Traducción de levy en Español:


imponer, v.

Pronunciación /ˈlɛvi/

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verbo transitivo levies, levying, levied

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (tax/duty) (impose) imponer
      (tax/duty) (collect) recaudar
      to levy sth on sth
      • the government intends to levy a new tax on imports

    • 1.2

      (fee/charge) cobrar
      • The Green Party wants to levy a windfall tax on land when it is zoned for development.
      • The Virginia legislature proposed to levy a tax to support religious education, but individuals were free to choose which church was to receive the money.
      • James Madison in 1784 opposed an attempt by the Virginia legislature to levy a tax to support religious education.
      • The demonstration was in opposition to government plans to levy a new tax on those employing guest workers as domestics, and to cut the minimum wages of maids.
      • Brown also rejected calls to levy a windfall tax on the oil companies, which have announced significantly increased profits in the last month.
      • The tax is now levied only on estates valued over $675,000, an exemption due to rise under current law to $1 million by 2006.
      • Government officials stole relief money assigned to rebuild ruined rice terraces and then local authorities attempted to levy a tax on villagers.
      • Many other European Union countries levy no tax on share transactions.
      • Inheritance tax is levied only on the estate, not on the recipients of any exempt gifts.
      • The 3 per cent initial charge is levied only on the sum invested by the investor.
      • The duty is levied by the government on flights leaving any UK airport.
      • As with every other fine levied by courts, penalties go to the Treasury.
      • Some taxing authorities levy penalties that can equal as much as 30 percent of the amount owed.
      • The evaluation also found that schools across the country levied significantly different fees.
      • The company also levies an initial connection fee of 10p on all calls.
      • Different payments were levied according to how many windows a property had.
      • Stamp duty on all residential investment property is now levied at 9 per cent.
      • They reduce rates levied on ordinary income, with the largest rate cut going to the wealthiest taxpayers.
      • Australian governments levy a number of taxes and charges on road transportation.
      • Taxes are levied on the basis of income and property.

    • 1.3

      (fine) imponer
      (damages) exigir

  • 2

    (troops/army) reclutar
    • Altogether, 42,500 troops were levied for service in Ireland during the War, representing perhaps 19 per cent of available manpower in England and Wales.

nombreplural levies

  • 1

    • 1.1(raising of tax, contributions)

      the levy of duty on these articles el gravamen impuesto a estos artículos
      • the strike was funded by a levy on all members la huelga se financió mediante el cobro de una cuota a todos los miembros
      • The MPSC program is funded by a two-cent levy on sealed beverage containers and the money generated through the levy is used as support payments to municipalities.
      • They are fiercely against a levy on plastic bags, even though a levy in Ireland saw a 90 per cent reduction in bags over six months.
      • These steps, ranging from the types of projects to be financed by the levy to the management of resources collected, were to be locally defined by the municipal councils.
      • Cowman said the levy would have a disproportionate effect on independent brokers, compared to bigger players such as banks who could build these costs into their charges to consumers.
      • Peresson described the new tax as ‘a joke’ because, he claimed, many bags used by shoppers were the lower quality bags for food and these were exempt from the levy.
      • Tesco alone has said it expects the new levy to reduce bag use by 88 million.
      • In effect, the bookies would face a levy on profits to help those who are damaged by betting.
      • The levy on other blank media, however, remains intact.

    • 1.2(tax)

      impuesto masculino
      gravamen masculino
      • Part 2 proposes the increased accident compensation levy.
      • He will not be there to help the businessman pay his new, increased insurance levies.
      • New levies were imposed on cigarettes, wine and beer.
      • Basson explained that fuel levies are collected by the major oil companies in the country.
      • The planning authority said the levy was imposed because public funding for these works will not be available.
      • The Government has announced that it will increase the accident compensation levy for vets next year.
      • We have seen accident compensation levies increase in other areas.
      • Environmental groups said a plastic bag levy would change attitudes to waste disposal across Scotland.
      • The cost of these works would have been partially offset by development levies collected in the area.
      • The Government is introducing a 12p levy on plastic shopping bags from February.
      • A proposal to introduce a levy on plastic bags will be introduced into Federal Parliament this week.
      • All revenue from the increased fuel excise levy will be used to fund land transport initiatives.
      • In the Government's view, the only practical and equitable solution is to increase the petrol levy.
      • City employees, in collaboration with hoodlums, have been imposing illegal levies on street vendors.
      • Governments at settlement sites could collect a tiny levy from all foreign exchange transactions.
      • Owners should also be prepared for the possibility of a levy being charged.
      • It is a levy assessed in an unwritten manner and generally executed with precision in order to diminish the offender and enrich the supplier.
      • Brown chose to include consideration of the incidence of import and export levies or tariffs in his text.
      • He called on the government to appoint a regulator to monitor the introduction of all development levies proposed.
      • The levy of 30% on cattle exported on the hoof, on the other hand, is aimed at discouraging the export of live animals from the country.

  • 2

    • 2.1(raising of troops)

      reclutamiento masculino
      leva femenino
      • The immediate cause of rebellion was a national levy of 300,000 conscripts in March 1793.
      • The fyrd was raised by selective recruitment, rather than a general levy, usually drawing one man for every five hides of land.

    • 2.2(troops)

      tropas femenino
      • Rather than respond to Vikings with ad hoc levies of his local noblemen which were disbanded when the crisis had passed, the West Saxons would now always have a force in the field.
      • They had been three times beaten back from the breached walls of Changsha by similar gentry-led local levies.
      • He accomplished this largely with local levies and displayed Roman power to the eastern kingdoms, including (for the first time) Parthia.
      • The mass of the British armies was the levies, summoned from the farms.
      • Traditionally the Afghan governments relied on three military institutions: the regular army, tribal levies, and community militias.