Translation of loony in Spanish:


chiflado, adj.


Pronunciation /ˈluni/ /ˈluːni/

adjective loonier, looniest

  • 1

    (person) chiflado informal
    (idea) disparatado
    (idea) descabellado
    (religion) de fanáticos
    he's completely loony está como una cabra informal
    • the loony left los fanáticos de la izquierda
    • That's the bonus with having depressed and/or raving loony parents.
    • He needed to get away from that crazy loony school.
    • They must get a lot of loony email from kids and psycho fans.
    • ‘Councils do attract loony councillors,’ he explained.
    • At 70 years old, she's had decades to build up a record for saying loony things and she has succeeded admirably.
    • With that in mind, I'd like to take this opportunity to salute my three favorite loony rockers of all time.
    • And the film boasts a very funny, intentionally loony last-minute plot twist.
    • He said his staff hadn't passed on the message as they thought it was ‘from some loony e-mailer’.
    • The capacity of our Council for loony decisions defies the imagination.
    • I haven't deleted it, simply because it's far more amusing that most loony entries.
    • That to me is so loony I don't feel it's even worth the time to argue.
    • He was a unique investigator, however loony you might have found his results.
    • This is the Cornwall of myth, a clichéd caricature version of the county complete with exaggerated eccentrics, loony local lore and mystical happenings.
    • At first blush, the winning idea can seem a bit loony, but as it comes into focus its transformative value gets clearer and clearer to more people.
    • How long does it normally take for a person to go a bit loony out there?
    • Now you might say that some of their policies are a bit loony.
    • I'm slightly worried about what's going to happen with the woman schoolteacher, who seems to be a bit loony.
    • I went through the motions but thought that the pastor was a bit loony!
    • But for every loony tune there are several solid symphonies, whose excellence few critics will decry.
    • State your argument, then point to a loony fringe of society who may not even exist to prove it!

nounplural loonies

  • 1

    loco masculine
    loca feminine
    chiflado masculine informal
    chiflada feminine informal
    • He has been called a loony, naive, gullible and a traitor.
    • ‘I suppose I've moved from being an extremist to a tolerated loony,’ he laughs.
    • Another standout track is Extreme Ways which alternates between sexy and sinister, all the while challenging you to sit still and not dance around the room like a loony.
    • I think you began well but then you started referring to all the individuals of the BBC as ‘they’ which made you sound a bit like a loony.
    • People often say, ‘Why does the loony on the bus/train always sit next to me?’
    • If anyone else had have been sitting there, they would have thought I was a loony.
    • He started directing it up to my ear, and I was convinced I was sitting next to a bona fide loony.
    • So I sat with my books unread and listened to the loony for an hour or so.
    • Suddenly, I felt like the mad loony in the corner that everyone cautiously avoids.
    • I felt like a loony, what the hell was I playing at?
    • If you'd ask her, she would say the man was a loony.
    • Both characters are very real and quite maddening; Sibel in particular is astonishingly selfish and bratty, proving what a fine line it is between a force of nature and a total loony.
    • However, Greta had somehow adopted the title of the town loony.
    • Boys, I think you're mistaken about who the loony is around here!
    • I wanted to be close to you, but I was sure that if you knew about the visions, you'd think I was a loony.
    • Brian started waltzing around the living room, bopping his head and waving his arms like a complete loony - which he in fact, was.
    • I think it would help if I met someone who didn't think that Wolfram is a loony.
    • The pit boss will then happily conclude that he has a loony on his hands.
    • The odd person might wonder about it, but like I said, only a loony would do it.