Translation of limited partner in Spanish:

limited partner

socio comanditario, n.


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    socio comanditario masculine
    • In a limited partnership, the limited partner is liable only to the extent of the money he has invested.
    • Another key benefit of the limited partnership, aside from the diminished liability of the limited partners and freedom of the general partner, is that it pays no income tax.
    • The accountant should have verified that the information, or evidence of wrongdoing was correct, and insisted that the general partners notify the limited partners of the excess management fees.
    • In recent years, this type of tax planning has been curtailed by ensuring that the capital allowances obtainable by a limited partner, or passive partner may not exceed his investment.
    • Its members, which include general partners, limited partners, and associates, manage more than $4 billion in assets.
    • He's far from the only general partner to treat limited partners as something subhuman.
    • Up-front research is critical in determining a profitable return on investment since it is customary that a fund's limited partners don't weigh heavily on investment decisions once capital is committed.
    • There will be funds who will return money to their limited partners without having invested it.
    • The limited partners are only liable to the extent of the assets they've contributed.
    • The limited partner interests owned by the family members are undesirable to creditors because creditors are typically prohibited from being admitted to the partnership as limited partners.
    • Private equity funds are essentially partnerships, and by investing in them, the endowments become limited partners.
    • To do the deal, the winner may have to buy out some of the team's limited partners.
    • A corporate person may be a general partner or a limited partner.
    • A limited partner in a horse venture cannot be a material participant.
    • They have raised their funds by telling their limited partners what they intend to invest in.
    • I had called one of my limited partners to explain my departure from the fund.
    • The children, in contrast, are usually designated limited partners with no voice.
    • The forum assembles a powerful delegation of limited partners, private equity investors and industrial leaders from around the world.
    • Defensive lineman Ray Childress is now a limited partner in the Texans' ownership group.
    • The limited partner is only liable for the amount that he has agreed, by contract, to pay to the partnership.