Translation of looker in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈlʊkər/ /ˈlʊkə/


  • 1

    she's a real looker es monísima informal
    • he's a good looker es muy guapo
    • Val grew to be a real looker, eventually moved to Los Angeles and became an actress.
    • The girl was a real looker but I don't like the look of the other guy.
    • ‘You could be a real looker if you wanted to be, Archie,’ she said.
    • She was a real looker too, blonde hair, dyed I'm guessing, honey brown eyes, flawless complexion, and a gorgeous body.
    • ‘That one's a real looker,’ she heard from the men's direction as she sat down opposite Gerald, who seemed oblivious to the whole thing.
    • He smiles and his eyes get all squinty. ‘You're gonna be a looker someday, I can tell.
    • I don't doubt your mother is a looker, he usually went for the pretty ones.
    • Since she's a looker, he certainly would have remembered her face and name.
    • Both brothers are lookers, and Cameron is particularly drawn to Jesse's enigmatic reserve and ‘thoughtlessly perfect body.’
    • Sure she's quite the looker but you and I both know what really happened.
    • I like you and all and there is no doubt that you are a looker but for right now at least, I want to be your friend.
    • She was a looker and he was counting the minutes before he could spend some ‘quality time ‘with her alone.’
    • You know, you too have really turned out to be quite a looker since I first met you.
    • She returned his look. ‘I'm twenty-eight, and not much of a looker, now am I!’
    • But you don't need to be nice, I'm never going to be a looker like some of those cheerleaders.
    • Bruce, you'll be quite the looker, I think, when you get older.
    • I'm certainly no looker, but my short dark hair and green eyes definitely look good on my sculpted face, and I keep in shape.
    • To most girls, he was a looker… but to me; he was just Ryan, my perverted best friend.
    • He wasn't much of a looker, but the second you started talking to him he took your breath away with all his useless knowledge.