Translation of literally in Spanish:


literalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪdərəli/ /ˈlɪtrəli/ /ˈlɪt(ə)rəli/

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    (translate) literalmente
    (translate) palabra por palabra
    I didn't mean it literally no lo decía en sentido literal
    • I took what he said literally tomé lo que me dijo al pie de la letra
    • he was quite literally starving se estaba muriendo de hambre, en el verdadero sentido de la expresión
    • we've had literally hundreds of letters hemos recibido literalmente cientos de cartas
    • he literally flew down the stairs prácticamente voló escaleras abajo
    • Darsana literally means view, in the sense of having a cognitive sight of something.
    • One wonders if he knows where the bodies are buried, perhaps quite literally.
    • The ground on which the match is being played is, literally, next door to his mansion.
    • What worries me is that these guys are going to run into problems literally the first day out.
    • I'll be staying with villagers who live with landmines literally on their doorsteps.
    • In some bizarre animator's joke, they were literally suspended, all hung in the air in a big room.
    • A key point is that space should be owned and supervised, literally and metaphorically.
    • The art of edging is to literally tip your skis sideways allowing the edge to cut into the snow.
    • The event was literally hot with a fire dancer welcoming everybody with a puff of fire.
    • Several huge branches were quite literally held in place by lengths of rope.
    • The nuances, exaggerations and pretences of conversation can be taken literally.
    • As soon as I heard the crash I looked up and he literally came through the roof.
    • Police in Bradford are helping to show the way to other forces by proving literally that crime does not pay.
    • The couple met three years ago when they literally bumped into each other at a Hampton Court funfair.
    • Here is, literally, a national platform for a politician who aspires to be a national leader.
    • Every Zulu thrust was repulsed by soldiers literally fighting for their lives.
    • Bulbs were literally worth their weight in gold and the Dutch economy was in serious risk of collapse.
    • According to his ex-wife, he literally ran away a number of times during their marriage.
    • We kept him there for twenty more minutes, and when he had to leave we literally followed him to the door of his taxi cab.
    • Of course the house was still standing after Bruce's encore so it didn't literally come down.