Translation of long-suffering in Spanish:


sufrido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlɔŋ ˈˌsəf(ə)rɪŋ/ /ˌlɒŋˈsʌfərɪŋ/


  • 1

    (person) sufrido
    (expression) de resignación
    • His father was a patient, long-suffering character who was mercilessly hen-pecked.
    • Among them were letters from Nelson's long-suffering wife, Fanny.
    • His long-suffering wife, Nora, faces an everyday struggle to find money for food and other essentials.
    • Magda, his long-suffering wife, was the only person who knew his secret, and she is now dead.
    • That he is in his early 40s, and has children and a very long-suffering wife, doesn't bother him enough for him to stop.
    • The play looks at his struggle to develop revolutionary ideas as well as his relationship with long-suffering wife Jane.
    • He asked his long-suffering wife, Constance, to collect a selection of his epigrams and sayings.
    • George's long-suffering wife cannot bring herself to curb her husband's excesses.
    • The long-suffering wife looked up at the magistrate and her reply was terse.
    • Apparently, he does this to his long-suffering wife all the time.
    • He will be off work for weeks and his long-suffering wife will once again have to struggle to make ends meet.
    • You're a long-suffering bunch and we bloggers appreciate your patience.
    • If he does get away, put on the deeply hurt yet ultimately forgiving face of a long-suffering mistress.
    • Since nobody (to my memory) has ever offered a vote of thanks to these long-suffering partners, I do so now.
    • I remain to be convinced that the end result will justify months of inactivity and inconvenience to long-suffering passengers.
    • No sooner had the ink dried on last week's column, than one of my long-suffering 17 readers was into action.
    • It will cause misery for long-suffering drivers who faced gridlock when the main burst, forcing police to shut the flooded road for hours.
    • Try telling that to York City's long-suffering away supporters.
    • Having battled so hard to save the club in the last few years, long-suffering fans have a right to be angry about the lack of spirit shown in recent displays.
    • Then he confronted her and the long-suffering woman laughed.