Translation of limitless in Spanish:


ilimitado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪmɪtləs/

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  • 1

    sin límites
    • If you must seclude yourself, we beg you to spend the time alone honing your eye for the universe's limitless possibilities.
    • The possibilities were limitless with theatre, but it required hard work, discipline.
    • There's a whole world out there, waiting for you to explore, and the possibilities are almost limitless.
    • There was a time when the future seemed to be full of limitless possibilities.
    • These new freedoms are entrancing, these limitless possibilities seem so innocent.
    • Trends in the workforce and in the media create a sense of limitless romantic possibility.
    • Staten was later to find out that within the limits of daily withdrawals it offered the possibility of near limitless funds.
    • It is through the human body that one can explore one's limitless spiritual possibilities.
    • The possibilities this enthusiasm engenders are next to limitless.
    • For those who like to have all the details planned out in advance, log on for limitless bargains.
    • However, criss-crossed as it is by mountain ranges, Afghanistan provides limitless hideouts.
    • Friends whose caring and helpfulness seem limitless now that I'm suffering from cancer.
    • To begin with, the objective of liberal democracy is not limitless freedom.
    • The family seem to have limitless energy for campaigning, and are prepared to use shock tactics to get their message across.
    • Because the resources are not limitless, it is crucial to explore sources of additional funding.
    • Recently, however, his almost limitless powers have come under attack.
    • Even his apparently limitless supply of inner motivation must hit a boredom threshold at some point in the distant future.
    • He said the system could analyse an almost limitless amount of information.
    • The benefits to humanity from greater knowledge about the evolution and biology of plant life are almost limitless.
    • This large contribution is in itself a testimony to the limitless generosity of our people.