Translation of login in Spanish:


acceso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɔɡˌɪn/ /ˈlɑɡˌɪn/ /ˈlɒɡɪn/

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    acceso masculine
    entrada (al sistema) feminine
    login name nombre de acceso / de entrada (al sistema)
    • When enabled, the AutoComplete feature remembers frequently used form data on web pages, such as user logins and passwords.
    • I used to use Internet Explorer's AutoComplete to remember my logins and passwords for me, until I got fed up losing all my important data every time the computer had to be restored or formatted.
    • Convincing browsers that remember logins and passwords to disclose them is another possibility.
    • Unfortunately for us, we find remembering unique logins and passwords difficult at best.
    • On a laptop, don't save any logins or passwords, not even to your ISP or POP or SMTP accounts.
    • They can be opened to guest users, which will obviate the need for logins and passwords.
    • Record your login, password, and a dialup number convenient for your home location.
    • In addition, we also wanted the passwords to be synchronized between Windows and Linux so users have common logins for both systems.
    • As you type, criminal hackers could be recording your bank login and password information.
    • The final set of questions asks you to choose an administrator login and password for security authentication.
    • When I dial with Minicom, it appears that I connect, but then it asks for a login and password.
    • Last week I posted a guest login and password to this blog and opened it up to random, anonymous drive-by bloggings.
    • Policies for passwords, logins and private keys can all be improved.
    • Sharing isn't permitted and the company has an incentive to go after login abuse because a shared login is a potential user lost.
    • It does this via a keylogger which specifically collects user logins for online banks (the ones which do not use one-time passwords).
    • Once your system is clean, it is recommended that logins and passwords be changed.
    • MS points out that an attacker's login and password will be logged, so admins should be able to catch anyone trying this so long as they're using their own credentials.
    • Best of all, since a single account grants you access to both the sportsbook and the casino, there's no hassle involving different logins and passwords - just click on the casino link and you're ready to go.
    • There is no need for a login or password; directions are clear and easy to understand, and the fields are much easier to navigate.
    • It uses the first serial port for all informational messages as the system boots and accepts logins from that console once the system is up.