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limitado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈlɪmədəd/ /ˈlɪmɪtɪd/

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    (number/space) limitado
    (number/space) restringido
    (knowledge/experience/scope) limitado
    he understands only to a limited extent/degree lo entiende solo hasta cierto punto/en cierta medida
    • my time is limited, so I'll be brief no dispongo de mucho tiempo, así que seré breve
    • he's a bit limited as an actor como actor es algo limitado
    • this law is very limited in its application esta ley tiene una aplicación muy limitada
    • However, this suggests that the finite population effect is limited to small population sizes.
    • The downside of this small size was the limited amount of tape inside the cartridge.
    • There is a limited amount of special effects as this is mostly a conversation/music driven film.
    • Because the movement of floaters is not restricted, local population size is effectively not limited.
    • A handful of drug companies have offered to donate some drugs for a fixed period or to discount to a limited extent.
    • No doubt he is right, although perhaps its value to the plaintiff is slightly more limited than Mr Short appeared to acknowledge.
    • Typically, such employees would be restricted for a limited period from soliciting the business of established clients of the company.
    • But that can only be for a limited amount of time, and that also goes on these issues for immunity certainly.
    • With the limited amount of possession Ireland gained during the first hour they found it virtually impossible to break the gain line.
    • Hodson chose to analyse just books, rather than articles, because of the limited amount of information that can usually be included in the latter.
    • Using a limited amount of space, an artist creates a visual to convey the music inside, which not only has to sell the album but the image of the band as well.
    • Rents remained high in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore where there was a limited amount of retail space available, it said.
    • The lack of close places to visit, the limited distractions and the short journeys around town pay time back into the family account.
    • Due to the limited amount of space available, a selection process will decide who will be allowed exhibit at the Chamber stand.
    • Due to the limited amount of bread available, the bakery refuses to sell more than 20 loaves of bread to each customer.
    • It said that the changes in the prefixes of the mobile operators were necessary to increase the limited amount of phone numbers.
    • The fund invests in companies that are expanding or restructuring and to a limited extent in start-up companies.
    • There will be a limited amount of mechanisation - currently everything is done by hand, including sticking on labels.
    • While arena polo follows the same basic principles of the outdoor game, it requires a different strategy due to the limited amount of space.
    • These hotels are good for driving trips where you only plan to spend a limited amount of time and then hit the road again.
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    (liability) limitado
    limited (liability) company sociedad de responsabilidad limitada
    • public limited company sociedad anónima
    • The title to the Property will remain in the name of Sealark Pty Limited.
    • On 31 July 1995 Kings changed its name to Haward Agriculture Limited.
    • Metro is part of Metcash Trading Limited and Friendly Grocer is the franchise arm of the group.
    • J Barrie Limited prior to October 1998 only had a very small turnover.
    • Hall and Partners Contracts Management Limited was designated as the Employer's Agent.
    • This particular brand is made by Thomas Symington & Co Limited, of Sisson Road, Gloucester in the south of England.
    • Cash to pay for the Commercial Road project has come from private developers Berkeley Breamore Limited.
    • I understand that Shaun works for Leat Limited.
    • Kalcrest Limited, currently based at the Fieldhead Business Centre, plans to move to Eldon Place in September.
    • Allen Build Limited and find I am in this instance bound by the decision therein.
    • Charlotte worked for Domnus Ventilation Limited in Saffron Walden.
    • The Corporation of the Village of Bobcaygeon, Jack Phelps, Springbank Homes Limited, Dewhurst Bros.
    • Aside from the Heineken Cup, European Rugby Cup Limited also runs the European Challenge Cup and the Parker Pen Shield.
    • Castrol Limited have come forward to sponsor this cricket extravaganza.
    • Notice has been given of the Annual General Meeting of Connacht Gold Co-operative Society Limited.
    • The tender for Portarlington Playground has been awarded to Street Play Leisure Limited from Wexford.
    • Now Mr Falloon is a former Chief Executive of Kerry Packer's Publishing and Broadcasting Limited.
    • Justice McHugh said this in News Limited and one of the recent cases.
    • The wine gala dinner on the 28th will be co-sponsored by Ambrose Wines Limited.
    • She is the Group Editorial Development Manager for News Limited.