Traducción de leopard-skin en Español:


de (piel de) leopardo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈlɛpərdskɪn/ /ˈlɛpədskɪn/


  • 1

    (coat/boots) de (piel de) leopardo
    • I have a leopard-skin outfit I got in the mail from Frederick's of Hollywood that I can still fit into.
    • When last seen, Imelda was wearing leopard-skin ski pants, a white jumper, blue denim jacket and black shoes.
    • The Conservative chairman stole the show at last year's party conference when she stepped out in striking leopard-skin shoes.
    • I mean, it's hard to take the educational content seriously when Alexxi appears in lesson one with pink lipstick, pierced nipples and a pair of leopard-skin cycling shorts.
    • He seems to relish the more grotesque aspects of the character as he is frequently seen in nothing but leopard-skin briefs and a day-glo orange tan and is reduced to a gibbering, drooling wreck by the time of the film's finale.
    • This is the show where Rachel Hunter exclusively revealed: ‘Actually, I've only got one leopard-skin outfit and that's it.’
    • It will make it a lot easier to return those leopard-skin pants you purchased in a moment of midlife madness.
    • She was wearing a leopard-skin top, beautifully offset by a cluster of diamonds.
    • One year, I think she was in a leopard-skin bikini with a live leopard on a leash.
    • He turns up for the audition wearing pink leopard-skin pants, pointy boots, a suede jacket and sunglasses.