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ligero, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈlaɪtˌweɪt/ /ˈlʌɪtweɪt/

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    (coat/tent/metal) ligero
    (coat/tent/metal) liviano América Latina
    (coat/tent/metal) poco pesado
    • A rescue team engineer said the toll in the explosion could have been lower if the factory had been built using modern, lightweight materials instead of concrete.
    • Affixed to the bottom of the bodice, directly on the hips, was a thin, lightweight piece of material that barely reached my knees.
    • The advances in these two technologies have enabled TV makers to build thin, lightweight TV screens with a large picture area.
    • Body panels are made of aluminium or other lightweight materials.
    • In building a car, do you use lightweight materials so that it is zippy, but a deathtrap in an accident?
    • Built by BMW's M division as a study of lightweight materials, the car is unfortunately not destined for production.
    • Modern aircraft are sophisticated and often built from highly stressed, lightweight materials.
    • The chairs are custom built out of lightweight aluminum.
    • In 1965 he used some aluminium tubing, a piece of canvas and lightweight wheels to build a prototype.
    • He said specially designed lightweight roof material would giving a light, airy environment which people could walk through.
    • Made from a single piece of lightweight material, fisherman's pants could be mistaken for enormous nappies.
    • Do you sell or know where I can find a replacement 222 mm crankset in aluminum or other lightweight durable material?
    • Many summer suits are made of tropical wool since it's a lightweight material
    • Based at the Hall House Industrial Estate, near Kendal, he makes bespoke performance silencers for offroad racing bikes, using lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and titanium.
    • Their new M5 series of laptops use lightweight carbon-fibre materials, and their W1 laptop actually has a subwoofer built in for rocking audio.
    • Kevin previously had made up plans and costings for prefabricated, modular buildings to be made from steel and other lightweight materials, but had never put his plans into action.
    • The two-seat body structure is crafted from sophisticated materials such as lightweight alloys, magnesium and advanced composites.
    • Prefabricated, modular buildings to be made from steel and other lightweight materials might just help with the recovery effort in the south.
    • His early work was predominantly in fairly lightweight materials, including wood and mixed media, and was often brightly coloured, but in the late 1980s he changed direction.
    • Stuff the bottom of the sap bucket, if necessary, with packing peanuts, moss, a ball of newspaper or other lightweight material.
    • It's available in standard weight, lightweight, and ultra-lite configurations.
    • They come in a wide range of colors, are lightweight, and are more sanitary than most other types of counters, retaining less moisture and therefore less bacteria.
    • ‘It's lightweight, so it absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving a greasy residue,’ one tester said.
    • Torque Screwdrivers Are Designed for User Comfort Torque screwdrivers have lightweight, compact housings to ensure operator comfort.
    • He's 11 years old and, at a recent check up, the vet said he was a perfect weight - despite seeming a little lightweight - and that most cats are massively overweight.
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    (insufficiently serious)
    (book/writer/performance) de poco peso
    (book/writer/performance) superficial
    • With this combination, the viewer can follow up the more serious film with the relatively lightweight one.
    • The result is a lightweight source of entertainment that maximizes humor and minimizes serious stuff.
    • In his low-key documentary, Blitz has succeeded in creating drama out of everyday life that is highly absorbing, despite it's lightweight subject matter.
    • While never less than good, laden with charming, understated melodies and beautifully turned lyrics, some of the album feels lightweight by comparison with Cave's back catalogue.
    • Old favourite ‘Light a Fire’ is deliciously melodic, though manages to sound lightweight compared to the martial rhythms and shouted dual vocals of newer numbers.


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    (in boxing, wrestling)
    peso ligero masculino
    (champion) (before noun) de (los) peso(s) ligero(s)
    • Henry Armstrong held world titles at featherweight, lightweight and welterweight simultaneously and won 150 fights.
    • The merciless street-fighter known as the ‘fists of stone’ went on to win world titles at lightweight, welterweight and light middleweight.
    • The Worlds allow one entrant per division per country, while the World Games are one men's lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight per continent.
    • I think Sanchez may have hit the wall at lightweight like Arguello did at junior welterweight.
    • America has won eight lightweight seven middleweight and eight heavyweight medals - 10 of which are gold.
    • The first two categories of Men's Open, lightweight and middleweight, are won by default.
    • It wasn't as easy as predicted, but the Mexican lightweight backed up his words using quickness and ring savvy to punish and befuddle hometown hero, Gary Balletto.
    • Nor did he wait until the undefeated Freitas moved up to lightweight.
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    (minor figure)
    persona de poco peso femenino
    a literary lightweight un escritor de poco peso / de poca monta
    • Suggesting that Cameron was a political lightweight, Davis's allies insisted that their man ‘can actually put some meat on the bones’.
    • Despite his victory in South Carolina, presidential candidate George W Bush is still something of a political lightweight.
    • Despite his seemingly insurmountable hurdles, by most accounts he is considered a political lightweight.
    • A political lightweight, he lacked the muscle or guile to stand up to opponents in the Treasury who opposed rearmament.
    • It is likely to be a slim volume, more in keeping with its author: a political lightweight.
    • Several non-entities and lightweights lacking administrative acumen and political standing were pitchforked into the office of Chief Minister.
    • The Labor Senators don't come in as a naïve group of political lightweights.
    • Known as a political lightweight, Mori's popularity has slumped after a string of verbal blunders and the resignation of two of his cabinet ministers over scandals.
    • The Prime Minister himself may be a political lightweight in comparison to many of the African leaders with whom he has to deal, but he has the weight of generations of experience behind him.
    • The group is musically the more adventurous, but their lyrics seem a little lightweight compared to the in-yer-face political consciousness of their peers.
    • One shouldn't write him oft as a lightweight formalist, however: with his choice of subject matter, the sculptor clearly aims at some elemental themes.
    • The trumpeter, Fred Mills, is an alumnus of the Canadian Brass, and even he seems determined to add weight to a work often dismissed as lightweight.
    • Following a bout of media bashing, one of Britain's most popular entertainers, Les Dennis, proves he is no lightweight with a knock-out new show, An Evening With.
    • He was always a lightweight in her affections, although the competition with Kathy gave him a great deal more importance than he deserved.
  • 3coloquial

    persona que se emborracha con facilidad (person with low alcohol tolerance)
    I'm a total lightweight me emborracho con nada