There are 2 main translations of lent in Spanish

: lent1Lent2


Pronunciation /lɛnt/

past tense

past participle

There are 2 main translations of Lent in Spanish

: lent1Lent2


Cuaresma, n.

Pronunciation /lɛnt/


  • 1

    Cuaresma feminine
    • To this end he will be eating as little as possible from the beginning of Lent until Easter.
    • These aren't the words we would normally want to hear on the day before Lent begins.
    • Since one must reserve a room six months in advance, I made plans last fall to visit this Lent.
    • One of the most enjoyable events in Bolivia is Carnival, the period preceding Lent.
    • During Lent, a visiting priest will celebrate Mass and preach at the Vigil Mass on Saturday night.