Translation of logistics in Spanish:


logística, n.

Pronunciation /ləˈdʒɪstɪks/

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    logística feminine
    • He taught himself about the use of modern artillery, logistics, military organisation and strategy.
    • The ending of the Cold War has had profound effects upon the philosophy of, and approach to, military logistics.
    • The logistics of moving the troops and equipment is not what takes the most time in this process.
    • The wartime experience of logistics of air force is still relevant.
    • Logisticians should be familiar with the plan as the cornerstone of DOD logistics of the future.
    • He said U.S. help would be forthcoming in military logistics and development programs for insurgency-hit areas of the country.
    • Aviation is critical to mobility, timely logistics, and precision firepower.
    • Army logistics had become so strained that in December horse battalions were reintroduced.
    • This is just one example of smart logistics for the future Army.
    • Those tenets are inherent in the current transformation of U.S. Army logistics.
    • Massive expeditions by the USA in the immediate postwar period were powerful demonstrations of military logistics and technology.
    • Doing so was especially difficult because the Americans had little in the way of support and logistics when the war started.
    • The logistics of moving the battalions was complicated, and the benefits on readiness problematic.
    • The most important and least well understood staff area, both during the Civil War and now, is logistics.
    • The game is mostly themed, but doesn't quite go as far as the actual mechanics of logistics and warfare.
    • In premodern times, the limitations of military logistics acted as a restraint on the ability of states to interact with each other.
    • We are a team, and don't forget each of us is necessary to win this war, especially logistics.
    • This was in addition to providing logistics for military traffic.
    • Like other great commanders, he was a master of logistics and communications.
    • Even military officers didn't care much for tactics or logistics, instead avoiding any chance of seeing combat.
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    problemas logísticos masculine
    the logistics of the operation los problemas logísticos de la operación
    • Take, for instance this statement in my letter detailing the logistics.
    • A pilot study provides the researcher with experiential logistics from actual procedural implementation.
    • The costs and logistics involved in caring for children under two has meant far fewer places for this age group and a longer wait for young families.
    • Our indictment is ultimately not about logistics or tactics.
    • I suspect next year's winner is already planning the logistics for bringing along a Holstein cow.
    • This goal may thus be achieved in a more frugal manner in terms of costs and logistics than was previously described.
    • The logistics for such a large-scale event are tremendous, and Thai organizers have been preparing for years.
    • Many council officials also dismiss the idea of moving people indoors as completely impractical, because of the numbers and logistics involved.
    • It only took them a while to get the pieces together, because of the lack of economy of scale, lack of management talents and poor logistics.
    • They'd have to pay for it themselves, without corporate contributions, and they'd have to handle all the logistics.
    • I had good teams and good crews and we had people who handled the logistics.
    • This isn't a regular occurrence and she didn't put enough effort into planning the logistics.
    • Fusser said exhibitions in Hong Kong are professionally organised and efficient, with sophisticated logistics.
    • They are involved with the communications and the logistics.
    • Maybe I should explain the logistics a little clearer.
    • Before the teams arrived from Singapore, a group from there undertook a trip to identify the project location, facilities and logistics.
    • Government should ensure police have all the logistics in place that will see that court cases are on schedule by ensuring there is always transport and fuel.
    • As an exercise in logistics it is on a scale not seen in Europe since the Second World War and as a monetary experiment it is unprecedented in the history of the world.
    • He got someone called Mark Stevenson involved and asked him to work out the logistics.
    • There were also problems in logistics and communications.