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línea, n.

Pronunciation /laɪn/ /lʌɪn/

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      (mark, trace) línea feminine
      (mark, trace) raya feminine
      Mathematics recta feminine
      can you walk a straight line? ¿puedes caminar en línea recta?
      • to draw a line trazar una línea
      • to put / draw a line through sth tachar algo
      • to sign on the dotted line firmar en la línea punteada / de puntos
      • Put your measuring tape on the floor, mark a line at 15 in then mark a line at 40 in.
      • The red line drawn on the ground in the Mitte District marks where the wall stood.
      • I huddled close to Mark, seeing the line of orange light on the carpet where the thick curtains didn't meet properly.
      • The cars thinned out, leaving only white lines marking vacant spaces.
      • Also strange, wavy lines called shadow bands can be seen on the Earth's surface.
      • In the distance, just above the line where the ocean met the sky, a flash of lighting appeared, followed shortly by a crash of thunder.
      • Lowering his quill once more, the ink trailed in a continuous line, curving and twisting on the paper.
      • He also crossed no overtaking lines near a railway crossing and went through a red light.
      • Black and colored lines delineated triangular planes of color that made up a succession of cubistic forms.
      • On the wall were eight strange symbols, all arranged in a circle, with lines connecting them.
      • She released him and he rubbed his arm, five lines of blood appearing where her nails had been.
      • I arrived there late in the evening just as the smoke from the village fires was forming a perfect horizontal line above the fields.
      • In most cases, the beaded patterns of these skirts consist of vertical or broken lines arranged in parallel rows.
      • Go is played on a board divided into a grid constructed by 19 horizontal and 19 vertical lines.
      • I type out some words and they don't even look right - the letters seem to just appear in front of me as so many meaningless horizontal and vertical lines.
      • The beauty of its composition would be destroyed, he said, if one were to move any of the vertical or horizontal black lines just a millimetre or two.
      • Double yellow lines indicate parking is restricted at all times, while single lines apply only at times indicated.
      • Working quickly, drizzle chocolate in a thin stream over the biscuits to form a series of fine striped lines on top of each one.
      • Below me, the wind has whipped the water into a series of white parallel lines as it roars in towards the mainland.
      • He paused, his brows furrowing and his lips going into a thin line before he spoke again.

    • 1.2(on face, palm)

      línea feminine
      (wrinkle) arruga feminine
      • Although the effects of laser resurfacing can last for years, wrinkles and expression lines recur as skin ages.
      • Skin damage, including lines and wrinkles, can actually start showing up in your 20s.
      • His hair is graying already, he has grey stubble on his chin, wrinkles, laugh lines, and crows feet.
      • The camera focuses on the wrinkled laughter lines around the man's eyes.
      • Proteins help strengthen and increase the thickness of the skin, making it less prone to fine lines and wrinkles.
      • The oxygen and nutrient deficiencies caused by too much smoking result in premature lines on the skin and a loss of natural elasticity.
      • We use lasers to treat blemishes, thread veins, remove tattoos, and carry out skin resurfacing to remove lines.
      • Inherited patterns of ageing begin to show in our thirties and fine lines and wrinkles may start to appear.
      • The effects on wrinkles such as the frown line, forehead creases and crow's feet last for four to six months.
      • Dehydration leads to dry skin, lines and premature ageing.
      • However, the flower's oil contains a unique ingredient which can reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face by up to 30%.
      • Age creeps up on all of us, from the first delicate lines spidering around our eyes in our twenties to the heavier frown lines and crow's feet of middle age.
      • Chemical peels smooth out rough skin and minimize fine lines.
      • The topical application of specific peptides helps soften lines and wrinkles around your mouth, eyes and forehead.
      • I had six injections in the area from the bridge of my nose to my forehead to take out the frown lines between my brows, and two at the corners of my eyes where my laughter lines are deepest.
      • The injection works by temporarily paralysing the muscles around the forehead, eyes and brow that make wrinkles and lines in the face as people age.
      • She smiles and even giggles constantly, and her otherwise flawless creamy complexion is delicately etched with laughter lines.
      • She looked virtually the same as when I'd last seen her, though perhaps a closer vantage point would have let me see more wrinkles and lines.
      • She was quite old, judging by the wrinkles and lines on her face and the gray in her hair.
      • Her hair, tied at the back with a pencil, is flecked with the odd strand of grey and, of course, there are lines on her face.

    • 1.3(of cocaine)

      raya feminine
      línea feminine
      • Now, I have the odd pint and maybe the odd line of cocaine on a special occasion.
      • He told police that he had snorted two lines of cocaine that evening, December 11 last year, but claimed the drug had no effect.
      • He also told the jury he had had four lines of cocaine and ten pints of lager that evening.
      • A line of cocaine is now cheaper than many high-street cups of coffee.
      • Leeds Crown Court heard all three were drinking before the attack while Johnston had also snorted four lines of cocaine.
      • Richard cut up the cocaine into two lines with a bank card he took from his wallet.
      • If potheads are entitled to their drug of choice, why not those who prefer a line of Charlie?
      • He said that on one occasion the couple had been heard having an argument about which of them would chop lines of cocaine or feed their dog.
      • He bent his head back to the powder and inhaled the line through the straw.
      • She would be there doing heroin and I started off by just having a line on the foil.
      • They'd laid out little lines of the white powder on a mirror.
      • The rest of the band snorted lines, but Mick stayed back with a drink.

  • 2

    • 2.1(boundary, border)

      línea feminine
      the county/state line (la línea de) la frontera del condado/estado
      • to cross / pass the Line cruzar el Ecuador / la línea ecuatorial
      • the dividing line la línea divisoria
      • The communications revolution has blurred traditional class lines.
      • A lot has been made over the last couple of years of the lines being blurred between news and entertainment.
      • In southern Louisiana, a fierce love of place cuts across lines of class and religion.
      • The major policy issues of any modem presidency cut across all those old boundary lines.
      • In the sponsorship of the arts there is a fine line between class and crass.
      • Mr Owen applied for planning permission to erect a wooden fence and a shed on the boundary line.
      • A number of audience members are seated at tables on stage further blurring the lines between the performers and the audience.
      • We have all been guilty of it: blurring the lines between reality and fiction.
      • There are growing divisions along racial, religious and class lines.
      • Support of educational reform, or any sort of reform, must cut across party, political and class lines.
      • The acts are intended to blur the lines between the audience and the performers.
      • The company insist that their experiments are not in any way intended to blur the lines between human and animal.
      • Teachers earn less than 100 dollars a month; rural workers live below the line of extreme poverty; public universities are forced to fight each other over reduced resources.
      • Of course the line between research and its implementation is a fine one.
      • He has blurred the thin line that separates an actor from a director/writer.
      • What was probably intended as tragedy, came across as cheap exploitative television, blurring the lines between fiction and fact.
      • The line between television drama and film is blurred even more here.
      • Experienced editors can tell when a reporter crosses the line and becomes an advocate.
      • It has sparked debate in the US over whether the highly patriotic tone crossed the line into jingoism.
      • Supporters are divided along political lines, even within single clubs.

    • 2.2Sport

      línea feminine
      twenty-two meter line línea de los veintidós metros
      • line judge juez de línea
      • line fault falta de línea
      • he disputed the line call protestó contra la decisión del juez de línea

    • 2.3(contour)

      línea feminine
      the clean lines of the new design la pureza de líneas del nuevo diseño
      • Smooth sensual lines and bold designs feature in a combination of glazed and matt finishes for a stylish contemporary result.
      • This urban contemporary collection keeps things in perspective with simple forms, clean lines and subtle shapes.
      • Classics are styles that have been popular for years because of their clean lines and utilitarian features.
      • Only the clean lines of the stage design serve to evoke the starkness of the northern landscape.
      • A white china sink and ceramic hob complement the crisp clean lines.
      • The crisp lines and stylish designs of a Brooks Brothers suit are always totally appropriate for the times.
      • The clean lines and the simple shapes are compelling in their quiet beauty and grace.
      • I also discovered the Cinema Impero with its clean, geometric lines and porthole windows.
      • Her rings, necklaces and cufflinks combine clean, modern lines with an array of glowing colours.
      • Cattrell wants us to feel the landscape: its surreal contours, unnatural lines and hidden secrets.
      • The magnificent master bedroom is elegantly curved in shape, has clean sweeping lines and luxurious en-suite facilities.
      • A BMW's design is classic and timeless, with clean, sleek lines and distinct details.
      • The lines are crisp; colors are bold and vibrant without being oversaturated.
      • Her designs have elegant lines and show a strong contrast of materials, for example, the combination of leather and lace.
      • The brilliant color and vivid lines of the work of Avi Ben-Simhon evoke a feeling of joy and happiness.
      • His face was elegant, the graceful lines of his features nearly too perfect.
      • Its chunky industrial design is in sharp contrast to the bike's clean lines.
      • Evergreen plants have been used for centuries to mark out the lines of a garden.
      • Natural, free-flowing lines and materials showing strength and force characterize Chen's work.
      • Simple lines and soft tones combine to produce a minimalist decor which doesn't suffer from coldness or lack of personality.
      • We set off eastwards along the valley following the line of the mountains.
      • The house was built in 1925, and it is part Mediterranean villa, part palazzo, with modern lines and open spaces.

  • 3

    • 3.1(cable, rope)

      cuerda feminine
      clothes line cuerda (de tender la ropa)
      • washing line cuerda (de tender la ropa)
      • fishing line sedal
      • I seem to remember reading something about a study that showed a definite link between high voltage lines and increased cancer risk.
      • He said that whatever electricity lines came from the sub-station would be carried on wooden poles.
      • Their primary concern is the potential health risks associated with high voltage overhead lines.
      • Most of the breakdowns happened because of power outages caused by salt spray on electricity lines or because of wind damage.
      • High-voltage lines are typically made of aluminum wire wrapped around a steel cable.
      • Homes in south Wiltshire were left without power after electricity lines were brought down in gale-force winds last week.
      • All the electricity lines had to go underground and streets were widened.
      • Before the fire started electricity lines leading to the pub had been sparking.
      • New office and home construction is under way, electrical lines are being strung, and roads are being paved.
      • Electricity lines are down and the water supply is contaminated.
      • All anglers need be aware of the dangers involved when fishing near electricity lines in order to minimise the risk of accidents.
      • It ripped up trees and downed electricity lines, but no casualties were reported.
      • That has meant many of the electricity lines are running very close to their limits.
      • The life-saving crew was promptly on hand, and in a very short time had succeeded in getting a line on board.
      • However, disaster was averted with the arrival of the rescue boat, which managed to get a line on board the stricken vessel and was able to tow it to safety.
      • I watered the garden and hung washing on the line.
      • The bigger fish would come biting on the line and it was my job to try and reel them in.
      • In winter I washed my clothes and put them on the line to dry and they got so stiff, I was shocked.
      • Harris had become so weak that he could not reach a rescue line that landed in the water two feet away from him.
      • Motorists watched in amazement as a 30 ft fountain of water caused an explosion on the electricity lines above a railway track.

    • 3.2Telecommunications

      línea feminine
      the lines are down no hay línea
      • there's a call for you on line one tiene una llamada en la línea uno
      • it's your father on the line su padre al teléfono
      • there's some interference on the line hay interferencia en la línea
      • hold the line, please no cuelgue, por favor
      • it's a very bad line se oye muy mal
      • we have a direct line to the police station tenemos línea directa con la comisaría

  • 4

    • 4.1(company, service)

      línea feminine
      shipping line línea de transportes marítimos
      • Already, the major shipping lines want to reduce the number of calls made to ports in north-west Europe.
      • All the major lines offer a number of routes and cruise itineraries for the Caribbean.
      • Yes, there is life even after retirement with plenty of openings in ship building industry and shipping lines.
      • As a result, shipping lines may have no alternative but to cut services.
      • Your magazine has been of great value to me in selecting vacation destinations, cruise lines, and ships.
      • Scottish shipping lines did well out of the migration, taking Jews to the east of Scotland and then on across the Atlantic from the Clyde.
      • One more refuge from the office phone calls looks set to disappear soon, as cruise lines fit antennas to ships so that mobile phones work at sea.
      • The cruise lines like big ships because they're more profitable, carry more passengers and require less crew.
      • The choice of cruise lines and cruise ships is pretty bewildering.
      • The fishing interests were sold, and the shipping line split into a separate company that may be floated in two years.
      • In the 1880s the MS&LR's fleet was replaced and other shipping lines were attracted.
      • By 1914 it had become one of the most innovative shipping lines in the world, and dominated the Southern Hemisphere.
      • Local shipping lines currently account for only 5.4 percent of the shipment of goods into and out of the country.
      • The decline in container volume was mainly due to the loss of a contract for the shipping line ANZDL.
      • Choosing the right cruise line and cruise itinerary can be somewhat of a challenge.
      • The odd thing about being an executive chef for a posh cruise line is you spend more time on planes than boats.
      • They are the only operator of these ultra-large ships, although other lines have them on order.

    • 4.2Railways

      línea feminine
      (track) vía feminine British
      • He then managed to find a hole in the fence by the railway line and ran onto the tracks.
      • Residents in Station Road are angry that trees have been chopped down to prevent leaves falling on to the railway line.
      • Last week in South Yorkshire a metal pole was placed on a railway line which pierced the underneath of a passenger carriage.
      • The lorry cab came to rest on the railway line, where a freight train then ploughed into it, pushing it down the track.
      • It's not only children that trespass on railway lines.
      • Increasingly high-profile and hard-hitting campaigns have been aimed at keeping children away from railway lines.
      • Children playing on the railway lines risk electrocution or being hit by a train while vandalism costs millions every year
      • In recent years, most steel rails from abandoned lines have been sold to China, he said.
      • Police have put out a summer holiday alert after youngsters were seen dicing with death on railway lines near York.
      • Around the country train services were hit as workers blockaded railway lines.
      • Many of these trees are found alongside the many railway lines which cross the borough.
      • A new footbridge on the A1036 will take pedestrians over the railway line.
      • Transport police have released a description of a teenager found dead on a railway line in Kearsley in an attempt to identify him.
      • The animal was released back into the wild at the Leeds and Liverpool canal in Ince near the spot on the railway line where he was found.
      • Reports of a youth on the line at a level crossing yesterday sparked an alert on the railways.
      • Railroad officials dismantled the line and removed all vestiges of the iron rails.
      • Rail passengers and a van driver had an amazing escape after his vehicle crashed on to the main Colchester to London line.
      • They laid down 60,000 kilometres of railway lines almost a century back.
      • The operation was aimed specifically at restoration of damaged infrastructure such as roads, bridges and railway lines.
      • The danger for fire fighters was that they could not use water on the blaze because the line was electrified.
      • Visions of a metro system, light railways, reopened suburban lines and new tram links have been held out in front of us.
      • Other than the expressway, two dedicated railway lines have been planned to connect Bangalore to Devanahalli.
      • I'm now sat on the train from London to Braintree, a town at the end of a branch line off the main capital to coast route.
      • The strike paralysed the underground system as all lines were affected by cancellations.
      • CIÉ had drawn up plans to close a number of railway lines late last year and suspend some freight services as part of a drive to cut costs.
      • Even now it is not too late to link the railway lines in and around the city, including the far suburbs, and provide a safe public transport system.
      • The minister said he would not preside over the closure of any railway lines.
      • After the service began in 1984, property values rose all along the line from Howth to Bray and under-used sites were developed for apartments or offices.
      • Meanwhile a public notice alerted the public to a meeting to raise interest in extending the railway line to Kettlewell.
      • It was suggested that up to 65,000 passengers could be using the railway if the line ran from Pickering to Whitby.
      • It was the opening of a railway line in 1945 which facilitated this business opportunity.
      • Bradford has for too long languished at the end of two dead-end railway lines and one dead-end motorway.
      • There was flooding of the Leeds-Carlisle and York-Darlington railway lines.
      • Friday night saw long tailbacks on motorways as drivers took to the road and a weekend of engineering works on a number of key railway lines began.
      • Both main railway lines between Scotland and England were shut after severe weather lashed the north of the country on Friday.
      • I fail to see how a signal failure that far down the line can have an effect as far back as White City.
      • Retime one train and you could mess up connections at half a dozen stations further down the line.
      • The coastal railway line runs parallel to the sea and a large area near the track is railway reservation land.
      • Trains on the Hull-Scarborough line regularly rumble past their doors, but there is no stop within easy reach.
      • The closest train station, the Telecom Center Station, is on the Yurikamome Line.

  • 5

    • 5.1(path, direction)

      línea feminine
      line of retreat línea de retirada
      • supply lines líneas de suministro
      • Contemporary opponents of liberalism prefer indirect lines of attack.
      • Sometimes the various lines of attack become crossed.
      • We'll have to wait and see what the reasons are but there are essentially two overlapping lines of attack.
      • My first line of attack would have to be improving the management of the country's security services.
      • For most campaigners, the line of attack is education, education and more education.
      • It allowed the Germans to concentrate against the expected line of attack.
      • Well, since it's a legitimate line of attack, I think we should explore it a little further.
      • Smoke alarms are the first line of defence against fire and international research indicates that a working smoke alarm reduces the risk of death in a fire by nearly 50%.
      • The Public Health Unit director said an annual vaccination was the best line of defence against the flu.

    • 5.2(attitude, policy)

      postura feminine
      línea feminine
      the official line is that … la postura / línea oficial es que …
      • she takes the line that … su actitud es que …
      • the party line la línea del partido
      • The senior civil servants are expected to brief their departmental ministers according to the agreed line.
      • Under his tenure its political line has been marked by a further shift to the right.
      • The SNP is giving its MSPs a free vote on this, not least because it has yet to establish a common line.
      • EU governments were expected to agree a common line on the issue at a meeting in Belgium this weekend, he said.
      • Do you think that the High Court's line on this issue is, at the end of the day, a sensible one?
      • He would like to see the courts taking a tougher line with young troublemakers.
      • He took a libertarian line on drug supply, but had rather stern views on consumption.
      • A foreign ministry spokeswoman insisted the government was taking a firm line on corruption.
      • This Government has been prepared to take a tough line on crime and sentencing.

    • 5.3(method, style)

      line of argument argumento
      • we're thinking along similar lines pensamos de la misma manera
      • on American lines a la manera americana

  • 6

    • 6.1

      (row) fila feminine
      (row) hilera feminine
      (queue) cola feminine US
      a line of cars una fila / hilera de coches
      • police stood in a line blocking the street un cordón de policías bloqueó la calle
      • to wait in line hacer cola
      • to get in line ponerse en la cola
      • We see long lines of traffic on single lanes leading up to roundabouts when common sense dictates that an extra lane should have been put in from day one.
      • Long lines of blood donors queued up outside area hospitals.
      • By the time the doors opened, more than 100 people had queued, in a line stretching back to Peasholme Green.
      • A line of uniformed police proceeded through the crowds.
      • A car went into a line of parked vehicles on Clacton seafront causing tens of thousands of pounds of damage.
      • The Vauxhall, travelling towards Bath, was overtaking a line of stationary vehicles looking to turn right.
      • A seemingly endless line of petrol tankers cruises along the road, their drivers smiling at us as we speed by.
      • Mountains are a focal point of the scenery, of course, and a line of Munros divides Glen Etive from Glen Kinglass.
      • A ditch and a line of trees ran along the edge of the playing fields.
      • His blue Peugeot car had been overtaking a line of traffic when it turned a corner, clipped a kerb and went out of control
      • The taxis were standing in a line, one behind the other.
      • A woman in the line ahead of me kept up a running commentary on whether to have a soda or a soft ice - cream, but when she finally reached the counter there was no soft ice cream left.
      • At the American supermarket I learnt that we must join the line, not the queue.
      • It took me less than 15 minutes yesterday to fill the car with gasoline as there were only 11 vehicles waiting in the line ahead of me.
      • Standing in the line ahead of me was Rob, hopping from foot to foot, clutching at a delivery slip.
      • The women set all the food out on the picnic tables and soon a line formed as people got their food..
      • The coffee shop was crowded now but he pushed his way to the front of the line at the counter.
      • I enter the post office and take my place at the back of the line that stretches from the counter all the way through the large room, out the door, and into the lobby area.
      • In other parts of the world, the book is already available, and the lines out front of bookstores are staggering.
      • We do pay-per-view at seven in the morning in pubs, and we get lines out the door.
      • I've seen lines out the door for people waiting to check in to the hotel.
      • It was also the fastest moving line I have every been in at the airport.
      • International connections were impossible also and long lines formed at pay phones.
      • You name what you want, buy the coupons, and then join the line before the serving counters.
      • Caitlin raced into an immigration line, grabbing her half finished card.
      • Panhandlers and street sleepers proliferate in New York, and soup kitchen lines have become noticeably longer.
      • The man who'd been ahead of them in the line ended up sitting five or six people away.
      • More tired and thirsty than they had ever been, Kada and Sead finally reached the front of the line, ready to scramble aboard a bus.
      • But the jobs we are talking about, there are not long lines of Americans ready to take them.
      • Have you ever seen a leader standing in a line to purchase train tickets or paying his personal bills?
      see also online

    • 6.2(succession)

      the title passes through the female line el título se transmite por línea materna
      • his line goes back to … su linaje se remonta hasta …
      • he's the latest in a long line of radical leaders es el último de una larga serie de dirigentes radicales
      • a long line of disasters una larga serie de desastres

  • 7production line

    cadena de producción feminine
    línea de producción feminine
    (production) (before noun) en cadena
    (production) (before noun) en línea
  • 8

    línea feminine
    • The United States had no unit dedicated to the resupply of forces behind enemy lines.
    • He began to recruit, train and insert agents who would gather intelligence behind enemy lines.
    • When asked about the prospect of being shot down behind enemy lines, Breen remembers the optimism of youth.
    • It's the first time details of SAS missions behind enemy lines have been revealed.
    • As defeat stared him in the face he ordered his cavalry to cut their way through the enemy lines and escape to Plymouth.
    • Therefore, sending him to operate covertly behind enemy lines was a tremendous risk for the regime.
    • They were to get behind enemy lines and act as scouts and gather intelligence to feed back to British military headquarters.
    • Now aged 80 and living in Britain, he is giving today's young people a fascinating glimpse of life behind enemy lines.
    • When an agent is caught behind enemy lines, they must fend for themselves.
    • As a U.S. Marine, Tom Arnold learned how to gather information behind enemy lines.
    • Caught behind enemy lines, they sought refuge in the village of Villeret, near Saint Quentin.
    • The best journalistic despatches always come from behind enemy lines.
    • During the retreat a guerrilla resistance force was organized to conduct sabotage, operating behind enemy lines.
    • He flew about 20 hazardous missions on board a Hercules aircraft, transporting men and equipment behind enemy lines.
    • Through the night, ammunition was replenished all along the line.
    • Periodical intense bombardments all along the line, any one of which might have been the preliminary to a great offensive, left the Germans doubtful as to where the real blow would fall.
    • Following this exchange, the gunfire died down all along the line.
    • In particular, it is often forgotten that the last 100 days the British were attacking all along the line, and the Germans were in retreat.
    • Toward the end of the first day of the battle, the Rebels overran the Federal lines and were on the verge of victory.
    • In one day, British forces advanced five miles into German lines.
  • 9

    • 9.1

      (of text) línea feminine
      (of text) renglón masculine
      (of poem) verso masculine
      the best line in the movie la mejor frase de la película
      • new line punto y aparte
      • to give sb a line on sth darle una pista de algo a algn
      • to spin / feed / give sb a line soltarle / contarle una bola / un rollo a algn
      • don't give me that line! ¡no me vengas con historias / cuentos!
      • When a young man refused to buy a ticket, the conductor pointed out a couple of lines written in bold letters on the front of the bus.
      • Luxembourg wrote those lines three years before the outbreak of the barbarism that was World War One.
      • Despite years of research, I cannot find a shred of evidence that Emily wrote a single line of Wuthering Heights.
      • On the other hand, she'd still be famous even if she'd never written a line for the stage.
      • Some authors sit down and work out their entire plot in summary form before they write even a line of prose.
      • But explaining all this required more than a few lines of print.
      • Four lines of print at the bottom, stating that survival rates are improving, fail to mitigate the harsh message.
      • He felt a sudden desire to put down on paper the thoughts which were flooding through his mind and wrote these few lines on a back of a scrap of paper he found in the car.
      • I bought a card in the church and wrote a few lines and sent to him.
      • Below is a rough translation of the first few lines of one of the essays, called The Paradox of Western Press Freedom.
      • Vary the paragraph sizes and limit each paragraph to four or five lines max.
      • All that remained of this page was the last line of a hand-written note.
      • I was reminded of the following lines, from Offenbach's operetta Geneviève de Brabant.
      • Because the screens are much smaller, ads are pretty much limited to a small logo and a few lines of text.
      • Doodles and a few lines of text produced by Tracy Emin raised £1,000.
      • It has a larger, 128 x 160 screen, enabling it to display ten lines of text at once.
      • Regarding side effects, most stories included throwaway lines advising that the drug appeared to cause few side effects, none serious.
      • The use of the hyphen to divide words at the ends of lines of text dates from the 14 century.
      • There was a yellow post-it note on the page and a certain line was highlighted.
      • On the final pages of the report, a few lines of fine print acknowledged the sponsors, who provided ‘unrestricted educational grants to enable us to produce the report.’

    • 9.2lines pluralTheatre

      to learn one's lines aprenderse el papel
      • he forgot his lines se olvidó de lo que le tocaba decir
      • If an actor forgot his lines, a special button was pressed to cut off the sound to the viewer.
      • He sees how each scene should look, how the music should feel, how the actors should speak their lines.
      • We have all seen this movie a hundred times and can pretty much speak all the actor's lines from memory.
      • He told his actors to speak their lines as if they were speaking to themselves.
      • There is more to putting on the play than merely learning your lines and standing in a designated position.
      • A good script is worthless unless you have good actors to deliver the lines well.
      • Everyone cringes when an actor flubs his lines or when a skater trips over her toes.
      • As a result, many of the actors scream their lines as if they're on the verge of hysterics.
      • Like an ageing actor he muddled his lines and and missed his cues.
      • Apparently, the series is shot without a script and the cast are given scene outlines and often improvise lines as they go.
      • De France dubs her own lines in the English sections, by the way, and it makes a big difference.
      • They gave her a thick script and told her she had two weeks to learn her lines for the television show.
      • At his cue, Jeremy sprang onto the stage, ready to recite his lines.
      • He was always on time and ready with his lines, if not exactly sober.
      • Here are your scripts, practice your lines and be ready in 2 days.
      • Busy with his own show, he had little time for learning lines and so wrote them on his arm for the opening night.
      • From the evidence of this movie, he may well be the worst actor alive: he speaks his lines as if he only recently learned how to talk.
      • But, the moment she began speaking her lines, everyone was as in awe of her as I had been at auditions.
      • He spoke his lines in English and then had them dubbed by an Indian voiceover actor.
      • His singing and dancing are comparatively weak, and he speaks all of his lines with an undisguised Australian twang.

    • 9.3lines pluralBritish School

      castigo en que el alumno debe escribir cierta frase repetidas veces
      • At school he had to draw pictures instead of doing lines as punishment.
      • His detention turns out to be much more unorthodox than writing a hundred lines.

    • 9.4(note)

      líneas feminine
      just a line to let you know that … unas líneas para decirte que …

  • 10

    • 10.1(area of activity)

      what line are you in? ¿a qué te dedicas?
      • in my line of business en mi trabajo / profesión
      • opera isn't really my line la ópera no es lo mío

    • 10.2(of merchandise)

      línea feminine
      he has a nice line in mother-in-law jokes tiene un buen surtido / repertorio de chistes de suegras
      • Now he hoped to expand his line of products and services by taking advantage of the Web.
      • The company has streamlined its existing product range and launched the new lines after extensive consumer research.
      • It's not surprising, then, that the demand for new products and new lines at Wal-Mart is unending.
      • Across the country, companies are halting projects and dropping product lines.
      • He later diversified into the toy market and the company supplies major retailers with over 800 lines of toys.
      • The following year, they introduced their first two organic product lines.
      • Increased scale will allow the co-op to drive down unit costs across their branded and own-label product lines.
      • Cost is again an issue, because expanding product lines would slow down production.
      • Automotive history is replete with instances where luxury brands expanded their lines downmarket.
      • Rose has taken only a few days to prove to investors that he may have the answers to the long-running issues of poor stock and low market share in certain product lines.
      • Shareholders can expect to see a continued roll-out of new product lines and distribution channels.
      • This meant a change in product lines and a revamp of the brand.
      • Bradford supermarket giant Morrisons has taken 44 product lines off its shelves.
      • We thought it would be a good idea to give you a broad overview of the many product lines out there with some background information and attributes of each product.
      • Intel cited broad success across all of its major product lines during a healthy third quarter.
      • Half of the product lines were shipped out, mostly to low-wage countries, including Mexico.
      • Tills and customer service desks have been moved, with more space being provided for extra product lines.
      • The line will feature all manner of garments, from party dresses to sweaters.
      • Expect discounts of 35 per cent on most ranges with selected lines at half price.
      • Her Adidas tennis dresses and her own much-publicised line of sport bras are making her millions.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (mark with lines)
    (paper) rayar
    old age had lined her face la edad le había surcado el rostro de arrugas literary
    • Over her shoulder, she cast Mark a curious glance before unfolding the small, lined piece of paper.
    • As for the writing paper (which should never be called note paper), this must be plain, not lined, and white or ivory.
    • His face has always had that lined and lived-in look, but as he sits sipping a glass of water in an Edinburgh hotel he has the luminescent glow of someone who keeps fit and healthy.
    • His broad, brown-red face was only lightly lined, its earnest, amiable expression reflecting an inner comfort.
    • In just 15 days, they look plumper and less lined and lipstick stops ‘feathering’ and lasts longer.
    • Sean Penn - lined, morose and world-weary - is outstanding as a federal agent assigned to to protect her.
    • His face was dark and deeply lined, his stubbly grey beard looked about four days old, but still he smiled.
    • He began to look older than his years, heavier in the midsection, more lined in the face.
    • His hair is wispy and grey and his face more lined than I remember it, but his eyebrows are thick and dark and his mind as sharp as ever.
    • But when we meet at the office of his London publishers he looks younger, his face less lined.
    • If you use it on the arms and shoulders your skin will feel polished, glowing, and over time, less lined.
    • There was also lined paper with scratched out math problems and crumpled sheets with the beginnings of sentences.
    • His face is stern and lined, as if he worries too much.
    • His face seemed lined and there was no hint of expression.
    • Women's faces surrounded her, some lined, some smooth, some cruel, some kind, but none familiar.
    • Why would they want to detract from the effect by allowing their hair and clothes to smell like a dirty ashtray and their faces to become prematurely lined?
    • Looking at the his lined, weary face, it was hard not to feel sorry for him.
    • Behind the large paper-covered desk opposite the door sat an elderly man with graying hair and a lined face.
    • I handed him a fresh sheet of lined paper and watched him scribble away.
    • Her face was deeply lined and she had large dark circles under her eyes.
  • 2

    the avenue is lined with trees la avenida está bordeada / flanqueada de árboles
    • crowds lined the route cientos de personas estaban alineadas a ambos lados del camino
    • The next day thousands of spectators lined the route.
    • Scores of police on foot and horseback lined the route as the protestors marched at a slow pace, bringing traffic to a standstill.
    • Although thousands of people lined the pavements to salute the couple, the turnout was much lower than had been expected.
    • The cortège drove past the university, where hundreds of students and staff silently lined the pavements or watched from vantage points on surrounding buildings.
    • People lined the sidewalks, waiting to get into the theatre.
    • The choice of cafés lining the riverside is dazzling: Tex-Mex, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Indian all vie to outdo each other on price and size.
    • But the crowds lining the pavements of the city centre seemed oblivious to the problems which had led up to the day.
    • Before the lying in state began, the coffin was carried through the streets on a horse-drawn carriage as thousand of onlookers lined the pavements.
    • They lined the pavement just yards from the front door of Number 10.
    • It was a nice walk, with pine trees lining the sidewalk.
    • Riot police lined the sidewalk and followed the march on bicycles and motorcycles, at times ramming the retreating protesters.
    • The event was just like a carnival, with many thousands of residents lining the roadsides to watch the procession.
    • There is a crowd of chanting people walking down the street, traffic is at a standstill and police line the pavements.
    • Trees lined the sidewalks, creating shade for relaxing walks on summer days.
    • Manda glanced around in appreciation at the quiet street, and the snow-covered trees that lined the sidewalk.
    • The approach to the house, via a long tree-lined sweeping avenue, takes you back to the era of Emily Bronte.
    • Cocoa trees lined most of the main roads that led to her home.
    • Fans lined nearly every fairway, and both Vijay Singh and John Daly had huge groups follow them around the course.
    • The rear of Selfridges is a grim place, just a service road lined by characterless buildings, and totally unlike the elegance of the imposing frontage.
    • The street was lined on either side by majestic oaks, guarding the way.

There are 2 main translations of line in Spanish

: line1line2


forrar, v.

Pronunciation /laɪn/ /lʌɪn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (skirt/box) forrar
    line the dish with pastry forre el molde con masa
    • The bottom of the dress was lined with pink material, and her shoes were pink with purple rhinestones.
    • Inside the bag is lined with black crepe de chine with magenta polka dots.
    • Inside, the drawer was lined with dusty pink lining paper.
    • The inside of the box was lined with burgundy velvet.
    • The box is lined with thick foam rubber that protects the heavy contents against bumps and shocks better than foam plastic would do.
    • The neck of the dress was lined with little purple beads that she had sewn on herself.
    • The bottom of the basket was lined with greaseproof paper.
    • It is for this reason that jewellery boxes are invariably lined inside with a soft material that cushions the ornament.
    • While you work, pack perishables in an insulated cooler or a container lined with ice packs.
    • Her bags are also lined with a brightly colored fabric allowing the contents to stand out against the lining.
    • The phone pockets are lined with a special material, which tailors say will prevent radiation from phones reaching the skin.
    • Lightly oil a 12-hole muffin tray then line each mould with a bacon rasher.
    • When truly hot, add the butter and oil and swirl around to line the dish or pan.
    • The inside was lined with red velvet and something that looked like saran wrap.
    • The octagonal spire is lined with pine panelling, which is also seen in the kitchen/dining area leading off the living room.
    • Aluminum is said to be acceptable if the inside of the bottle is lined.
    • Dump the whole thing in a 28 cm pie dish and press/pack the dough with your fingers so it lines the whole dish.
    • The nest is lined with fine, soft materials including animal hair and lichen.
    • Inside each cabin, opaque walls are lined with soft suede-like material.
    • Magpie nests are usually high in trees, bulky structures of sticks lined with grass.
  • 2

    (form lining along)
    books lined the walls, the walls were lined with books las paredes estaban cubiertas de libros
    • take before meals to line the stomach tómese antes de las comidas para revestir las paredes estomacales
    • It strikes the synovium, the thin layer of tissue lining the area of a joint where two bones meet.
    • There are so many records and CDs lining the living room walls that it looks as if they are embedded into the foundations.
    • The cells line an area of human lungs that helps our bodies absorb oxygen and shed carbon dioxide.
    • There is no clear theme, but enlarged historical photos of the area line the upper walls.
    • When Corrigan opened the large French doors there was a large patio area with hundreds of swords lining the walls.
    • Flowers covered the whole chapel and pictures of him lined the room.
    • Studies have shown that gut cancers are not purely genetic and can be modified by diet as the walls of the gut are lined with a layer of cells called the epithelium.
    • All vessels are lined with a single layer of flattened cells called the endothelium.
    • The thin bones within the nasal cavity are lined with a membrane containing a very rich supply of blood vessels.
    • Allergies and colds can cause the membrane that lines your middle ear to become inflamed and overproduce mucus.
    • The thyroid and epiglottis are connected by ligaments and membranes and lined on the inner aspect by respiratory mucosa and muscles.
    • The venous sinuses are lined not by endothelium but by specialized reticular cells, which are fixed macrophages.