Translation of likely in Spanish:


probable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪkli/ /ˈlʌɪkli/

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adjective likelier, likeliest

  • 1

    (outcome/winner) probable
    to be likely to + inf
    she's a likely choice tiene muchas posibilidades de que la elijan
    • I prepared for the most likely questions preparé las preguntas que era más probable que me hicieran
    • rain is likely es posible / probable que llueva
    • how likely is it that they'll come? ¿qué probabilidades hay de que vengan?
    • It is likely that many Australian homes do not even have a Bible, and those that do, leave it unread.
    • If the legs move at each strain it is likely that the cow will calve without too much trouble.
    • We are still finalising the design but it is likely that these specific premises will be affected.
    • It is likely that the unit will be based in their new control trailer, which is due to be completed next month.
    • If the London bid fails then it is likely that a decision on an alternative host city will be made by next spring.
    • It is likely that most of the conspirators had details of the plot drip-fed to them as the need arose.
    • It is likely that any sanctions will be limited to travel bans and freezing of overseas accounts.
    • A pathologist said it was likely that the boy had the condition for several days.
    • It is likely that the various schemes would be paid for with a mix of public cash and private investment.
    • An committee spokeswoman said it was likely that the York office would be closed by the end of the year.
    • In the event of a pandemic, it is likely that only infected people will be given the antivirals.
    • All being well, it is likely that we'll see Hedgehunter back to challenge next year.
    • It is likely that O'Hara will be the only member of that side selected for Walker Cup duty.
    • It is likely that many staff are already helping disabled customers as a matter of course.
    • In that event it is likely that our own government will commit British troops in support.
    • Priest's conclusion was that it was likely that the metal was present in the food chain.
    • It is likely that only some of our sample will agree to participate in the research.
    • If there were fewer drug addicts, it is likely that there would be fewer criminal offences.
    • It is likely that the coverage achieved in other surveillance systems is similar or lower.
    • It is likely that there are other chaperones that function in a similar manner.
  • 2

    she's the most likely applicant es la candidata con más posibilidades
    • here's a likely-looking customer aquí viene un posible cliente
    • this is a likely place to find a telephone aquí tiene que haber un teléfono


  • 1

    maybe she's gone out — quite likely/more than likely quizás haya salido — es lo más probable/con seguridad
    • By the laws of probability, the culprit was most likely an obnoxious American tourist.
    • I explained it was most likely the blonde hair making my skin colour look different in contrast.
    • The case for affirmative action in Bermuda has likely been set back by years.
    • Now, it seems increasingly likely that you will soon topple sideways off the sofa arm and into the bin.
    • More than likely they'll do this via the telecommunications grid through a phone socket.
    • Quite likely you'll end up with a broken arm, and at your age it will be a nasty break indeed.
    • Even if moving toward songwriting made it more likely I could cross over to the mainstream.
    • On overseas pitches he has at times been the only Indian likely to get any wickets at all.
    • We thought, if we could get just one wall, it was likely we'd be able to hold on to it.
    • She thanked her supporters for running a "gentlemanly" campaign, but, she said, taking the high road on the campaign trail likely cost her votes.