Translation of leisure in Spanish:


de tiempo libre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈliʒər/ /ˈlɛʒər/ /ˈlɛʒə/


  • 1

    (activity) (before noun) de tiempo libre
    people nowadays have more leisure actualmente la gente dispone de / tiene más tiempo libre
    • to have the leisure to + inf disponer de tiempo para + inf
    • leisure industry industria del ocio / entretenimiento
    • leisure pursuits pasatiempos
    • leisure time tiempo libre
    • Making room for relaxation and enjoyment of leisure activities is vital for all of us.
    • Campaigning youngsters are demanding more leisure activities and increased police patrols in the borough to clamp down on rowdy youths.
    • I take enjoyment and satisfaction from my work, my family and leisure activities.
    • Recreational and leisure activities used to be two separate entities.
    • In addition, we typically devote one class per week to recreation and leisure activities.
    • Friesen, 65, said Tuesday it seemed like the right time to retire and spend more time on leisure activities as well as some charity work.
    • But a lack of facilities in their local areas was identified as the main reason young people did not take part in sports and leisure activities.
    • Sport and leisure activities are the main focus today.
    • The findings show a clear preference for undertaking leisure activities outdoors and in the countryside as part of a healthy lifestyle.
    • Outside the job there's little time for leisure activities, but Marurai maintains a passion for reading.
    • Sir Henry Royce belittled leisure activities such as golf and tennis.
    • Ian Templeton, the headmaster of Glenalmond College in Perthshire said the access to leisure facilities and activities at many schools was hard to put a price on.
    • Attitudes towards leisure activities also reflected the strength of the family unit - although this varied according to demographics.
    • They are used for river patrols and leisure activities.
    • Well-paid jobs and thriving firms mean there is more money to be spent locally in the shops, in the area's cafes and restaurants, on leisure activities.
    • But they share a commitment to communal living, group and individual therapy, and shared domestic and leisure activities.
    • Navigation classes aimed at the leisure boating sector are commencing in October in the Sailing Club in Dunmore East.
    • Not a Day Goes By seems especially targeted toward black women looking for an entertaining leisure read.
    • She said that instead of looking to build a new leisure pool the money could better spent on a larger facility.