Translation of liar in Spanish:


mentiroso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪ(ə)r/ /ˈlʌɪə/

Definition of mentiroso in Spanish


  • 1

    mentiroso masculine
    mentirosa feminine
    embustero masculine
    embustera feminine
    • The liars, the traitors, the thugs, and the outlaws cannot be handed the destiny of a nation like India.
    • They should not be abandoned to the tender mercies of manipulative liars and gold-diggers.
    • In a world full of liars, cheaters and the deceitful, who has always given me honesty?
    • We are so inured to the laxness and corruptness, that we defend the bullies and liars.
    • Of course, being an unrepentant liar and perjurer is better than being a socialist.
    • He was not sure he should place his trust in the words of someone who was a notorious liar and thief.
    • I entirely agree that a lot of spirits are liars and manipulators.
    • If writers use them to disguise their fabrications, I call them liars.
    • They may be impulsive, manipulative, reckless, quarrelsome, and consistent liars.
    • The point of the book is not that all marketers are all liars, but that they're storytellers.
    • When even your own party thinks that you are a liar, you know you are in trouble.
    • Known hypocrites and liars may, of course, tell the truth about a particular incident.
    • If natural born leaders are also natural born liars, can we really hold it against them when they do what comes naturally?
    • To those who call politicians liars and the like, please be optimistic!
    • Tests have shown that a sensitive thermal imaging technique which spots heat coming off the face can detect liars.
    • That's a mighty weak basis on which to call us frauds, liars, and smear merchants.
    • At worst, such politicians are liars, with the blood of innocents on their hands.
    • Some fakers are compulsive liars who convince themselves of the truth of their own stories.
    • What I mean is that some liars will spend a lot of time convincing themselves and others that they are not really lying at all.
    • People who say that are liars and should be ostracised from the group.