Translation of listing in Spanish:


lista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪstɪŋ/

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    lista feminine
    listado masculine
    TV listings programación televisiva / de televisión
    • listings magazine guía de espectáculos
    • Looking over the catalogues and listings of the period, it is amusing to see what was popular then as opposed to what is popular now.
    • A sample listing of catalogs with medical supplies and equipment is provided on page 86.
    • Your first step is to choose a cabinet style that you like, and then you can consult with the manufacturer's catalog for a complete listing of sizes.
    • You may have noticed a listing of ‘suggested periodicals’ at the right hand side of this page.
    • To get a listing of all open files, right click on an empty space.
    • The bi-monthly is planning to compile a listing of poets now active and writing in English.
    • Both buildings are listed as historic in British property inventory listings.
    • There's a listing in that section for a catalogue of industrial vehicular supplies.
    • There are also several other listings on the web.
    • Check your local auction listings and keep that wallet stuffed!
    • The second section provides an alphabetical listing of substances noted to cause neurotoxicity in humans and animals.
    • Appendix III provides an alphabetical listing of many medications with each generic term followed by one or more trade names.
    • A full membership listing is available on the website.
    • Students are provided with classroom roster sheets that contain alphabetical listings of all of the children in the classroom.
    • Tables 1 and 2 contain a complete listing of the sequences used.
    • A comprehensive listing is not possible, but examples are cited in Table 2.
    • With some fine-tuning and research, any advertiser is sure to gain from paid search listings.
    • When selling a used car do you include a full listing of its faults?
    • The pocket information pack also includes a detailed listing of places to visit and includes restaurants and accommodation.
    • Following is a listing of steeplechase racing dates for spring 2003.
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    entrada feminine
    Finance cotización bursátil feminine
    • It is an American-based company with a listing on the London Stock Exchange.
    • For those who don't like the idea of faffing about with foreign currencies and paperwork, a large number of American companies now have a secondary listing on the London Stock Exchange.
    • A listing on the London Stock Exchange is also planned.
    • The company has access to the Eurobond market and is planning a listing on the London Stock Exchange in September.
    • They have separate stock exchange listings in Amsterdam, London and New York.
    • Its listing on the London Stock Exchange has been temporarily suspended until the company's financial future has been resolved.
    • While June was the busiest month for listings on the London Stock Exchange in four years, the £2bn raised through the public markets is more than matched by the deals that took place off the market.
    • As the company switches to a listing on the London Stock Exchange, its performance will come under even closer scrutiny.
    • The move to a full listing on the London Stock Exchange will also help to improve its international profile.
    • Its chipmaking unit plans a separate listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in July.
    • He led the successful de-merger of the company in October of that year and oversaw its listings on both the London and New York Stock Exchanges.
    • These two companies have separate stock exchange listings in Amsterdam and London.
    • There would be the problem of an unlisted company that was applying for a listing on a stock exchange.
    • ‘That's why we decided not to approach a big company with a listing on the Namibian Stock Exchange,’ he said.
    • The company has ruled out on a number of occasions a full listing on the stock market.
    • Headquarters will be in Stockholm and the primary stock market listing will be in Sweden.
    • In the past few months there has been a flurry of companies seeking a listing on the AIM market.
    • In China gaining a listing on the stock exchange or becoming a private shareholding company is rarely simple.
    • Naturally, given the extent of listings on these exchanges, most sectors of the Canadian economy are represented.
    • There would be the problem of an unlisted company that was applying for a listing on a stock exchange.
    • According to the listing in the registration maintained in the eye hospital, patients in need of a cornea are informed and brought to the hospital.
    • Also in Florida, the Register has its first-ever listing of not one but two co-champion key tree cacti, an endangered species.
    • Just excuse me for a moment, I will ask the Registrar about the listing.
    • Don't waste your time proving how smart you are or flaunting your listing in the social register.
    • Due to recent activity, including possible unauthorized listings placed on your account, we will suspend any activity on your account in order to allow us to investigate this matter further.
    • But the provincial auditor ruled that its listings didn't count, and therefore it didn't qualify as a newspaper.
    • The city saw a total of 38 new listings, up 36 per cent year on year compared with the same period in 2003.
    • A total of two listings rang in close to the advertised price of $525 for a one-bedroom.
    • So they began posting more merchandise, boosting the total number of listings to more than 400,000.
    • Also of note is the error in the listing of the running time.
    • Use the dropdown menu to access recipe listings.
    • Typically home exchanges were accomplished through listings offered in catalogs.
    • No listings in catalogs or sales literature have been found for the ratchet model.
    • A steady breeze blows against their faces as they flip through a catalog of apartment listings.
    • See repertory listings for details on these excellent films.
    • See the listings for more details on this and other performances at Richmond Theatre.
    • Look in the classified ads to find job listings for the medical/health professions.
    • The site is expected to feature job listings for both entry-level and experienced professionals.
    • View program listings and order tickets from our secure website.
    • The legal teams shuttle back and forth between the contending parties on a settlement quest which may save the horrendous costs of a High Court hearing and the strain of a two year waiting period for a listing.