Translation of looker-on in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈlʊkərˌɑn/

nounplural lookers-on

  • 1

    • But the aspect of his appearance on this particular morning that most interested the lookers-on was not the coat, but rather the glint of gold that caught the light on his breast.
    • I asked an astute hockey observer about the player, whom even a casual looker-on like me recognizes as a skilled player, himself dogged by clutchers and grabbers.
    • But, as local art students and lookers-on alike asked, did these free thinking experiments beyond the studio space constitute art?
    • The display of lighting may not have been to the taste of some modern lookers-on, but it was certainly in keeping with the taste of the original medieval architects.
    • The truly native products of whiskey and stout were also represented, drawing a faint cheer from the lookers-on.
    • In A Really Good Brown Girl, the presence of lookers-on, scrutinizing, judging, labelling, is constant.
    • Now, I would expect that these lookers-on pay their taxes on time, mow their lawns, put out the garbage, and obey the law.
    • They operated so close to the lookers-on, we responded viscerally to their feats.
    • Although I furnished the 'hall' I could only be a 'looker on', at the happy function of 'dancing in' my new house!
    • It appears to me, indeed, that, while an air of artificiality is lent to a tale of complex and sophisticated people which the novelist causes to be guessed at and interpreted by any mere looker-on, there need be no such drawback if the looker-on is sophisticated, and the people he interprets are simple.