There are 3 main translations of light in Spanish

: light1light2light3


luz, n.

Pronunciation /laɪt/ /lʌɪt/

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  • 1

    luz feminine
    a ray of light un rayo de luz
    • artificial/natural light luz artificial/natural
    • by the light of the moon/a candle a la luz de la luna/una vela
    • you shouldn't read in this light no deberías leer con esta luz
    • hold it up to the light ponlo al trasluz / a contraluz
    • you're standing in my light me tapas / me quitas la luz
    • bring it into the light tráelo a la luz
    • while the light lasts mientras haya luz
    • in / by the cold light of day it didn't seem such a good idea al pensarlo mejor / en frío, no parecía tan buena idea
    • at first light al clarear (el día)
    • let there be light hágase la luz
    • light waves ondas luminosas
    • LEDs are made of semiconductor chips and emit light when a current passes through them.
    • Stockholm is beautiful in the mornings, the golden light glinting off the buildings.
    • Dark clothes don't glow because the dark pigments absorb the UV light.
    • Einstein used Planck's quantum hypothesis to describe the electromagnetic radiation of light.
    • The sun was setting low, casting a dull orange light in the sky.
    • He had carried out research into light and how it interacts with atoms.
    • I wanted to sleep a little longer, but the faint light of the sun had awakened me.
    • The abstract representations are also a reflection of the artist's mastery over colour and light.
    • The garden was lit only by the light of the moon and all was silent.
    • The light from a nearby street lamp paints her face a garish yellow.
    • This is another good time to walk outside and expose yourself to some natural light.
    • Normally, water in the distance is seen by its ability to reflect light off of its surface.
    • In the village the fields were being turned, and men and women worked in the damp soil from light to dusk.
    • The plants were grown in natural light with no supplementary lighting.
    • Look at them at different times of the day, and in both natural and incandescent light.
    • The large garden around the swimming pool shone in the glimmering light of many multicolored candles.
    • She rose to her feet and passed into the light of the full moon.
    • We really do not know what would happen to time when an object passes the speed of light.
    • In that case, what you need to know before choosing when to take your picture is that the colour of light changes throughout the day.
    • The windows were ablaze with light, the heavy wooden doors still open.
  • 2

    • 2.1(source of light)

      luz feminine
      (lamp) lámpara feminine
      to turn the light off apagar la luz
      • to turn the light on encender la luz
      • shine the light over here enfoca / alumbra aquí
      • lights! ¡luces!
      • landinglights luces de aterrizaje
      • navigation lights luces de navegación
      • Everything is brightly lit once the UV lights are turned on.
      • Fluorescent lights or special grow lamps also work if left on about 14 to 16 hours per day.
      • Hang paper chains or other decorations well away from lights or any other source of heat.
      • I could see red, white and blue strobe lights flashing all along the water on the Manhattan side.
      • There was an electric light at the top of the staircase but there was no bulb in it at the time of the accident.
      • We didn't have a bathroom or electric power or lights and things until I was about 17 years old.
      • The tunnel is quite elaborate, too, with electric lights and reinforced walls.
      • Shadows, cast by the trees blocking the porch light outside the windows, dance over the coffee table.
      • Andy turned out the lights in the room and got into bed.
      • The city's lights lit up the skyline and created an almost magical glow.
      • After a few days without lights, electric heat or TV, your stress level shoots through the roof.
      • The car's lights went off and only enhanced the feeling of shadow.
      • She moved quietly to her front porch where the light was turned on for her.
      • With only the ceiling lights for illumination, the soldier couldn't tell the time of day.
      • Down the street, a solitary porch light flickered and called out to him.
      • When Pete flicks out the electric lights, we are plunged into inky darkness and ringing silence.
      • The huge primary lights in the ceiling were darkened but the scattered emergency lights gave some illumination.
      • When illuminated with electric lights or candles, the pumpkins radiate the same muted colors as stained-glass windows.
      • The police also found a fluorescent light, a grow lamp, ballast, and thermometer.
      • The aircraft took off in the dark with the runway illuminated by truck lights.

    • 2.2(of car, bicycle)

      luz feminine
      dip your lights pon las cortas

    • 2.3traffic light

      semáforo masculine
      the lights were against us nos tocaron los semáforos en contra / en rojo
      • Queuing traffic at the numerous lights in and around the High Street creates more congestion.
      • I don't want to drive these things wide open on the street, but we'll run them zero to 60 at the next few lights.
      • The look, of course, was no big deal, but the preposterous wheelspinning start as the lights went green certainly was.
      • Another plan includes installation of signal lights at some junctions on the ring roads.
      • Imagine the flow of traffic without lights and signs.
      • Imagine his surprise when traffic coming through the lights headed straight for him.
      • Sadly, over one year after the lights were restored the traffic situation has not improved.
      • Not satisfied with that, they then put in more lights, making more traffic snarls.
      • With a lights controlled junction at Feehily's corner this would make things safer for both vehicles and pedestrians.
      • Maybe it's just difficult for them to control the horses in Central London, and that's why the guy jumped the light.

    • 2.4(in lighthouse)

      faro masculine

  • 3

    • 3.1(aspect)

      to see sth/sb in a good/bad light ver algo/a algn con buenos/malos ojos
      • I suddenly saw her in a new light de pronto la vi con otros ojos
      • seen in this light visto así
      • this puts matters in a new light, this sheds a new light on matters esto cambia la perspectiva / el panorama
      • it didn't show him in a very good/flattering light no daba una imagen demasiado buena/favorable de él

  • 4

    (for igniting)
    have you got a light? ¿tienes fuego?
    • to strike a light encender un fósforo
    • I was nervous and when I get nervous I smoke - too bad I didn't have a light.
  • 5lights plural

    • 5.1Architecture

      luces feminine
      • The opening casements were also taped along the junction between the casement and the opening light.
      • Summer cross-ventilation can be obtained through opening lights in the glass wall and the motorized panes of the clerestory.
      • Top lights and side windows flood the building with daylight from unexpected angles.
      • This must be the upper light or lights of a third window, at the back of the room, adjacent to the back wall.
      • Well-lit by a triple-light mullion and transom window with wooden surrounds, the landing was given additional light from a dormer window high up in the central gable.
      • The windows also show progress in one particular way: they are still mullioned and transomed, but the individual lights are no longer arched.

    • 5.2Cooking

      pulmón masculine

  • 6

    • 6.1US (low-calorie beer)

      cerveza light feminine
      cerveza de bajo contenido calórico feminine

    • 6.2(cigarette)

      cigarrillo light masculine
      cigarrillo de bajo contenido en alquitrán masculine

    • 6.3British informal (light ale)

      cerveza rubia feminine

transitive verb lighted, lighted, lit, lit

  • 1

    (set alight)
    (fire/lamp/heater/cigarette) encender
    (fire/lamp/heater/cigarette) prender
    • He pulled out a cigarette, lit it, and walked away from the fire, through the village, and into the forest.
    • We both lit our Bic lighters as if we were at a Grateful Dead concert.
    • Almost every month my neighbour has a bonfire: last Friday at 9.15 pm he lit one.
    • He lit a further cigarillo, coughing glutinously as he did so.
    • She's lighting the Chanukah candles for those of us who can't get home by sundown.
    • He lighted what would be the first of many cigars.
    • Wordlessly, she took a seat around the bonfire she had lit earlier.
    • Be careful when lighting alcohol on fire: make sure that the stove top is clean and that there are no flammable materials hanging about.
    • Word is now that they're lighting buildings on fire, but I can't confirm that.
    • After the ceremony attached to lighting the candle, Come O Come Emmanuel was sung by a member of the Club.
    • I lit my scented candles, dimmed the lights, and tucked into my new book.
    • Dad would trudge on to the lawn with a tin of fireworks, dashing back to safety after lighting each one as if a Pompeii-scale eruption were imminent.
    • Once he's shot off about a dozen he switches to firecrackers, first lighting one to give us the idea and then setting off a string of fifty.
    • They line up for hours to pray at the grotto, drink the water, light candles and take photographs.
    • Leaning back in the bow, mountains rising across the lake behind him, Pete lights a cigarette and passes it down to Jonathan.
    • They had a load of cigarettes and they lit a fire, deciding to stay there for the night.
    • His sightless eyes looked almost black in the shadows cast by the candle he had lit.
    • He then pulled out his cigarette, and lit it, and held his pack out for her to take one.
    • He lit a few candles around the room and then he shut off the lights.
    • He ran his hand through his raven black hair and then lit his cigarette.
  • ( lit, lit)
  • 2

    (room/scene) iluminar
    a dimly/brightly lit street una calle poco/muy iluminada
    • she lit the way for him with a flashlight le alumbró el camino con una linterna
    • We were both watching TV, the pictures brightly lighting the dark living room.
    • Sets are very minimalist but lit to good effect.
    • It's cramped, poorly stocked and somehow dimly lit.
    • Extra decorations have lit up the city like never before.
    • And the art, hung here and there and lit in one case by lamplight, was a hodgepodge of styles.
    • It was night but the moon was full so everything was lit up and reflected.
    • The band treated the crowd to some of their greatest hits and was made even more special when a fireworks display lit up the sky behind them.
    • Old Masters, though, are usually hung on a tastefully restrained backdrop and lit as close to daylight as can be managed.
    • The night climb is stark affair, halogen lights casting deep black shadows on every part of the cliff face that isn't brilliantly lit.
    • Silhouetted passers-by walk away from us as the singer steps forward, brilliantly lit, sometimes looking at us sometimes away.
    • She switched on the power, a bright, green glow lighting up the screen.
    • Both the other ballets were two-piano scores, played on stage and lit so that only the pianists' profiles were visible.
    • The neighborhood was quiet and dim, lit only by a few street lights.
    • The full moon lit up the pond so that I could perfectly see my reflection.
    • The pool hall was smoky and lit only by a few flickering light bulbs.
    • The hallway, lit with sunlight from both ends, was serenely quiet.
    • Our eyes widened when a flash of lightning lit up the sky and illuminated the dark figure.
    • We walked for an hour until we were in a large room, lighted by a hole in the ceiling.
    • The room beyond was lighted from within by the wavering yellow glow of candles.
    • The dining room was dark and cold and only lighted by a candle or two.

intransitive verb lighted, lighted, lit, lit

  • 1

    (wood/fire/match/cigarette) encenderse
    (wood/fire/match/cigarette) prender
    • Mr Griffiths was sucking hopefully at his pipe, which had refused to light properly.
    • However, the four managed to overpower the man and retrieve the lighter before it lit.
    • It took three goes to get the cigarette to light, as my hands were shaking.
    • He fished a pipe out of his pocket, lit it up, and began to smoke.
    • She got out her last cigarette and lit it up as she walked away.
    • When I see people struggling to light their smokes up in a stinking back alley in the dead of winter, in the rain, I really can't see that is their little pleasure time.
    • I pulled out a cigarette from my handbag and lit it up.
    • I sat down in the smoking section of a café, in front of a young couple with a kid (who were also in the Smoking area) and lit up.
    • How often have you been walking behind someone, before suddenly finding yourself engulfed in smoke because the person in front has lit up?
    • Amber looked on in disgust as Kira lit up.
    • There is nothing worse than being in a cosy little restaurant, enjoying wonderful food, and then somebody lights up and blows that acrid smoke in your direction.
    • I find it rude when someone lights up during a meal, they could simply walk outside or wait till the meal is finished.
    • Though smoking was banned he lit up regardless and a fire broke out.
    • Fire chiefs are warning the smoking ban may result in a rise in the number of house fires as more people light up at home.

adjective lighter, lightest

  • 1

    (green/brown) claro
    • The walls were a dark jade color here, the tile a light tan covered with crimson matting.
    • The streets of the city were cobble stones, and most of the buildings made of a light gray stone or wood.
    • The screen turned light purple and a single folder appeared in the middle of the screen.
    • Mr Gibb said the animal had a sleek, muscular body, smooth fur and was possibly a light sandy colour.
    • She carried a bouquet of light yellow roses, large daisies, chrysanthemums and blue campanulas.
    • The suspect was described only as a white man, in a light coloured short-sleeved shirt.
    • Mr Davis plans to use a clean, light colour scheme throughout the pub and designate the left hand bar non-smoking.
    • The colors she chooses lean more heavily to violet, light pink, green, black, silver and gold.
    • It was red, made from bright red bricks, and its roof was a light blue colour.
    • The Bertons chose a light beige paint tied together with a white trim in most rooms.
    • Fresh and light colours such as blue and green are widely seen in this theme.
    • The girl herself was five feet six inches tall, slightly built, with light brown hair.
    • He was wearing a black pair of sweatpants and a light gray shirt that showed off his well built muscles.
    • She was wearing a light rose pink jacket with a darker shade of pink knee-length skirt.
    • Don't take anything white or light coloured with you unless you are going on some luxury holiday somewhere.
    • The vehicle involved, which had also been damaged, had been a light green or blue in colour, although the make or model was not known.
    • She was tall, large in the stomach with light blonde hair and piercing eyes.
    • The person turned out to be a man in his thirties, with light yellow hair and brown eyes.
    • The blouse was a light, delicate shade of pink, with a dark flower pattern covering it.
    • She was dressed in a casual pair of dark blue slacks and a light beige button down blouse tucked neatly in.
  • 2

    it gets light very early these days ahora amanece / aclara muy temprano
    • it's already light ya es de día
    • white paint makes a room look lighter la pintura blanca le da más luz a una habitación
    • If it is sufficiently light outside to tell a white thread from a black thread then one should be fasting.
    • The closer one is to the North Pole, the longer the dark or light period is.
    • The seeds were then grown in vermiculite at 30°C under dark or light conditions.
    • The octagonal house is light and airy, with wraparound verandas, a small pool and nothing between you and the South Pole.
    • The house is light and airy with lots of glazing and three balconies on three levels let the garden come into the house.
    • Albert proudly opened the front door and Betty and I walked into a large, light hallway.
    • As soon as it gets light enough out there, I'll take some pictures.
    • Install exterior lights that automatically come on when it gets dark and go off when it's light.

There are 3 main translations of light in Spanish

: light1light2light3


ligero, adj.

Pronunciation /laɪt/ /lʌɪt/

adjective lighter, lightest

  • 1

    • 1.1(not heavy)

      (load/fabric) ligero
      (load/fabric) liviano mainly Latin America
      (voice) suave
      it's lighter than the other one pesa menos que el otro
      • with a light tone en tono desenfadado
      • with a light heart tranquilo
      • Penn keeps the tone of the film extremely light, as the action effortlessly hops between Florida and Beverly Hills.
      • The first part of the story ends at a very natural point in the story, and on a suitably light moment.
      • All day, there are thoughts both weighty and light dancing through my head.
      • The film is full of jokes and humour - it has a light, positive, happy feeling.
      • Well, that's a fairly light musing for the evening after much of my heavier writings on here.
      • His voice had lost its light laughter, and the love of the buildings he had lived with all his life showed through.
      • Looking for a little light relief, I flipped over to a TV auction channel, to see what I didn't want to buy today.
      • The overall tone is considerably lighter than in Chaucer's poem, the play being diversified with songs and lyrical passages.
      • Wrap the dish in clingfilm and place in the fridge with a light weight on top for an hour or so, to allow the flavours to mingle before serving.
      • The large, sixteen-inch light alloy wheels add to the sporty dynamics of the car.
      • He worked on light metal alloys and the electrolytic production of potassium and sodium.
      • Unfortunately, he wasn't exactly small or light enough to move easily.
      • It comes with a lithium battery and AC adaptor and is light to carry.
      • Theyv'e commented on how methodically I pack the trolley, heavy stuff to the bottom, light stuff to the top.
      • She was happy for the light load, she wasn't sure if her back could handle any more books.
      • At first she could walk for only six minutes on a treadmill, do four minutes on a rowing machine and lift a few light weights.
      • The end product has a high degree of stability as well as being light in weight.
      • It is confirmed the team are making only two stops, with the first part of the race driven on a light fuel load.
      • The door gave way easily under her light bodyweight and Piper fell with a thud on the floor.
      • Pigs have been bred to be fat or meaty, heavy or light, according to changing requirements at different periods.
      • You don't want to come home with a light suitcase and a heavy heart.
      • It was a shame that my body weight was still surprisingly light compared to the other teenagers.
      • There is also a weight limit excluding people who are either too heavy or too light for the game.
      • Heavy or light, choose a weight that taxes you so that you approach failure at the end of each set.
      • As the triceps is a very small muscle group, make sure you use a light weight, but do lots of repetitions.
      • Royal Mail has said it wants to charge more for large but light items and less for small, heavy ones.
      • They had the benefit of astonishingly light, strong bodies, so we needn't feel too ashamed about lagging so far behind.
      • No rifle that is light enough to carry will penetrate brush nor should it be expected to.

    • 1.2Cooking

      (meal/breakfast) ligero
      (meal/breakfast) liviano mainly Latin America
      (pastry/cake) ligero
      (pastry/cake) liviano mainly Latin America
      (cola/beer) (invariable adjective) light US
      (menu) de bajo contenido calórico
      light ale cerveza rubia
      • Pale green in the glass, with golden highlights, this is a soft, light wine with attractive floral notes.
      • Schiava grapes are found in most of the non-varietal light red wines of Trentino-Alto Adige.
      • I took a seat on a high barstool amongst the quiet and serious four and ordered half a pint of light ale for the golden pound I had had in my right pocket.
      • The wine tasted so light that they drank a lot without any consideration.
      • Your best bet is to drink the light or low-carb beer you like best and to do so in moderation.
      • For other cheesy dishes, a light, fruity red wine is sometimes better.
      • Imported light beers are up across the board, while domestic lights are a mixed bag.
      • I went out for light drinks with a mate after work last night and was home by 8.30 pm.
      • If it immediately drains back into the glass, then it probably is a light alcohol or dry wine.
      • Start with dry white wines, then do medium whites, then light reds, then stronger reds.
      • Effects are more or less the same whether light, regular or alcohol-free beer is consumed.
      • Beer can range from light ales to dark stouts depending on the proportions of malt and barley.
      • Beer is consumed as a typical light alcoholic beverage, while rum is the hard liquor of choice.
      • Many dishes need a full-bodied wine with an oak overlay and would suffer in tandem with a light, fruity wine.
      • I yelled at Dex who sat so happily on the couch with his feet on top of the table and a bottle of light beer in his hand.
      • Bierzo, abutting Galicia in the north west, shows promise with its light fragrant reds from the Mencía grape.
      • I started with light beers and ended up with dark, as is recommended to appreciate the flavours properly.
      • It's a lovely little wine, light but packed with flavour, perfect chilled before dinner or for sitting out in the sun.
      • It's like drinking club soda that has been watered down and mixed with flat light beer.
      • If there was ever a drink that summed up a decade, it was this light, unobtrusive, fizzy red wine from central Italy.
      • Cream the margarine and sugar until light and fluffy, then add the beaten egg a little at a time while continuing to work.
      • The pastry was crisp and light and the salad was the kind where you wanted to eat every scrap.
      • The sticky toffee pudding had a light sponge and moreish caramel sauce, all of which disappeared fast.
      • This has ground almonds and the texture is almost light, although it is rich and moist.
      • The base was perfectly cooked, light and fresh, the mushroom topping rich and full of flavour.
      • The naan breads in particular were lovely and light and fluffy.
      • Ann beat me to choosing the mince tart, and excellent it was, with acceptably light pastry.
      • The pastry was light and flaky, and the insides were pleasant enough, if a little lacking in spice.
      • This rhubarb and blueberry soufflé is light, lovely, rich and drop-dead gorgeous.
      • In a large bowl beat the butter and confectioners sugar until light and fluffy.
      • Cream together the unsalted butter and demerara sugar until light and fluffy.
      • Beat the butter and caster sugar in a bowl until light and creamy.
      • The pastry was light and the pears and ice cream moreish to the point of danger.
      • The sweetbreads were fine, raised above the mediocre by a wonderfully sweet and light pastry.
      • Modern Banbury cakes are small and oval, made of light flaky pastry with a crisp top achieved by a powdering of sugar before baking.
      • On my plate was some melon, sweet and fragrant, and a star-shaped pastry so light and flaky, I hardly dared pick it up.
      • My other half gave top marks to her hot smoked haddock tartlet, made with light filo pastry and served up with asparagus and a poached egg.
      • I also enjoy a light, fluffy omelet, or maybe basted eggs with bacon or strawberries and dry toast.
      • But fruit cakes can also be light and non-alcoholic when made with fresh fruit.
      • It's almost impossible to choose between a cake layered with cream cheese frosting and a lighter white sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries.
      • Here, cooks will prepare a light meal of mixed salad, tinned cold fish or meat, bread and cheese and fruit.
      • It was light and tasty, but rather deficient in the garlic stakes.
      • Prawn risotto with dill and creme fraiche had all the promise of a light but punchy starter.
      • Chris and I went for a walk up over the hill and had a light brunch at the Reverie Cafe in Cole Valley.
      • So within half an hour of getting Mig's phonecall we were meeting him and going for a light breakfast.
      • Tickets for the event cost only £5 each and that also includes a light supper.
      • I did some studying after eating my light lunch of 9 sushi rolls and a big glass of tea.
      • The Princess had requested a light buffet lunch, including a selection of local cheeses.
      • On Sunday morning, we have a light breakfast and then head for the shops.
      • I went on to eat a light breakfast and to get my morning writing session done, then felt decidedly dozy.
      • You can poach or fry the eggs, keeping the yolks runny, and serve with a salad for a light lunch or supper.
      • James Bond would have invited her into the front seat and suggested a light lunch of sea food and champagne.
      • Breakfast is a light meal of bread, cereal, yogurt, and coffee or hot chocolate.
      • Pita meat pie often is the final course of a meal or is served as a light supper on its own.
      • He invited me up to join him for a light meal as a token of gratitude for helping his people.
      • Eating a light meal before your treatment may also help prevent nausea and vomiting.
      • The menu had a fair range of options from light snacks to full meals.
      • Speaking of which, the Rex has a decent menu of light meals and snacks, and offers a variety of draft beers.
      • People who sign up as members will be invited to help themselves to a light buffet after the formal launch of the group.
      • Palestinians often buy snacks or light meals from street vendors as they go about their daily business.
      • It was white, fleshy and not oily, cooked in a light batter and served with a white cream sauce and mushrooms.
      • Each doctor that saw her said something different about her diet; food, no food, light diet; no food!
      • Adding some light dairy products to a smart diet was first seen as a way to lower blood pressure.
      • Occasional sweets notwithstanding, the royal children were raised on very simple, light foods.
      • As I did not have milk on hand, I used light whipping cream in addition to regular.
      • Aljotta is a light fish soup relying heavily on garlic and marjoram for flavour.
      • If you want the granny apple to hold slightly and maintain its shape, you can cook it gently in a light sugar syrup.
      • These are topped off by a variety of puddings ranging from light sorbets to incredibly rich chocolate mousses.
      • It was halibut, light but intense, melting but singing with flavour.
      • The sweet, light tomato sauce provides space and support for the pungent, spicy salami and cheese.
      • The mash was good and the lemon and herby drizzle made this a light and delicate follow-on to the full-flavoured fish soup.
      • The spring veggies were another hit: baby carrots, asparagus, French greens and corn in light soy sauce.
      • Place the peach in a light sugar syrup with the cracked peach pit for flavour.
      • The thinly-sliced chicken had been poached in a light and delicate broth infused with lime leaf and coriander.
      • The champagne cream sauce was refreshingly light and brought out the best of my wife's salmon filet.
      • The main course was a choice of stuffed baby squid or sautéed pork tenderloin on a light Thai green curry sauce.
      • They were doused in a light tomato sauce that seeped into the big mound of rice below.
      • Hold the rich sauces and have a light soup for a starter with fresh fruit for desert.
      • The tuna tartare was mixed in a light cream sauce, and served with a mound of black caviar.
      • These were covered in a light garlic-flavoured batter and came with a tangy Neopolitan sauce.

    • 1.3Military

      (cavalry/infantry/artillery) ligero
      • The pace of light infantry is limited to the speed of a soldier on foot.
      • Traces of the modus operandi of the light infantry of old still live on amidst special forces such as the SAS.
      • Sniper units are similar to the light infantry units but they operate in smaller teams.
      • As a military reformer, Moore successfully developed light infantry tactics and training methods.
      • For the most part these contingents have been based on a core component of light infantry.
      • The new aircraft have a light armament capability and can be used for security or defensive operations as well as for training.
      • Transportation of soldiers is another way mechanized forces can help light units.
      • Two light cruisers were being built in Italy but these were commandeered by the Italians in December 1941.
      • In command of the light tanks, Patton headed a school and trained his tankers for combat.
      • The army is on path to meet its future as a light armoured force, contrary to recent debate in the media.
      • The Dover Barrage was a combination of nets, mines and searchlights, patrolled by light craft.
      • In December 1939 it was taken over by the Kriegsmarine and armed for use as a light escort and patrol boat.

  • 2

    • 2.1Meteorology

      (breeze/wind) suave
      light rain llovizna
      • a light covering of snow una fina capa de nieve
      • He'd walked her home through the light, early summer rain that was falling on the city.
      • We had run into pretty light resistance, and we had pushed out a couple of thousand yards.
      • It could carry 118,000 barrels of light oil products such as gasoline and heating oil.
      • The following moisturiser is very light and gentle and suitable for all skin types.
      • We were at 700 feet and one and a half miles, with the visibility obscured by light fog.
      • Personally I do not find it as good in heavy or light winds as the Lewis kites.
      • Since the main part of the Jacobite army never engaged the enemy, losses were relatively light.
      • The valley is densely forested and lush; a light autumn snowfall dusts distant high peaks.
      • On Tuesday last Galway woke up to see all the motor vehicles covered with a light coating of brown sand.
      • Traffic, now including vans, is using the minor road, which is only suitable for light traffic.
      • But in the summer, a light body oil is also necessary to care for sun-drenched skin.
      • When schools and university are on holiday, traffic is relatively light most of the time.
      • The rain was light, but heavy enough to make you cold and uncomfortable after a few minutes.
      • There had been light snow showers earlier that morning when we took off for our first flight of the day.
      • I cycle to work the next day, through a light drizzle and heavy traffic.
      • Indeed, some very light breezes saw racing starting late and we bring you results of the first two races with results to be confirmed.
      • What started as a light shower grew so heavy that she and her daughter began to fear that the roof would cave in.
      • The stars were out, and a light summer breeze teased my hair and brushed across my face.
      • If you wake early enough, you can catch a solid hour of light breezes and a certain summer coolness.
      • At worst, a light drizzle can be stomached, a little nip on the temperature can be endured - but nothing more extreme.

    • 2.2(sparse)

      traffic is light at this time a esta hora hay poco tráfico
      • trading was light hubo poca actividad en la Bolsa
      • the losses were fairly light las pérdidas fueron de poca consideración / de poca monta

    • 2.3(not strenuous)

      (work/duties) ligero
      (work/duties) liviano mainly Latin America
      • Are they working to review the light sentence that has been handed out?
      • But suggest a bit of light housework and he's all feral snarls and pulling rank.
      • Sit up, do light housework, or take a walk until your body has had a chance to digest.
      • The All Blacks enjoyed a day of light training today with key players carrying injuries.
      • One officer may sleep if the work load is light, while the other monitors the flight.
      • Should they be blogging regularly or only when they have a light work load?
      • She got a light sentence and I think the worst of her troubles are over.
      • Six years is a light sentence for taking another man's life.
      • Always walk or do another light cardiovascular exercise for five minutes before you work out.
      • The plaintiff's back injury only allowed him to take on light work.
      • What would you do if the men who were responsible were given light jail sentences?
      • Sentences in the UK are relatively light, averaging around nine months.
      • However in reality many people who do assist in euthanasia get fairly light sentences.
      • His sentence had been relatively light, as she never accused him of violating her.
      • The prosecutors left the Court without explaining the request for such a light sentence.
      • I figure he must think he's only going to get a light sentence and a bit of a fine.
      • Still expecting a light sentence, he was crushed by his condemnation to indefinite imprisonment.
      • Typically, she received a very light sentence, soon revised downward.
      • This is giving a clear green light to burglars to commit this crime as they are more than likely to get a very light sentence or be put on a drug rehab programme.
      • Despite new and improved laws, judicial proceedings remain slow and the fines actually imposed are light.

    • 2.4(not severe)

      (sentence) leve

  • 3

    (not serious)
    (music/comedy/reading) ligero
    a program of light entertainment un programa de variedades
    • Anyone seeking a little light reading had better steer clear of this book.
    • None of the inherent whimsy is lost and the film remains an incredibly moving but suitably light piece.
    • Wavell had, it seems, an interest both in light fiction and serious history.
    • In recent years, McCartney has branched into composing light classical music.
    • A huge bestseller in Spain, the novel has been criticised by some on the left for serving up a light version of the civil war.
    • Yes, I know it's jokey, light, entertaining fare, but it's good as well.
    • They were always intended to be light pieces to entertain and to dance to.
    • Those with pocket money obtained all kinds of novels, serious and light.
    • Picking up the papers I eyed it warily, it was obviously not going to be light reading.
    • Otherwise, this is a relatively short and light featurette on the art of movie music.
    • It is possible that Rob will change the face of light entertainment in Britain.
    • It would, said the theory, take the world's most popular game and turn it into mainstream light entertainment.
    • The novel is a light read that promises to tax you no more than a politician at election time.
    • The run will finish with an awards presentation, BBQ and some light entertainment.
    • Apart from the usual academic books, books for light reading and for serious reading are also available.
    • After this I thought I'd do a little light reading.
    • While the racy title and erotic cover art might suggest a light read, nothing could be further from the truth.
    • In the meantime, we can enjoy this story, which is a nice little bit of light reading.
    • As such this is not going to be a film for someone looking for a couple of hours of light entertainment.
    • With no humour and very little in the way of hope, this is certainly not light entertainment.

There are 3 main translations of light in Spanish

: light1light2light3


Pronunciation /laɪt/ /lʌɪt/

intransitive verb

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