Translation of loopy in Spanish:


descabellado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlupi/ /ˈluːpi/

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adjective loopier, loopiest

  • 1

    (idea/plan) descabellado
    (person) chiflado informal
    he's completely loopy está como una cabra informal
    • Seize the day, seize your life - and good luck to Adrian - his loopy grin at the end of the programme said it all.
    • He looked up at his parents and gave them a loopy grin from the pure oxygen he had been breathing while being prepped for the surgery.
    • The football TV programme had this loopy, crazy tune they used in the stylized highlights.
    • And we realize, if we look at them, that those thoughts are a bit loopy.
    • They were long, long days, but even though we were all loopy at night, we'd always go out and do something.
    • The plot is loopy, dopey and tiresome, and the comic asides don't elicit the smallest of smiles.
    • As I said, it's a hard thought, a difficult concept to explain without sounding loopy.
    • Their government is unstable, and they have loopy leadership.
    • Over the next few weeks and months she went decidedly loopy, wandering around dazed and giving bizarre impromptu interviews to mystified and amused reporters.
    • The basic plot is that of your average murder-mystery which supplies us with an eclectic line-up of loopy suspects and reaches its climax when the murderer is finally unmasked.
    • The contrast between the sweet screen versions of these women and their increasingly loopy and bitter personal lives adds, rather unkindly, to the fascination of the films.
    • If you listen to these guys talk about music, you might expect their sound to be very narrow-minded and loopy, but instead, it's fresh, crisp and loopy.
    • I love getting loopy outdoors on sunny weekend afternoons.
    • I'm feeling tired and a little loopy - but I'm also feeling very happy.
    • Some of their ideas that once sounded loopy are now law.
    • In the loopy logic of the Cold War, this actually made sense.
    • Her loopy, funny voice is a dead-on mix of desire and ignorance.
    • It's a hoot, the whole thing, so read every loopy word.
    • But those slightly loopy ideas aside, the idea that ‘feminisation’ can make our high streets a happier place to be is a good one.
    • The play calls on the actors to explore different acting styles in scenes that range from kitchen-sink naturalism to loopy surrealism.