Translation of likeness in Spanish:


parecido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪknəs/ /ˈlʌɪknəs/

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  • 1

    parecido masculine
    semejanza feminine
    there is a certain likeness between them tienen un cierto parecido / una cierta semejanza
    • a family likeness un aire de familia
    • Thus, in addition to their likeness to executives with options packages, pundits also closely resemble mutual fund managers, and the people who invest with them.
    • Parental love is motivated by the child's intimate affinity and likeness to her.
    • Perhaps Neruda's most endearing quality, aside from his self-professed likeness to a tapir, was his respect for poetry as an occupation.
    • It's odd though to be in a building with all of those faces, who for some reason or another have left their mark, who have become iconic enough for postcards of their likeness to be peddled to tourists.
    • Apart from the apparent likeness to Harrison, who lost his battle with cancer in 2001, Nick feels his voice also bears a striking similarity to the late musician.
    • Hence the name ‘crane's bill ’, so-called because of the plant's likeness to the bird's long, slender beak.
    • You too can add your face to the crowd by submitting your sketched likeness to the ever-growing collection.
    • Reportedly, her look is especially popular among Asian businessmen, who are eager to use her likeness to advertise their products.
    • And although I don't see it myself, his likeness to the real thing is said to be so striking that he once stood in for the golfer in an American Express advert.
    • Gerry is philosophical about his legendary likeness to the wayward footy genius Bestie, which is a constant source of amusement to drinkers in Skelton.
    • That the portraits of Beethoven did not bear much likeness to the composer could be deemed a deliberate transgression.
    • Disappointingly, even though you can at times detect a family likeness to its genius predecessors, The IT Crowd's opening gambit suggests it could be the runt of the litter.
    • He might also be seen as an Incubus: the scene in the bedroom before Cathy's death seems to replace Linton's baby with one much closer in likeness to Heathcliff.
    • The songs themselves are fairly indistinguishable, aside from a few key drum fills and guitar parts, but ultimately, their likeness to each other is a good thing.
    • But according to your method of reasoning, these difficulties become all real; and perhaps will be insisted on, as new instances of likeness to human art and contrivance.
    • I said something about mind games, and he disowned any likeness to another guy that had made me think he was interested in me when he was just looking for a make-out buddy.
    • Every house was unique, but had the same likeness to it.
    • Deleuze maintains that the father's punishing superego and genital sexuality are symbolically punished in the son, who must expiate his likeness to the father.
    • Judging from the past, we may safely infer that not one living species will transmit its unaltered likeness to a distant futurity.
    • She grinned involuntarily, amused by his likeness to her high school maths teacher.
  • 2

    (referring to a portrait)
    it's a good likeness es un buen retrato
    • this isn't a good likeness of you esta no pareces tú
    • to draw/take sb's likeness hacerle un retrato a algn