Traducción de lifestyle en Español:


estilo de vida, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlaɪfˌstaɪl/ /ˈlʌɪfstʌɪl/


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    estilo de vida masculino
    tren de vida masculino
    lifestyle drugs fármacos orientados a cambiar el estilo de vida
    • lifestyle magazine revista de estilo
    • lifestyle products objetos de estilo
    • As parents, we have the responsibility of helping our children lead active healthy lifestyles.
    • The balance of the articles can be used by either gender to promote a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle.
    • He was already obese and he was already living a sedentary lifestyle.
    • A mother who stole £715,000 from her bosses to fund a jetset lifestyle has been jailed for five years.
    • And why would executives that are enjoying a lavish lifestyle be sending alarm signals?
    • The focus this year is Children, Adolescents and Heart Disease, because children are increasingly adopting unhealthy lifestyles.
    • The best way to prevent weight gain is to exercise and maintain an active lifestyle.
    • Many top players had enjoyed extravagant lifestyles and six-figure salaries.
    • If your busy bodybuilding lifestyle makes it impossible to buy fresh veggies often, the next best bet is frozen.
    • In today's busy lifestyle, why not reward yourself?
    • Finally, he says, people's inactive lifestyles have also contributed to the problem.
    • And he was almost as famous for his playboy lifestyle as his driving skills.
    • Family physicians need to be more effective at helping patients adopt healthy lifestyle habits.
    • Perhaps there are changes in lifestyle factors or nutrition that's making a difference.
    • Diet and lifestyle factors may be important in determining the ratio of estrogen metabolites.
    • But how could a hunter-gatherer lifestyle feed the 20 million-strong population of Australia?
    • Your future holds the trappings of a rock 'n' roll superstar lifestyle.
    • Adopting healthy lifestyle changes and taking medications can help you manage your disease.
    • The primary goal of screening younger persons is to promote lifestyle changes that may provide long-term benefits.
    • Simplifying health empowers people to feel confident in making energizing lifestyle choices.