Traducción de life en Español:


vida, n.

Pronunciación /laɪf/ /lʌɪf/

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nombreplural lives

  • 1

    vida femenino
    (member/pension/president) (before noun) vitalicio
    I spend my whole life picking up after you me paso la vida recogiendo lo que dejas tirado
    • never in my life have I been so embarrassed en la vida había pasado tanta vergüenza
    • it will last you for life te durará toda la vida
    • maimed for life lisiado de por vida
    • a post held for life un cargo vitalicio
    • I'd like to live here for the rest of my life me gustaría vivir aquí el resto de mis días
    • he came to politics early in life empezó su carrera política en su juventud
    • in later life she entered a convent más tarde / más adelante se hizo monja
    • he began life as a car salesman empezó vendiendo coches
    • eternal / everlasting life la vida eterna
    • life's been unkind to him la vida lo ha tratado mal
    • there was appalling loss of life hubo muchísimas víctimas mortales
    • a life-and-death decision una decisión de vida o muerte
    • he couldn't darn a sock to save his life no sería capaz de zurcir un calcetín ni aun si le fuera la vida en ello
    • (to have) the shock of one's life (llevarse) el susto de su (or mi etc.) vida
    • she gave the performance of her life actuó como nunca
    • life begins at 40 la vida comienza a los 40
    • life insurance policy póliza de seguro de vida
    • my life story la historia de mi vida
    • Those of us who presume to speak for the lives of individual animals need to observe our subjects very carefully indeed.
    • One of the defining evils of terrorism is that it uses human beings' lives to send a political message.
    • So he owes us an explanation why only the lives of human beings are sacred.
    • We insist that the law protect the lives of human beings with special firmness and care.
    • A high-speed head-on car crash claimed the lives of a teenager and two elderly women, an inquest heard.
    • The jubilation of a Welsh rugby success turned to tragedy at the weekend when a car crash claimed the lives of two young men.
    • I think definitely it should be done if it involves the lives of human beings.
    • It's their profits they are weeping over, not the animals' lives.
    • The lives of several animals, which were staying there overnight, were put at risk.
    • The farmer was trying to protect the lives of many animals through what he did.
    • In no time at all, this network of like-minded individuals is developing a life of its own.
    • The accident involving a truck and a car claimed the lives of five people.
    • Her campaigns to save animal lives have made headlines around the world.
    • Wild animals and tropical diseases claim the lives of thousands of laborers.
    • The mammal society said these features could be used to identify hotspots where action could be taken to save animal lives.
    • Two men are fighting for their lives after a head-on car smash in Radcliffe.
    • Three children are fighting for their lives after the car they were in plunged into a lake yesterday afternoon.
    • An individual life is a small thing, which must be seized and relished in equal measure.
    • Zambia will benefit more if the lives of animals in forest reserves are preserved and protected against poachers.
    • The lives of most wild animals will be terminated by violence, by starvation, or by disease.
    • Long ambulance journeys are putting the lives of severely ill patients at risk, according to the first research to test the government's plans to close some A&E departments.
    • Meanwhile new moments in the life of the nation continue to inspire songs.
    • This refers to the life of the machine and cannot be transferred to the next one you purchase.
    • The lids seal tight, prolonging the shelf life of the contents.
    • The product's proprietary plastic bottle also prevents light-induced oxidation and helps to prolong its shelf life.
    • Battery life depends so much on usage that we didn't carry out a specific duration test.
    • The answerphone has storage for only 20 minutes of messages, but battery life is good.
  • 2

    • 2.1(vital force)

      vida femenino
      • The juxtaposition of my somewhat flatly morbid work with the life and vitality of the farm is quite provoking.
      • The two of them together are a dynamic team, full of energy, life and very headstrong.
      • They were full of energy and life and argued their convictions against the war convincingly.
      • She was a wonderful woman, the life and soul, full of energy, always telling stories.
      • In other words, squeeze the life out of the game and see if they can sneak a goal and cling doggedly to the lead.
      • She is smiling in a swimsuit, or rather laughing, and her eyes are alive with life.

    • 2.2(vitality)

      vida femenino
      vitalidad femenino
      the measures injected new life into the economy las medidas revitalizaron la economía
      • there's life in the old dog yet tengo (or tiene) mucho espíritu a pesar de los años

  • 3

    vida femenino
    we lead a quiet life llevamos una vida tranquila
    • married life la vida de casado
    • he's too fond of the good life es demasiado aficionado a la buena vida
    • oh, anything for a quiet life mira, lo que sea, con tal de que me dejen (or dejes etc.) en paz
    • life event acontecimiento vital / de la vida
    • life member miembro vitalicio
    • Their polytheistic view influenced every aspect of their daily lives.
    • Much progress have been achieved in all aspects of their daily lives.
    • Have we forgotten that interaction and association are important factors in the social lives of humans?
    • The worst period in my working life was the period during the Thatcher years.
    • Wouldn't this kind of attitude to the religious life be seen as somewhat dangerous?
    • The worldly life and the religious life are always considered two sides of a coin in Islam.
    • The novelist's story ends just as the literary lives of the historical Charles and Mary Lamb began.
    • The play aims to give a humorous portrayal of the everyday life of normal mums.
    • I had also spent most of my working life writing profiles of people for newspapers.
    • You need discipline to get results in your social, sporting and professional lives but too many individuals here take a soft option.
    • In our everyday lives, we treat animals as a means to our ends, but we increasingly lack moral justifications for doing so.
    • One only has to look at refugee law to see international law having a direct affect on individual lives.
    • And this again is true for each one of you, in all that you do in your own individual lives.
    • The acting matron, who's worked at Lynwood for 19 years, says residents enjoy full social lives.
    • There is a lot of talk in our group about applying spiritual practices to our business lives.
    • Gen Xers refuse to sacrifice their personal lives for the sake of the job.
    • How much we could all get by way of tax cuts if we could rebuild family life in this country!
    • Shakespeare probably ruined my social life at this school also, for all I know.
    • Despite her filial devotion, Moore did not leave college expecting to spend her adult life with her mother.
    • Is it possible for a couple to have a threesome without risking their love life?
  • 4

    (living things)
    vida femenino
    animal/plant life vida animal/vegetal
    • The hedge is teeming with wild bird life and just now, at the height of the nesting season, a model of industry.
    • As they entered, they walked through a hallway and into the living room in search of a sign of life.
    • The tide was way out and most of the bird life was as well, but I was happy to wait and see how the rising tide would affect them.
    • In a matter of minutes, the hallway is not barren and lonely; it teems with life and sound.
    • What have been the consequences of large waves and water movement to whatever life existed on its surface?
    • Enjoy the lush foliage, the endemic bird life and some leg stretching all at the same time.
    • It is a haven for bird life and other wildlife - roe deer and red squirrels can often be spotted from the house.
    • There was very little in the way of animal life on the islands, sheep mainly, but the bird life more than made up for that.
    • If even microbial life exists on Mars, it would produce methane, and would need water to survive.
    • There are fine examples of native trees with their names on them, and plenty of bird life.
    • You may also see seals, dolphins and sometimes whales, as well as bird and fish life.
    • I was still outside its atmosphere, and I could see it was made of gas and seemed to have no life existing on it.
    • The Cretaceous was thus the time in which life as it now exists on Earth came together.
    • It is also worth using bread at the times people are feeding the bird life.
    • The marine and bird life that followed the boat matched that observed by the Endeavour crew.
    • The discovery suggests that life could exist on planets very different from Earth.
    • The fine paintings of Kota bring alive the teeming life of the hills of Rajasthan.
    • The streets were alive with life this Monday morning on the streets of Manhattan.
    • The prop and rudder were intact here as well, and the whole wreck was alive with life.
    • The banks are green again after months of gloom and the margins are alive with life.
  • 5

    (of battery) duración femenino
    (of battery) vida femenino
    (of agreement) vigencia femenino
    the useful life of a machine la vida útil de una máquina
  • 6coloquial

    cadena perpetua femenino
    he got life lo condenaron a cadena perpetua
    • He was sentenced to life and is currently in Wakefield top security prison.
    • In England and Wales the same offence is treated as rape where the maximum sentence can be life.
    • He was sentenced to life in December last year for the murders of the girls.
    • There was a huge public outcry when he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life.
    • He was a tough Scotsman and had been sentenced to life for the murder of a man in a drunken brawl.
    • He was sentenced to life, and must serve a minimum of nine years before he is eligible for parole.
  • 7

    (drawing) (before noun) del natural
    to paint/draw from life pintar/dibujar del natural
    • life class clase (de dibujo / pintura etc.) con modelo vivo
    • It took him a mere two hours to sculpt his subject from life in wax before going on to mould the likeness in his unique paste.
    • The large back room features portraits drawn from life - the actual rather than the ideal.
    • As a result it became a real practical proposition to use the apparatus for making drawings from life.
    • From this process emerges spontaneous sketches and studied works from life or the imagination.
    • Already his painting recorded a scene of a disappearing London that had been painted from life.
    • Anybody who has ever drawn from life can tell you that drawing is like touching.
    • At this period El Greco did not paint from life, except for the heads in his portraits.
    • I trained as a painter initially, and spent a lot of my time drawing from life.
  • 8

    vida femenino
    • He also began work on his life of 17th century biographer and antiquarian John Aubrey.
    • There were various poems, legends, saint's lives, chronicles and similar literature.