Translation of liability in Spanish:


responsabilidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌlaɪəˈbɪlədi/ /lʌɪəˈbɪlɪti/

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nounplural liabilities

  • 1

    • 1.1(responsibility)

      responsabilidad feminine
      to deny/admit liability for sth negar/admitir ser responsable de algo
      • liability insurance seguro contra terceros
      • For the other sectors, balance sheet data are limited to financial assets and liabilities.
      • We want to retire with the largest possible pot of assets and the least amount of liabilities.
      • This will include taking into account accrued liabilities and assets.
      • This disclosed an excess of liabilities over assets amounting to £677,000.
      • The agreement posits a balance of assets and liabilities, not a deficit.
      • However, net wealth is the value of our total assets less our financial liabilities.
      • This was to allow it to match its pension fund liabilities with more predictable bond earnings.
      • I thought it required a far more disciplined approach to managing assets and liabilities.
      • Current assets or liabilities are those with an expected life of less than 12 months.
      • In many cases the excess of assets over liabilities in respect of pensioners can be released and used to augment pensions.
      • Over the course of the quarter, the company took steps to realign assets and liabilities.
      • Most bogus non-resident account holders died with undeclared assets and tax liabilities.
      • It is also beneficial to take a close look at ballooning household assets and liabilities.
      • They need to understand the concept of matching assets with liabilities.
      • The books and records must contain all details of the company's assets, liabilities and stocks.
      • Projected revenue streams, net income, assets and liabilities should be listed.
      • Such warnings are common in start-up companies where liabilities exceed assets.
      • Above all, reduce the unfunded potential future liabilities (they are not legal obligations like Treasury bonds) first.
      • All of that is trivial, compared to the yawning black hole of unfunded pension liabilities.
      • The civil service pension liabilities have a severe impact on fiscal consolidation and fiscal flexibility.

    • 1.2(eligibility)

      liability for sth
      • his liability for military service
      tax liability pasivo exigible en concepto de impuestos

    • 1.3(proneness)

      liability to sth/to + inf propensióna algo/+ inf

  • 2liabilities plural

    pasivo masculine
    current liabilities pasivo circulante
    • fixed / long-term liabilities deudas a largo plazo
    • we are unable to meet our liabilities no podemos hacer frente a nuestras obligaciones
    • She gave birth to a healthy child, and the respondents accepted liability for negligence.
    • The distinction between liability for acts and liability for omissions is well known.
    • There is no legal prohibition denying the Community the right to accept liability for private acts of its servants.
    • Thus by statutory provision banks can avoid liability for breach of the duty of confidentiality.
    • Legal experts will be on hand at the seminars to help clients minimise any potential inheritance tax liability.
    • Hence, foreign corporations do not incur capital gains tax liability.
    • If income from the foreign employment contract is not remitted into Ireland, no Irish income tax liability arises.
    • Now no one can know the extent of potential criminal liability under federal law.
    • The municipality is pursued for its vicarious liability for the negligence of its employee.
    • At one time there was some confusion over the basis of an employer's vicarious liability.
    • The action was brought against the referee, for whom the Union accepted vicarious liability.
    • Once the buyer has shown goods to be defective, strict liability arises for their consequences.
    • The statute does not impose strict liability on a municipality.
    • Significantly, however, the federal statute does not impose criminal liability for cruel, inhuman, or degrading acts.
    • In distributing an issuer's securities, a bank can obviously incur legal liability through its own conduct.
    • Legal systems differ in their approaches to the principles which determine the criminal liability of companies.
    • Each directly impacts public safety and incurs civil liability.
    • Counsel for the appellants argues that those words are not sufficiently precise to exclude liability for negligence.
    • You say that this is product liability for property damage.
    • The bank's liability in such cases is discussed in Chapter 12.
  • 3

    (drawback, disadvantage)
    handicap masculine
    she's a positive liability for the team es un verdadero lastre / handicap para el equipo
    • the car turned out to be a liability el coche terminó dándonos más problemas que otra cosa
    • One could expect that Junior's presence will become a liability once he spells out his plan.
    • When wildlife is perceived to be a danger and a liability, it compromises the very basis of conservation.
    • Girls would not be seen as a burden or a liability if they were guaranteed an equal right to inheritance and property.
    • He has been nothing but trouble since he moved in there in March, and is a dangerous liability.
    • Ask any historian: what is it about political consorts that makes them such a liability?
    • It must be even lonelier when you realise you've been left off a dive list because people see you as a nuisance or a liability.
    • They've got deadlines to meet and if I'm a weak link, I could be a liability.
    • In a world where everything has to be purchased, too many children can be a liability and they are less likely to provide security.
    • This is not a political liability - it is potentially a powerful political asset.
    • As he gradually becomes a greater liability, even the most supine members of the parliamentary party will put pressure on him to go.
    • Only now do they appear to acknowledge that he is a liability.
    • Perhaps it was this fact that made her determined to please her father and not to be considered a liability to the family.
    • Now that we have seen his response to the revelations, it is surely beyond dispute that he is a liability who must be removed forthwith.
    • Is the leader becoming a liability, or can he convince his critics he's not a racist?
    • Such a civil servant is a liability who should be ejected from the system.
    • I don't wish to blame my children for everything, but they are a major liability when you're prone to blushing.
    • Fellow drivers kicked up a fuss, claiming that he was too inexperienced, and that he was a potential liability.