Translation of loner in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈloʊnər/ /ˈləʊnə/


  • 1

    she's a bit of a loner le gusta estar sola
    • Do they travel in packs or prefer to be loners?
    • In contrast, users who like to stay at home or be alone do not preferentially associate with other loners.
    • The Net is turning people into loners who prefer a computer interface rather than the warmth of a smile from fellow human beings.
    • They are loners and individualists who reject activism.
    • I suppose it can be a lonely life but we're all loners and mavericks to some extent and I am happy by myself.
    • These positive findings challenge the conventional view of gamers as introverted loners.
    • Her bubbly good will rises to the surface, however, and she's anything but an introverted loner.
    • I think he's a bit of a loner, and I think at the moment he has things exactly as he wishes.
    • I've always been a bit of a loner, and am not quite sure how to connect with others, even now.
    • They are usually solitary loners that look completely ordinary.
    • The most effective change insurgents aren't loners, mavericks, or revolutionaries.
    • Some of them are loners, but the loners usually keep to themselves, and many don't like to roam the streets at all.
    • She knew Lowe as a man who was a ‘bit slow’ and a loner who had no friends.
    • Although we were not exactly loners among the wealthy children, we more often preferred the close company of our group.
    • I could see she had me down as a bit of a loner, even by her standards.
    • Students with Asperger syndrome frequently say they are the last to get picked for games and are seen as loners, making them more isolated and susceptible to bullying.
    • Critics say it's an invitation to loners and terrorists.
    • Writers are, of necessity, loners in their working methods: the activity is essentially a solitary pursuit, demanding periods of isolation.
    • They're the classic loners that we see in society.
    • Tyler, though, drifted into a group of loners and misfits who, if they had social events, did so beyond the school's compass.