Translation of literature in Spanish:


literatura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪdərətʃər/ /ˈlɪdərəˌtʃʊr/ /ˈlɪt(ə)rətʃə/

Definition of literatura in Spanish


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    literatura feminine
    • These deaths are real deaths, and they pile up in ways that define our histories and literatures and social sciences.
    • The seminar's topic was Renaissance utopian literatures, focusing on More's Utopia.
    • Many scholars consider this novel a modern classic in US literatures.
    • In the late 1970s the frontiers were radically expanded, bringing marginalized literatures into university courses.
    • It is probably no surprise that I was also at that time expanding my scholarship and teaching to include the literatures and cultures of other peoples of color.
    • We hope that this collection will be an invitation to further scholarship in the intersections between minority literatures and social justice.
    • I fall back into my old fascination of trying to find the ideal metaphor for the United States, especially as demonstrated in our literatures.
    • As scholars and teachers of multiethnic literatures of the United States, we are in the business of interpretation.
    • We traveled in the same circles and went to the same panels, and talked of ethnic literatures at every opportunity.
    • In fact, very little serious work is being done now in the area of comparing national or regional literatures.
    • As the hyphens and slash marks indicate, these emergent literatures do not fit under a single rubric.
    • It is a vital contribution to the growing critical corpus on literatures of the Americas.
    • The last and the best section is that of Modern Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, and Alexandrian Greek and Persian literatures.
    • However, the discussion is limited by the author's lack of detailed first-hand knowledge of the individual languages and literatures of the peoples about whom she is writing.
    • Since I had studied English literature at university, many of my friends wondered why I chose Belgium.
    • She is on the faculty at Guilford College, where she teaches African American literature and creative writing.
    • A new study suggests that classical English literature is essential to the teaching of English.
    • When not writing, he now teaches literature at a private university in Milan.
    • Notably, Hamilton was one of the most influential figures in children's literature in the 20th century.
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    (published works)
    bibliografía feminine
    material publicado masculine
    • There is almost no published literature on the subject, and we are largely guided by our own opinions, experience, and - in some cases - prejudice.
    • And contrary to some assertions, they have published peer-reviewed literature on the subject.
    • It is certainly true that the published literature on the subject is well surveyed.
    • By necessity, this is a primer, the barest outline drawn from a vast and growing literature on the subject.
    • One would have to be immersed in the scholarly literature on this subject to judge whether these chapters would pass muster as an academic analysis.
    • Perhaps there is no prior research or scholarly literature on the subject, but it would seem pretty easy to construct similar experiments without a racial subtext.
    • This article reviews the published literature on the extent and effectiveness of substance abuse treatment programming for women.
    • In contrast, there is relatively little published literature on effects of deer browsing on prairie plants.
    • The focus is on explanation and not merely description, and this is what distinguishes this book from the now vast literature on this subject.
    • All of these writers' works, and a host of others, create the body of literatures that is the focus of contemporary critical studies of gender.
    • Published medical literature was systematically searched via computerized databases.
    • I begin by reviewing the relevant empirical literature and then outlining the philosophical principles modeled in the present research.
    • The first step in the method is to summarize the relevant scientific literature to determine what is worth knowing.
    • Extensive medical literature describes how vascular function differs in older and younger individuals.
    • Third, the clinical psychology research literature has failed to incorporate cultural factors.
    • When searching the literature on your topic, please consult several sources of evidence-based reviews.
    • And contrary to some assertions, they have published peer-reviewed literature on the subject.
    • There are many recorded conversations and references are made to other existing literature on the subject.
    • In fact, the basic science literature reports that even mild stretching can cause muscle damage at the cellular level.
    • Are you trying to stay abreast of new literature on a specific topic?
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    (promotional material)
    folletos masculine
    información feminine
    • For more straightforward cash rewards, consumers will have to read the small print of product literature to ensure they have the card that best suits their spending needs.
    • They will be visiting problem areas to hand out literature and advice to people on how best to secure their vehicles, and offering support to victims.
    • The campaign included rebranding the company and producing new corporate literature, advertising and media, website and promotional items.
    • Market research, competitive information, product literature, and a list of pertinent Web sites are good choices.
    • The receivers are understood to have been approached by a potential buyer for the company, which prints and binds literature for the direct mail market, but staff remain pessimistic.
    • He must get the public to take note of these brand-building messages, whether they be contained in website pages, printed literature or elsewhere.
    • The second major development was promotional literature, the advertising pamphlets issued by the growing number of national food and kitchen equipment companies.
    • She instead recommends applicants looking at the free advice provided in admissions literature or on University websites.
    • Keep product literature in case of future questions and complete warranty cards.
    • ‘We send a great deal of product information out through literature,’ he says.
    • The lack of economic resources also prevents the community from producing any printed literature that might bind its members together.
    • The region's promotional literature will be upgraded including the production of language editions, which will be used on all promotions.
    • New literature is also printed on recycled paper.
    • The cost of newspaper advertising and canvassing literature before the starting-gun is fired is enormous.
    • In addition, winners will be able to display the True Taste Awards branding on their products and literature, providing an instant standard of recognition and quality for the consumer.
    • The campaign included a series of newspaper articles and the distribution of conspiracy-quality leaflets and literature.
    • Safe sex literature and products could be used as evidence.
    • No need to read voluminous campaign literature, or pore through printed recommendations.
    • Surveying the literature written for patients makes it easy to understand why someone like me could have missed this.
    • This vocal minority has pointed to the literature provided early on to Australian citizens, as well as the far more detailed official websites available in the USA.