Translation of little in Spanish:


pequeño, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪdl/ /ˈlɪt(ə)l/

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    ( littler, littlest)
  • 1

    • 1.1(small)

      chico mainly Latin America
      I don't like little dogs no me gustan los perros pequeños
      • a lovely little dog un perrito precioso
      • what's in the little box? ¿qué hay en la caja pequeña?
      • what's in that little box? ¿qué hay en esa cajita?
      • would you like some more? — just a little piece ¿quieres más? — bueno, un pedacito / un trocito
      • a little old lady una viejecita
      • sit down (for) a little while siéntate un ratito
      • she is a little bit better está un poquito mejor / algo mejor
      • There's always a little old man sat behind the counter, and no one ever seems to be in there.
      • While a little black spot on the sun may seem like a simple act, the transit of Venus is not.
      • All he needed to do now was to point his telescope at the sun all day and look for a little black spot.
      • The little back area is for sitting down, chilling out, reading the papers.
      • They are mean and petty and will fight each other to the death over one little tiny nut.
      • When you put it in your tea you have little waxy bits floating at the top of the mug.
      • What you can do to avoid that is to eat a number of little small meals throughout the day.
      • The little family groups which dig in for a spot of breeze could not have asked for anything better.
      • I am not this little old biddy sitting at home with nothing better to do.
      • A little old lady lined up behind me with a carton of rice milk and some organic ginger biscuits.
      • They're like tiny little orange triangular men, all silently judging you as you drive past them.
      • Both men saw the rabbit race from the branches with his little puffy tail ablaze.
      • But try telling that to the little old lady who has waited in vain a couple of years for a vital eye operation.
      • Many shops throughout Europe are selling cute little furry kitten figurines.
      • In the shadow of that pyramid, conspiracy theories are little grassy knolls.
      • Special little token prizes will be presented to all boys and girls under three and four.
      • In this, she is like every poor little rich girl the world has ever known.
      • Possibly he has little complimentary sachets of shampoo and shower gel too.
      • In one shop, I bought a beautiful little Russian icon, painted on a wooden panel.
      • You're left with a neat little philosophical exercise in trying to assess the true source of its value.

    • 1.2(young)

      chico mainly Latin America
      when I was little cuando era pequeña / pequeñita
      • what's your little sister/brother called? ¿cómo se llama tu hermanita/hermanito?
      • I didn't work while the children were little yo no trabajaba cuando los niños eran pequeños
      • He had played a big role in my life since I was little so he would always be a part of my life.
      • It's funny that my favorite thing when I was little is no longer my favorite thing at all.
      • Finding someone close to the perfect person is never as easy as you are led to believe when you're little.
      • When I was little, my mother had a cleaner come around who was also an Avon lady in her spare time.
      • It is exactly like the arguments your parents gave you when you were little.
      • One night, when I was little, I heard a report on the probability of nuclear attack.
      • She was humming a tune to a song that her mother use to sing to her when she was little.
      • When we were little however we used to be made fun of all the time by a boy who moved away.
      • He had also tried to walk on water when he was little but the outcome was unsuccessful.
      • I was too little to understand what had happened and too intimidated to argue with the teacher.
      • Perhaps he was a little boy who died young, and this is how the author conceived his subsequent adventures.
      • In her younger years, the little girl had an intense loyalty to her father.
      • One young girl said Gavin was a popular little boy who was always full of energy.
      • I had a long chat with my little brother this week about starting up my business.
      • One of my friends has a little brother who was a member of the Stampede Showband.
      • As I saw him off at the airport, I was at once proud of him, sad and anxious - he was my little brother.
      • I had to sacrifice a lot of things in order to be home to take care of my little brother.
      • I was walking home with my little brother the other evening and we stumbled across this car.
      • I stay with the same family when I am there, and I am Uncle Hamish to a lot of little Moroccan children.
      • My little sister and all my other little girly cousins went to the chemist to get their ears pierced.

    • 1.3(insignificant)

      then there's the little matter of the missing million dollars está también el pequeño detalle del millón de dólares que falta ironic
      • these multinationals couldn't care less about the little man para estas multinacionales el individuo no cuenta
      • But it will be nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the show without having to worry about every little detail.
      • It looked like a normal house, but there were just so many little incidental details.
      • Was it the big plot points that you wanted to reflect in your life or the mundane little details that you were going for?
      • I suppose the best encouragement I can offer is to pay attention to all the little details.
      • I like the little details, like the space to rest your left foot, and the movement of the seat.
      • Where are the natty details, the pleasing little touches that make you proud to be an owner?
      • If they ask, you could always tell a little white lie and say you were doing, I dunno, tai chi or something.
      • As the game swung to the other end, the Hawks had a chance to demonstrate the little routine they do from most lineouts.

    • 1.4 informal (expressing speaker's attitude)

      I know your little game! ¡ya te conozco el jueguito! informal
      • you poor little thing! ¡pobrecito!
      • I know a little man who can repair it for you sé de alguien que te lo puede arreglar
      • I can't stand the little man al tipo ese no lo aguanto
      • can I tempt you to a little something? ¿te puedo ofrecer alguna cosita?

  • ( less, least)
  • 2

    • 2.1(not much)

      there is very little bread/milk left queda muy poco pan/muy poca leche
      • from what little information we have por lo poco que sabemos
      • a television uses less electricity than a toaster un televisor gasta menos electricidad que una tostadora
      • in less time than it takes to boil an egg en menos que canta un gallo
      • he had little talent and even less charm tenía poco talento y aún menos encanto
      • I have no less reason than you to be angry tengo tantos motivos como tú para estar enfadado
      • we've had a bit/lot less snow than you aquí ha habido un poco menos de nieve/mucha menos nieve que allí
      • he has (the) least talent of all es el que menos talento tiene

    • 2.2

      a little un poco de
      • there's a little wine left queda un poco de vino
      • I know a little Spanish sé un poco de español

pronoun less, least

  • 1

    (not much)
    there was little to do había poco que hacer
    • there was little left to eat quedaba poca comida
    • little of the original fresco remains queda poco del fresco original
    • we see very little of him nowadays lo vemos muy poco últimamente
    • the little that she earns lo poco que gana
    • from as little as $2,000 a partir de tan solo 2.000 dólares
    • he's saying less than he knows se está callando algo
    • I get paid less than you me pagan menos que a ti
    • a yard is less than a meter una yarda es menos que un metro
    • in less than a year en menos de un año
    • Jean earns (the) least of all Jean es la que menos gana de todos
    • that's the least of it eso es lo de menos
    • However, the use of a variety of instruments does little to emphasize the indivisibility of rights.
    • There is little doubt that these cases in particular have led to the numerous threats to her life.
    • But he had little doubt about that side of the midfielder's game when he signed him in the summer.
    • There can be little doubt about that because it happens to be the law of nature.
    • Yes, it is the silly season, both locally and nationally, with little news worth reporting.
    • Very little happened to it other than it took it slightly out of alignment.
    • Once sickness arrived they had little natural resistance and quickly died.
    • She said existing day centres had little extra capacity for pensioners from the threatened clubs.
    • He said the defendants had lied to police, lied to the court and demonstrated little genuine remorse.
    • There appears to have been little adverse reaction from those at the party about Harry's costume.
    • There has been little public discussion of this, and even less consultation.
    • Most of these children had no conception of art, and little previous experience of being creative.
    • Green says there has been little available in the way of arts programming for some years.
    • This means there will be very little on-street parking available in this area.
    • She has now played four tournaments and won three of them, but there is very little sentimental about her.
    • Were he at the centre of power today it would be little different, the tribunals notwithstanding.
    • There is little happy middle ground and the public is left not knowing whether to take it seriously or to ignore it all.
    • But there appears to be little hard evidence of pupils failing to turn up for the second paper.
    • My point today is not whether you think I have done too little or too much.
    • As the air cleared they saw that apart from a small linen cupboard there was little actual damage to the building.
  • 2

    a little un poco
    • today she managed to eat a little hoy ha podido comer algo / un poco
    • a little goes a long way un poco rinde / cunde mucho
    • Sprinkle with a little of the leftover spring onions and serve immediately with extra cheese.
    • Most of the stuff out there just doesn't pack the same punch that the old tunes do and we want to bring back a little of the old touch.
    • Tourists and locals alike last night flocked to the pub to see if they could capture a little of the magic.
    • Since the old adage of a little of what you fancy doing you good is now applicable to chocolate, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.
    • I want to try to explain a little of what sociologists see as distinctive about the times we live in.
    • At one time most farms were mixed farms, which meant they kept a little of everything and often grew a variety of crops.
    • To enhance enjoyment of the walk, what better than to know a little of the history of the bridges you will pass along the way?
    • Warm a little of the oil by putting a small jar of it in a pan of warm water.
    • In the end, they adopted a little of both, which may have been their ultimate undoing.
    • Add a little of the cooking water if the pasta seems too dry, then serve.
    • Put them in shallow dish and pour a little of the lime juice over them.
    • We would say a little of what you fancy is fine, but you shouldn't over-indulge in anything.
    • Francis seemed to start quietly but became a little of a revelation as the show went on.
    • He asked me, as someone who knows a little of the reality, if I could help to set the record straight.
    • I was going to tell you a little of what's been happening, but there are two things standing in my way.
    • Any oxtail had vanished and it stank of truffle oil; a little of this condiment goes a long way.
    • There are countries the world over crying out for a little of that prosperity.
    • The smart traveller takes a little of everything because things can, and do, go wrong.
    • Maybe you want a little of this and a little of that - there's no harm in experimenting.
    • I can't not tell that story in a way that doesn't bring a little of that to the front of my own head again.

adverb less, least

  • 1

    (not much)
    he goes out very little sale muy poco
    • his music is little known in this country su música es poco conocida en este país
    • it is a little known fact that … es un hecho poco conocido que …
    • you should worry less about the future te tienes que preocupar menos por el futuro
    • she's never been less than fair with me siempre ha sido justa conmigo
    • the campaign has been somewhat less than a success la campaña no ha tenido mucho éxito que digamos
    • I like her (the) least es la que menos me gusta
    • just when we were least expecting it cuando menos lo esperábamos
    • Whatever happened in the past, the biblical message is little known in those lands today.
    • You need to get into the habit of drinking water little and often - before, during and after training.
    • Here, too, he enjoyed little financial success but the publication went on to greater things.
  • 2

    (hardly, not)
    little did he know that she had already left lo que menos se imaginaba era que ella ya se había ido
    • my tiredness was less physical than mental el cansancio que sentía era más bien mental que físico
    • no one likes him, least of all his brother nadie lo quiere, y su hermano, menos que nadie
    • Yet this role is little noticed in the US and often incomprehensible to America's allies.
    • Oh wait that's little different to being ruled by a mobster, and brutally murdered and repressed.
    • They pointed out how little human nature has changed over the last thousand years.
    • That this in turn should lead to negative growth in the fourth quarter is now little in doubt.
    • It creates the illusion of intimacy when, in fact, the mental distances have changed little.
    • We are little wiser about her wishes or perceptions, except that she would have liked to stay at The Arc.
  • 3

    a little un poco
    • this will hurt a little te va a doler un poco
    • do you speak French? — a little ¿hablas francés? — algo / un poco
    • I'm feeling a little tired estoy algo / un poco cansado
    • it needs a little more salt necesita un poco más de sal
    • a little less noise, please hagan menos ruido, por favor
    • won't you stay a little? ¿no te quieres quedar un ratito?
    • One Moroccan girl said that she was a little afraid, since the murderer was a Moroccan.
    • I must admit, I was still a little afraid of this world that was still new and foreign to me.
    • I am a little afraid to ask what it is, but I do know I will not be eating much of this.
    • Things were always a little shaky, but it has never been this bad before, they say.
    • In this country there has always been something a little amateurish about gambling.
    • The day after the night when the clocks change is always a little strange, don't you find?
    • As long as she had known him he had always been a little arrogant in his best of times.
    • Deviating from the install instructions for a device is always a little dangerous.
    • I feel a little guilty that my parents will have gone home less relaxed then when they arrived.
    • The haddock was a bright white colour, but tasted a little tough, as if it had been overcooked a tad.
    • Naturally we were all a little apprehensive as we touched the ice and slid along the wild runway.
    • This was my only disappointment of the evening, being a little insipid for my taste.
    • The concept of an elementary particle becomes a little nebulous in such circumstances.
    • His trees and waves were always a little solid, a little lumpy, and now the buildings are, too.
    • It is always sensible to be a little sceptical about the politicians' preparedness.
    • Now I accept my share of the blame, but to suggest it was uniquely down to me is a little fanciful.
    • This may raise the bar a little and hopefully more of the top players will participate.
    • Predictions that he would drop like a stone were therefore a little premature.
    • Whether all this makes it superior or a little soulless is a matter of taste.
    • My sense of isolation has shifted slightly from being wholly pleasant to being a little edgy.