Translation of lighter-than-air in Spanish:


más ligero que el aire, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌlaɪdərðənˈɛr/


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    más ligero que el aire
    lighter-than-air flight vuelo aerostático
    • lighter-than-air craft dirigible
    • The present invention relates generally to the field of lighter-than-air ships and more particularly to a airship that uses hydrogen as a lift gas.
    • Although the days of the Zeppelins have passed, lighter-than-air craft remain in the public eye because of their use in televising sporting events.
    • Before lifting off on your scientific inquiry into ballooning and lighter-than-air flight, it helps to have some background information about the history of ballooning.
    • Helium (an inert non-flammable lighter-than-air gas) sustains the Air Rotor which ascends to an altitude for best winds.
    • Balloons and airships are lighter-than-air, and fly because they are buoyant, which is to say that the total weight of the aircraft is less than the weight of the air it displaces.