There are 2 main translations of like in Spanish

: like1like2


como, prep

Pronunciation /laɪk/ /lʌɪk/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(similar to)

      he was like a father to me fue como un padre para mí
      • I want a hat like this one quiero un sombrero como este
      • I heard a noise like (that of) a woman crying me pareció oír a una mujer llorando
      • there was a sound like a distant explosion se oyó como una explosión a lo lejos
      • she's very like her mother se parece mucho / es muy parecida a su madre
      • that photo isn't like you at all! estás completamente distinta en esa foto
      • what's the food like at the hotel? ¿cómo es la comida en el hotel?
      • what's she like as a teacher? ¿cómo es como profesora?
      • you know what she's like in the mornings! ya sabes cómo es por las mañanas
      • she's always like that siempre es así
      • her name's something like Georgina or Edwina se llama algo así como Georgina o Edwina
      • it cost £20, or something like that costó 20 libras o algo así / o algo por el estilo
      • I've never known anything like it! ¡nunca he visto cosa igual!

    • 1.2(typical of)

      that's not like her: she's normally so punctual es muy raro en ella porque suele ser muy puntual
      • it's not like him to forget ¡qué raro que se le haya olvidado!
      • it's just like you to think of food ¡típico! / ¡cuándo no! ¡tú pensando en comida!

    • 1.3(as well as)

      al igual que
      he, like all his brothers, became a sailor él, al igual que / como todos sus hermanos, se hizo marinero

  • 2

    • 2.1(indicating manner)

      like this/that así
      • hold it like this ¡agárralo así!
      • don't talk to me like that! ¡no me hables así!

    • 2.2(in same way as)

      don't treat me like a child! no me trates como a un niño
      • I love you like my own son te quiero como si fueras mi hijo

    • 2.3(in typical manner)

      like the gentleman he was, he opened the door for me como buen caballero, me abrió la puerta

  • 3

    (such as, for example)
    sports like swimming and badminton deportes como la natación y el badminton
    • don't do anything silly, like running away no vayas a hacer una tontería, como escaparte por ejemplo
    • let's do it soon, like tomorrow hagámoslo pronto, mañana, por ejemplo


  • 1

    (as if)
    she looks like she knows what she's doing parece que / da la impresión de que sabe lo que hace
    • they stared at him like he was crazy se quedaron mirándolo como si estuviera loco
    • it sounds like they've already arrived por lo que se oye, parece que ya han llegado
  • 2

    (as, in same way)
    you don't know him like I do tú no lo conoces como yo
    • I didn't like the idea of it, but the guy was just doing his job, like I was doing mine.
    • The French bounced back really well, like we expected them to as Six Nations champions.
    • When he came in from Saints last season he possibly expected people around him to think like he did.
    • If a side create ten chances in a game like we have been doing you expect to put a few away.
    • Because it is a more traditional style of dancing, we never expected it to take off like it has.
    • If they want to show their art they can do it on canvas and get it into galleries like real artists do.
    • The scene now means there isn't just one way of finding an artist like there used to be.
    • The expedition didn't exactly turn out like I had hoped.
    • Like I said, it's just an idea, but it might be worth thinking about.
    • We expected it to happen like it has for the last few weeks but we've got to be better than that.


  • 1the like

    (similar thing, person)
    I've never seen/heard the like (of this) nunca he visto/oído cosa igual
    • I doubt we shall ever see its/her like again dudo que volvamos a ver otro/otra igual
    • This is not just a movie, it is a cinematic experience the likes of which I have never seen before.
    • You are playing a new breed of football, the likes of which the country has never seen.
    • Hong Kong developers haven't seen the likes of this rental market since 1997.
    • Never before and never since has the world seen the likes of The Beatles.
    • This is a fascinating story - I've never heard the like.
    • The rain teemed down as the summer monsoon dragged on and the locals claimed they hadn't seen the like for years.
    • Another farmer, Mr Vernon Petts, also saw a very spectacular display in the sky, the like of which he had never seen before.


  • 1



  • 1

    this film is nothing like as good as the first esta película no es tan buena como la primera ni mucho menos
    • if it's anything like as cold today … como haga el mismo frío hoy …
    • have you finished? — nothing like ¿has terminado? — ni mucho menos
  • 2 informal

    (used as filler)
    I was only trying to be friendly, like yo solo quería ser amable
    • it was Christmas, like, so we wanted to have some fun era Navidad ¿no? y queríamos divertirnos

There are 2 main translations of like in Spanish

: like1like2


Pronunciation /laɪk/ /lʌɪk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (enjoy, be fond of)
    to like -ing/to + inf
    to like sb -ing/to + inf
    I/we like tennis me/nos gusta el tenis
    • I/we like apples me/nos gustan las manzanas
    • my sister doesn't like cats a mi hermana no le gustan los gatos
    • did you like the film? ¿te gustó la película?
    • I like you me gustas
    • she likes him, but she doesn't love him le resulta simpático pero no lo quiere
    • she likes them tall le gustan (los hombres) altos
    • I'm not liked here aquí no se me quiere
    • I like that one better me gusta más ese
    • I like that one best el que más me gusta es ese
    • how do you like your egg? ¿cómo quieres el huevo?
    • I like my meat rare me gusta la carne poco hecha
    • how do you like my dress? ¿qué te parece mi vestido?
    • how would you like an ice-cream? ¿quieres un helado?
    • orchids like a damp climate las orquídeas prefieren un clima húmedo
    • I don't like it (one little bit) esto no me gusta nada
    • I like it! ¡muy bueno!
    • he wouldn't have liked it if he had lost no le hubiera hecho ninguna gracia perder
    • I like his nerve! ¡qué cara tiene!
    • help yourself to as much as you like or all you like sírvete todo lo que quieras
    • do as / what you like haz lo que quieras / lo que te parezca
    • He was one of those kids who was good looking, clever, good at sport and liked by everybody.
    • I'm liking Craig Ferguson more and more as time goes by.
    • One thing I particularly like about living here is that it's dead quiet at night.
    • I like big events and know how to prepare for and focus on big games and tournaments.
    • What Don likes best about Finley is his eagerness to learn.
    • Like many 11-year-old boys, Daniel likes riding his bike and hanging around with his mates.
    • Marvin likes steak but won't buy one at a restaurant when he can eat one for a fourth of the price at home.
    • And if they like my ideas better than hers, they should vote for me.
    • At the same time, he is reserved and doesn't always like to talk about himself.
    • His fans like to point out his immense natural talent and I agree, he is very talented.
    • For some reason, boys don't like being interviewed.
    • Little wonder that the fans don't like the sound of that.
    • Mr. Richardson said men don't like going to the doctor for a number of reasons.
    • I know I started playing guitar because I didn't like playing the piano.
    • She likes reading, writing, listening to music, and watching movies.
    • If you're not sure what music your daughter likes, consider giving her a store voucher, so she can make her own choice.
    • Like most children of elderly parents, Mike hadn't much liked the thought of finding a care home for his mum.
    • This recipe is guaranteed to please almost anyone who likes chocolate.
    • She is a friendly dog but unlike most very small dogs, she does not like to be picked up.
    • As a manager everyone likes him, respects him and wants him to stay.
    • Peter loved farming, and he liked nothing better than helping out his dad with the cattle.
  • 2

    (in requests, wishes)
    we would just like to say how grateful we are queríamos decirle lo agradecidos que estamos
    • would you like a cup of tea/me to help you? ¿quieres una taza de té/que te ayude?
    • I should like you to have it querría / me gustaría que te lo quedaras
    • I'd like two melons, please (me da) dos melones, por favor
    • However, as I work flat out, it's difficult to find as much time as I'd like for this.
    • He was very special to me and I would like for everybody to know what a wonderful man he was.
    • I have nothing against Mick and would have liked him to stay on as manager until the end of the season.
    • About a month ago, he suddenly said No, he wasn't going to sell it, they could rent it if they liked.
    • It is only for one year initially, but I would like to stay longer as Ivana and I are enjoying it here.
    • They would like to rent for a short time as they have been to see various houses in the last few weeks.
    • ‘What would you like for breakfast?’ Mrs. Roberts asked.
    • I never have time to read all the books I would like to.
    • Were there any areas of research that you had to leave out of the book that you'd have liked to have included?
    • The committee would like a little more help in their efforts to promote sport in the area.
    • He said he would like to go on to university and is considering a future career in accountancy.
    • The US does whatever it likes regardless of what has happened in the past.
    • Mr Dunne is entitled to say what he likes - as is each and every one of us.
    • They are asked to list, in order of preference, six schools they would like their son or daughter to go to.
    • If you don't mind, I'd really like to go home and think about all this for a while.
    • I'd like you to come and meet my parents.
    • Sit down, please; would you like a drink?
    • He would like to work for a club as a promoter and later start his own record label.
    • We now have a granddaughter and we and her parents would like to put some money away for her future.
    • Would you like a cup of tea while you wait?

intransitive verb

  • 1



  • 1

    (sth liked)
    her/his likes and dislikes sus preferencias / gustos
    • Explain anything the babysitter needs to know about your child, such as bedtime or feeding routines, ways to comfort and likes and dislikes.
    • Before getting married, we didn't know each other's likes and dislikes, each other's desires to have or not have children, and each other's desires as to state of residency.
    • Joanne, a dementia nurse, noticed that the most anxious and volatile of her charges became calm and happy when their individual likes and dislikes were noticed and respected.
    • Leigh Fermor had very distinct likes and dislikes.
    • Children's likes and dislikes are a fickle business.
    • The members of the Magistracy reflect our society with their likes, dislikes and general human frailties.
    • I benefited because my husband always came first with me and because my mother-in-law became a good friend in letting me know her son's likes and dislikes.
    • She had ordinary human likes and dislikes and prejudices.
    • The newspaper tries to cater to their likes and dislikes.
    • It is important to listen to our customers to discover their likes and dislikes and then take the necessary steps to deliver on their preferences.
    • I believe our likes and dislikes are imprinted in our minds from childhood, probably through our formative experience with our parents.
    • We all have our likes and dislikes as to what we consider attractive, beautiful, sexy, ugly etc.
    • These likes and dislikes become the building blocks of some of our most important relationships.
    • Karadjov has never imposed his musical likes or dislikes on his children.
    • While you can address each other's irritating habits, you can't change each other's likes and dislikes.
    • He did confirm that they create a personal profile of all their guests before they arrive, detailing their likes and dislikes.
    • As my family and Amy will be happy to point out, not only do I enjoy my food, but I have particularly strong likes and dislikes.
    • She knew all her clients dietary likes and dislikes and each meal was cooked specially for their tastes.
    • Hence the importance of childhood, the trial period when we discover our personal likes and dislikes.
    • As fate would have it, they keep running into each other at various places, also finding out that some of their interests and likes are similar.