Translation of life form in Spanish:

life form

ser vivo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪf ˌfɔ(ə)rm/


  • 1

    ser vivo masculine
    criatura feminine
    (in science fiction) ser masculine
    • The scientists say it is the first time that such a complex life form has been found living in an underwater volcano.
    • What about the belief that a finite entity, a life form of some form or other, now quite possibly dead, created our universe?
    • I was basically an extraterrestrial life form on this planet.
    • Movement, sentience, and self-conscious thought are the basic capabilities of the human life form.
    • The next mystery blob really could turn out to be a new life form.
    • It's a well-constructed sculpture depicting the birth of a life form and a welcome respite from this dark exhibition.
    • He will have noble, humane reasons for everything he does, and will want to invent a cure for cancer and communicate with a new life form in another galaxy.
    • It truly is like being in the presence of a benign life form, maybe a similar vibe to standing next to a five hundred year-old tree in a quiet, deserted wood.
    • Think about the implications of biotechs being able to own a life form itself: it's not just about our food supply.
    • Through the glassy outer layer a primitive life form can be seen.
    • Robotics poses a different threat - the creation of a new life form that may escape our control.
    • Some life form of high intelligence has to be behind those lovely chocolate-covered bars that come from there.
    • Furthermore, no one should be permitted to claim a life form as intellectual property.
    • Yet they were the dominant life form here on earth for a good 300 million years.
    • If he succeeds, the scientist will become the first to successfully create a new life form in a test tube.
    • They are also more and more likely to pass laws that make a commodity of a natural life form.
    • An alien life form has arrived to earth and is jumping from body to body, killing everything in its path and stealing anything it cares to.
    • The human race comes close to extinction when a huge meteor crashes in the Arizona desert with a life form unlike anything we've ever seen!
    • It had detected a powerful life form somewhere on the spire.
    • The thing was in his way, and it was definitely a life form.