Traducción de letterpress en Español:


tipografía, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɛdərˌprɛs/ /ˈlɛtəprɛs/

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    tipografía femenino
    impresión tipográfica femenino
    (method/printing) (before noun) tipográfico
    • Printing on aluminum foil can be accomplished by any commercial process, including rotogravure, flexography, lithography, and letterpress.
    • Photography liberated painting from strict representation to become abstract and impressionist; television made movies into art as well, and digital printing makes us reverse woodtype, lead, and letterpress.
    • The first edition of the album sleeve was done by letterpress, an old and rather inefficient means of printing.
    • I think perhaps this explains my addiction to letterpress.
    • Only a few artists have used letterpress in such a visually creative way.