Translation of leafy in Spanish:


frondoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlifi/ /ˈliːfi/

Definition of frondoso in Spanish

adjective leafier, leafiest

  • 1

    (boughs) frondoso
    (lane) arbolado
    the leafy suburbs north of the city los barrios residenciales del norte de la ciudad
    • And I may not be an expert, but I could swear it is far quieter within the protective leafy screen.
    • Wang wondered why residents had to give up their leafy trees and green meadow for the marsh and concrete pond.
    • The city is an oasis of grass lawns and leafy trees.
    • The streets were covered with these buildings, and not a blade of grass nor a leafy tree could be found.
    • The church has a spacious yard on the right side where several leafy trees grow and which are used as a parking space for the congregation on Sunday.
    • The shade trees were leafy and always green, but absolutely gigantic.
    • They were, as I had guessed, thick with leafy trees and swarming with life.
    • In this exhibition, the dominant color was the luminous green of the leafy vines that spread over many of his canvases, sometimes obscuring nearly everything else.
    • It's the most beautiful leafy tree in the school.
    • Give him something to look at when he's in his cot or pram - a mobile, perhaps, or park the pram under a leafy tree.
    • From the peak it's only about a half mile down until you reach where the trees start getting leafy, and then it isn't too much farther until you get to the creek, which is very close to where the bears live.
    • A retractable awning provides instant shade when the sun moves beyond a leafy almond tree, and a broad railing serves as auxiliary seating.
    • There under a leafy banyan tree, the boy was sitting.
    • While all around them, beautiful trees waved their leafy fans in the air and two loyal horses gazed at their puzzling humans.
    • When I investigated, I found all five young perched in a row about fifteen feet up in a leafy ironwood tree.
    • When they finally did become leafy, the first trees emerged and gave rise to the earliest forests.
    • A tree pressed its leafy branches to my window, and through the mesh of leaves I caught hints of hedges and flowerbeds.
    • They observed Asian elephants, both wild and captive, tearing off leafy side branches from trees or from unwieldy limbs already on the ground.
    • Of course, because the windows are so filled with leafy green trees, the green accent pieces pick up that green from the outside.
    • In life, few things are precise: grass is not always green, and trees are not always leafy.