Translation of lesbian in Spanish:


lesbiana, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɛzbiən/ /ˈlɛzbɪən/


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    lesbiana feminine
    • In a few decades people will look at the bigotry against gays and lesbians as medieval.
    • It's encouraging that the right is less hostile to gays and lesbians than it used to be.
    • He urged gay men and lesbians to make their voices heard.
    • I would have to ask whether you actually know any gay men or lesbians, and if so whether you have had this discussion with them.
    • She believes that her achievement as an out lesbian will encourage other applicants for the scholarship to come out.
    • In the article she touched on the lack of African-American lesbians who have come out.
    • He knew she was a self-identified lesbian.
    • The debate has given rise to some soul-searching about how gays and lesbians are treated in this affluent, tightknit community.
    • He was raised by lesbians and identifies as a cis heterosexual male.
    • She came out publicly as a lesbian in 2010.
    • As a lesbian I want marriage equality in my home state of California.


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    • It shocks me that gay and lesbian relationships can still be such a divisive issue for so many people.
    • The civil unions law in Vermont has proved to be good news for gay and lesbian couples.
    • Not all online travel companies embrace gay and lesbian travelers.
    • The gay and lesbian community has had to undergo a significant adjustment.
    • How do you know that the two lesbian mothers are not going to be superb parents?
    • Massachusetts today became the first state to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.
    • Donor insemination may also useful for single women and lesbian couples.
    • She immersed herself in the lesbian community in which she lived at the time.
    • She feels today's lesbian comedians aren't afraid to tell jokes without excluding a major part of their lives.
    • She's bisexual and has had lesbian relationships.
    • Non-traditional families are more common than you think: in my daughter's preschool class there are at least two lesbian couples.
    • The judgement came in a complex dispute over parental rights between three gay and lesbian civil partner couples.