Translation of lieu in Spanish:


Pronunciation /lu/ /ljuː/ /luː/


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    in lieu of en lugar de
    • you don't get paid overtime, you get time off in lieu no te pagan horas extra, te dan horas/días libres a cambio
    • So, in lieu of my own words, let me direct you instead to some recent offerings from my fellow citizens.
    • The gig was fine, and in lieu of sandwiches we got a rather nice meal in the tapas bar that's in the theatre complex.
    • Every year, he gives £500 to a chosen charity in lieu of sending out Christmas cards.
    • Magistrates fined him £50 or one day in lieu and said this had been served as he had been kept in custody overnight.
    • As a result, the family requested mourners to make donations to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance appeal in lieu of flowers.
    • He doesn't say how much the mostly unspecified taxes he calls for in lieu of the bonds would cost.
    • So did it mean then that her party sister was usurping her own personal, spiritual beliefs in lieu of civic duty?
    • He tried to have the sentence overturned, but was offered only the option of paying a 5,000 fine in lieu of prison time.
    • So in lieu of a proper beginning here are a few things which I might have arranged more coherently into a beginning if I had the skill.
    • Lots of short sentences and interesting punctuation in lieu of actually having anything remotely engaging to say.
    • The fact that the debts are not secured on your house means that creditors do not have any automatic right to take your house in lieu of payment.
    • The pipers, in lieu of being able to play in the stadium, are going to set up and play outside the venue before the match.
    • The Judge added that he was recommending 120 hours in lieu of two months imprisonment.
    • The donations were made in lieu of presents on the occasion of her 70th birthday.
    • This is in lieu of not being able to attend his wake in Cape Town, which I am sure will be a well-attended one.
    • Thus, a commando unit cannot use an ambulance in lieu of a jeep to conceal its activities.
    • We are prepared to pay the double time and give them the time off in lieu, but we insist that public holidays are just like any other days of the year.
    • There are basically two options: conditional exemption and offers in lieu.
    • In the extreme some people go to jail in lieu of payment of a fine - that's extremely expensive.
    • My understanding is that insurers will pay for reconstruction but will not just pay out a cheque in lieu of same.