Translation of lonely in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈloʊnli/ /ˈləʊnli/

adjective lonelier, loneliest

  • 1

    (feeling alone)
    I was very lonely me sentía muy solo
    • she lives alone, but she says she never feels lonely no vive con nadie pero dice que nunca se siente sola
    • my lonely evenings mis noches de soledad
    • it can be a lonely life as a film star la vida de una estrella de cine puede ser muy solitaria
    • Living as she is was miserable and lonely with no friends or loved ones to care about her.
    • The new girl's supposed to be lonely and have no friends for at least a month and a half.
    • He may be in the wrong but he's old, lonely and feeling betrayed.
    • I'm not going to die old and lonely, never loving anyone else other than her.
    • He is going to end up a lonely old man whose kids only call him on holidays because they feel like they have to.
    • His death has touched something deeply in people, particularly old people who are lonely.
    • Those handful of days were long enough to realize how lonely an old timer could truly be.
    • Olga is a lonely but spirited old woman whose children live abroad and seldom visit.
    • Because of this, you can feel very lonely at times.
    • Being single can make a person feel very lonely at times.
    • I was very lonely for the rest of the night.
    • Since his arrival in September, he has been pretty lonely.
    • Hearing her father's voice made her incredibly lonely.
    • An old lady is a bit lonely and decides she needs a pet for company.
    • A lonely housewife starts up a friendship with a pet portrait painter.
    • I don't want you to be lonely for the rest of your life.
    • Back in September I wrote about Al, a lonely widower sitting on his front porch.
    • Even when he had his friends with him he always seemed lonely.
    • We both felt lonely not being with our parents.
  • 2

    (spot/farm) solitario
    (spot/farm) aislado
    • You can reach the mountain top and find it a desolate and lonely place.
    • He and his wife have shifted from the City to this lonely place just to look after the garden.
    • This is a lonely place with buildings shy of one another and spaced well apart, typical of Scottish Highland villages.
    • They are in small groups - three per station, in lonely places, many kilometers from the nearest town.
    • The Showgrounds will be a fairly lonely place for the remainder of the season.
    • Liverpool can be a lonely place on a Saturday night, and this is only Thursday morning.
    • When a person dies, he or she is wrapped in a hammock and buried in a lonely place in the jungle on the mainland.
    • This was a lonely place where foxes and raccoons were often seen in those days.
    • Many of them were black and white, and they were mainly of lonely places and people.
    • The castle always felt like such a cold and lonely place when he returned.
    • Western Australia is a land of open roads, of vehicle dependence and lonely highways.
    • Even in rural farming districts, there is simply no such thing as a lonely road.
    • There is a distant bridge, a small harbor, and a lonely road that leads to another beach town.
    • I wonder what a semi would be doing out on this lonely road, then I recognize it as a stock truck.
    • Police have stepped up patrols and are advising women to take precautions such as walking in groups and avoiding lonely areas.
    • Afterward we had one last drive around the rock before heading back to the lonely highway.
    • Howard, not knowing what he should do, sits on a couch in the middle of this lonely street that leads nowhere.
    • He is believed to be a car thief, who used stolen cars to take victims to lonely areas before attacking them.
    • More than anything, however, the cottages' lonely location makes them a romantic's dream.
    • The beach looked rather lonely on a usually crowded Sunday afternoon.