Hay 2 traducciones principales de left en Español

: left1left2


Pronunciación /lɛft/

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participio pasado

Hay 2 traducciones principales de left en Español

: left1left2


izquierda, n.


  • 1

    • 1.1(left side)

      izquierda femenino
      on the left a la izquierda
      • it's the one on the left es el/la de la izquierda
      • to drive on the left manejar por la izquierda
      • keep (to the) left mantenga su izquierda
      • on / to the left of the president a la izquierda del presidente
      • on / to my/your left a mi/tu izquierda
      • from left to right de izquierda a derecha
      • She turned her eyes directly to the left when she saw a flicker of light from the barn.
      • There were only a few seats left, and one of them was the place directly to the left of him.
      • There is a small bar area to the left as you walk inside and then the main dining room to the right.
      • They claim she began to lose weight and leaned badly to the left when sitting in a chair.
      • Cross over to the left hand side and the canal can be reached on the left via a series of wooden steps.
      • A truck passed them on the left going the opposite direction, with Jared at the wheel.
      • That's the museum building on the left and the reading room on the right.
      • They were in a small room with a table to the right side, and a small window to the left.
      • She looks at him, shakes her head, and moves slightly to the left so she's standing in front of the other bank of tills.
      • Follow the path over a ladder stile that leads in front of the farmhouse then cross the stile to the left by a gate after the house.
      • To the left of this is Israel and the West Bank; to the right is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
      • This climbs gradually on to the high plateau north of Bynack Mor and swings gently to the left of the mountain.
      • Swing left here and follow the path under pylons with the wall on the left.
      • Because far more people look at departure boards than arrival boards, it is normal to put departures on the left.
      • And it must have been coincidence that I happened to be walking on the left when he'd passed.
      • To my left were a weight bench and a long horizontal bar that was built into the wall.
      • There was another subdivision on her right side, and a good sized church on her left.
      • Our road took us along this western side with the sandy belt on our left.
      • He was sitting on my left while Tyson sat on my right holding a bag of ice on his black eye.
      • He was now lying to the side, but he had one arm to my left, and the other to my right.

    • 1.2(left turn)

      take the next left tome la próxima a la izquierda
      • to make a left girar / torcer / doblar a la izquierda
      • to take a left girar / torcer / doblar a la izquierda

    • 1.3(in boxing)

      (hand) izquierda femenino
      (blow) golpe de izquierda masculino
      (blow) izquierdazo masculino

  • 2

    the left la izquierda
    • One is never enough because the Left is going to distort the facts just as much as the Right.
    • The parties of the Left and of the Right are in conflict because they both aim at supreme power.
    • From this point of view the change in the vote for the Left is extremely significant.
    • That experience in Scotland has directly led to the rebuilding of the Left in England.
    • It is of course the Right who regard the Left as little more than empty slogans and iconography.
    • The cover, then as now, was a moral imperialist fantasy that appealed to parts of the Left.
    • This would be the time for the Left to unite and lay the basis for the party that Argentinian workers need.
    • It is against this background that a recomposition and realignment of the Left is taking place.
    • Critics of America are not, in any case, drawn exclusively from the pacifist Left.
    • That a common approach on all the central questions was agreed is significant for the Left in Europe.
    • The national question is not a problem for the Left; it is a problem for the British ruling class.
    • We have built a great movement, whose social weight resonates well beyond the borders of the Left.
    • The Left's place, in this conception, is clearly on the side of the victims of the imperial power.
    • Serge clearly still saw himself as an active member of the anti-Stalinist Left.
    • The book is littered with one-liners and anecdotes that will be familiar to activists on the Left.
    • In the broader picture, does this contention imply that America needs a credible party of the Left?
    • A key element in this process will be the capacity of the Argentinian Left to overcome its divisions.


  • 1

    (side/ear/shoe) izquierdo
    take the next left turn tome la próxima calle (or el próximo desvío etc.) a la izquierda
    • The patient was a sturdy young man with an abscess on the outer side of his left thigh.
    • He fell off of me, and as he got up I punched him square on the side of his left eye.
    • Take your right leg, bend it and pull the knee over towards the floor next to your left side.
    • I'm slowly coming to realise that the left side of my body is far superior to my right side.
    • Language only grounds itself in the left side of the brain as we move towards adulthood.
    • King testified that the angles of impact were on the left side of the body and the right side of the head.
    • I reached out with my left arm, towards the window and gently rested my hand upon it.
    • He dismounted on the left side, and his leather boots gave a loud thud when they hit the ground.
    • He still has difficulty using his left-hand side and has a splint on his left ankle.
    • He has been left with slurred speech, and the left side of his body is weak after his brain was damaged.
    • There is a cluster of small, neat circular wounds on both sides of his left knee.
    • Whenever I am extremely stressed, I suffer from an infection on the side of my left foot.
    • She was the victim of another stroke last March which affected the left side of her body and impaired her vision.
    • It veers slightly to one side, so I end up with my left shoulder aching after a while of constantly having to correct it.
    • Bandages covered the left side of his face and his left arm, which lay atop the blankets.
    • He placed the sharp edge against his left cheek, just below his eye but didn't make a cut.
    • She could only extend her left arm for nine inches sideways from her body.
    • Another shot had hit her in the left knee, and this bullet also remained in her body.
    • I laugh at her, pull my clothes towards me and then glance at the Rolex adorning my left wrist.
    • In his right hand he grasped his sheathed sword, and his left arm he held close to his body.
  • 2

    de izquierda
    de izquierdas España
    • The Green Party leadership appear to believe that the left vote is theirs by right.
    • The crowd was solidly left and markedly anarchist and Marxist for the most part it seems.
    • The Respect coalition has shown people are willing to vote for a left alternative.
    • If a left platform had come out of the election with anything like that it would have been a sensation.
    • Now that this perspective has so obviously failed, the left groups have little to say.
    • Some people think that it's the time to create a left alternative outside the Labour Party.
    • Instead we have seen the election of left leaders who have called openly for solidarity action.
    • The left union leaders should issue a call for action in our workplaces for peace on 1 May.
    • A united left campaign to rebuild the union at school level is urgently needed.
    • The large left vote in the elections shows that it can still be an independent force in Indian politics.
    • The existence of Respect has begun to create a left alternative to New Labour.
    • In the absence of a real left alternative, the working class had to choose between one devil and another.
    • It is clearly time for a realignment of left politics as there is no chance of reclaiming the Labour Party now.
    • But there is also a much wider necessity to put forward a viable left alternative to Labour.
    • There has been no real fight against the Le Pen vote organised by the dominant left parties.
    • Wills has been forced into adopting a more left posture to defend his parliamentary position.
    • The best thing that could happen is left unity - for all the small left parties to unite.
    • This is less than the combined share of the smaller left parties in the first round.
    • Together, we could have seriously eroded New Labour's hegemony on the left vote.
    • The solution which the left cabinets proposed for the railway question is emblematic of the new regime.


  • 1

    (turn/look) a la izquierda
    (turn/look) hacia la izquierda
    left, right! left, right! ¡izquierda, derecha! ¡izquierda, derecha!
    • Leave the ticket office and pass in front of the main house, turning left at the far side.
    • Follow the lane and at the next road junction bear left to another junction of lanes.
    • Silverdale train station can be reached by going left at this road junction.
    • Continue to the main road, turn left and then right at a junction with the B6365.
    • The third incident was when I hit the side of a bus that was turning left near a blind corner.