting from stalks fumigated a few months ago.
    • There were plants with long green leaves in every corner and the curtains were of gold silk.
    • First check the field for the presence or absence of spider mites on individual green leaves on a corn plant.
    • Both have stems, leaves, and reproductive structures, but they look very different.
    • It makes a decorative house or garden plant with long green leaves and a spectacular flower.
    • This type of smokeless tobacco comes in loose leaf, plugs or twists.
    • In other words, tobacco used to be a herbal medicine but public experimentation led to the smoking of the tobacco leaf.
    • So I got some tobacco leaf, mixed it with water and gave it to the baby.
    • Was there actual evidence from your client that the tobacco leaf was cut in order to enable it to fit into bags for easy transportation?
    • They are whole leaf, natural teas.
    • Tobacco, or some stronger leaf, smoulders in the ashtray.
    • Without playing the ‘Elitist Snob’ card too severely, let me just say this: Buy loose leaf tea.
    • Richard and Liz say customers comment on the excellent waitress service, quality menu items, and traditional touches such as leaf tea served with a teapot and strainer.
    • Bill, who spends the rest of the year running a herd of pedigree Welsh Black cattle at Trefawr Farm, Llanfyrnach, confided that loose leaf tea was the secret of a good cuppa.
    • Indeed, so smitten is she by alternative therapies that there were reports during the summer of a mercy dash across the country so that she did not have to go without her strawberry leaf tea.
    • Although they both carry the taste of the ornage bitterness of the Bergamot, the tea from the whole leaf brew holds on to the tongue far longer.
    • The houseboy brings in raspberry leaf tea, and we talk about everything from sex to finances to communication.
    • The tiny tobacconist shop was dark and reeked pleasantly of exotic leaf.
    • But if you have a place in your town that sells loose leaf teas, you really need to head down that path.
    • It is topped off with clove scented apple jelly together with steaming cups of leaf tea brewed from the kettle ever boiling on the hob.
    • I took the raspberry leaf tea with milk from Neville's nanny, but no sugar as it made me restless.
    • Eighty rupees a kilo for long leaf tea was an unquestionable bargain.
    • Our tea sales have continued to grow, even our loose leaf tea.
    • The price of tobacco was high, the purchaser getting enough leaf to balance the silver coins placed on the other pan of the scales.
    • They look like a giant teabag with the leaves missing: a mass of stretchy, white tissue with thousands of perforations.
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    (page, sheet)
    hoja femenino
    • There stood my ‘sister’, and a small box containing a single leaf of paper.
    • With stifled sobs, she unfolded the single leaf of paper from within and began to read the rigid, soldier-like writing.
    • He went over to her and took the book from her hand; still keeping the page he then marked the page with a small leaf of paper.
    • Thus, at an etymological level, leaves and paper, and leaves and books are deeply connected.
    • They wrote down all their ideas on a fresh leaf of white lined paper and soon filled up both sides of it.
    • Against a delicate leaf of paper, the sound of a rapidograph is as raw as the line it produces.
    • She pulled it out of her book case and turned the leaves to the page around October of that year.
    • It works like a book whose leaves have remained uncut - you press down in the middle and the pages come to lie besides each other.
    • So that he's working on the second gathering, the second four pages, the second leaf, while they are already preparing the parts for the incomplete cantata.
    • A single leaf surviving in manuscript used to be thought to be a forgery, but is now considered a genuine contemporary copy of part of one scene.
    • I took out the loose leaf of paper that had my Kitten drawing on it.
    • A leaf of paper tumbled out, folded into a tight square.
    • It prints off a leaf of paper and spits it at the man in the lab coat.
    • ‘That is an incredible price and it is about 10 times more than any Beethoven sketch leaf has ever gone for,’ he said.
    • Anne replied on another leaf: ‘By daily proof you shall me find / To be to you both loving and kind.’
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    (with masculine article in the singular) (of table) ala femenino
    (of door, shutter) hoja femenino
    • They are a little like the leaves of a dining table that can be used to make it longer.
    • Clear the writing items off the desk, take out the leaf in the table, hide the telephone and get rid of the porcelain figurines!

verbo intransitivo

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    echar hojas
    • But if you prune back hard or after the tree leafs out in spring, it may be slower to come into bloom that year.
    • Ash trees were leafing up, the hedges were thick.
    • Most trees are leafing out already; some have made significant progress.
    • Each plant emerges from an underground rhizome in the spring before the tree canopy leafs out.
    • The dates of observation were 17-19 May 1998, during which the weather was dry with average spring temperatures and the tree canopy had not leafed out.
    • There is a downside to leaving it a while, the trees will have leafed up and you won't see so far, but I would wait.
    • The ancient olive trees, budding once more and leafing, feel a bit foolish; how much more absurd is the staff of legends that, stuck in the ground, blossoms.
    • Once it leafs out it is a wonderful privacy screen.
    • The eggs were not laid until the last week of April, as the weather warmed up, serviceberry bloomed, and maples, poplars, birches, and beeches were leafing out.
    • You can transplant existing shrubs and perennial plants before they begin to leaf out.
    • You can transplant in the spring up until the plants leaf out.
    • Each plant emerges from an underground rhizome in the spring before the tree canopy leafs out.