There are 2 main translations of low in Spanish

: low1low2


bajo, adj.

Pronunciation /loʊ/ /ləʊ/

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adjective lower, lowest

  • 1

    (in height)
    to fly at low altitude volar bajo / a poca altura
    • the dress had a very low back el vestido era muy escotado por la espalda
    • he gave a low bow hizo una profunda reverencia
    • a low point in his career un momento bajo en su carrera
    • At the sunlit front of the shed, an artisan sat cross-legged on the ground, a low table before him.
    • To provide a summer screen for dustbins, or simply to increase the height of a low fence, plant Jerusalem artichokes.
    • The tables were low and a lot of the men had to hunch over to eat.
    • To the right of the bar, which is straight in front as you enter, is a large loungy section with lots of comfy seats and low tables.
    • We chose to stay, deciding on a large booth with low tables and ordered cappuccinos, served quickly.
    • Another, even louder rumble made him move faster so it wasn't long before he came upon a cluster of small, low buildings.
    • The two jumped off the low building and over to where the screams were coming from.
    • Their little mining venture was situated on a low ridge, not far from the track through to Queensland.
    • Then we ventured out onto the frozen waters of Calriga Bay, where the ice stretched grey and wrinkled to a horizon of low, wooded islands.
    • It's a constant threat every time I go through a low door in this dress.
    • This was carved out of the clay millions of years ago by the passage of the river, leaving wide flood plains bordered by low, wooded foothills.
    • By the time they moved in the gardens had been turfed and paved, and were framed with low open railings.
    • Through the low, open doorway a couple of shabby sheets are splayed across the floor in the tiny bedroom.
    • They construct webs in the branches of shrubs and low trees in open habitat near water.
    • It was a long, low bungalow looking on to Fritton Lake and surrounded by woods.
    • The present Gawthorpe Hall is splendidly proportioned, set on a low hill overlooking a sweeping bend over the River Calder.
    • Both ponds were divided from the lake by a low promontory of land that encircled them.
    • Long, low arcades line the river bank, with red lanterns suspended under the eaves.
    • A low dam on the river creates a small lake that provides decent fishing for bass and sunfish.
    • The gates were low on either side and dipped upwards in the middle, resembling a large overturned bowl.
  • 2

    • 2.1(in volume)

      (voice) bajo
      (voice) quedo
      (sound/whisper) débil
      (sound/whisper) quedo
      turn the radio down low bájale al radio
      • the TV's on too low la tele está demasiado baja
      • His voice was low and loud, like a volcanic eruption sounds from inside the volcano.
      • Her voice is wonderfully low and husky, perfect for a night full of regret, anger and crying.
      • The voice was low and sounded somewhat familiar in that strange sort of way.
      • The voice was low, and he sounded like those people who were grumpy all the time.
      • Her voice was slow but determined, the fires and winds quieting at the sound of her low voice.
      • In a low voice she recited a poem that my grandmother used to say.
      • As he approached the living room, low voices began to register on his hearing.
      • His curly brown hair was short, his eyes were an uninteresting grey, and his voice was low and quiet.
      • I retreated a single small step and suddenly the claws were at my neck again, a low growling in my ear.
      • This was said in a low tone, and it was a few seconds before the other people in the room realized something was wrong and looked up.
      • Her voice still reached him as she continued to speak to her caller in low tones before hanging up.
      • She could already hear them conversing in low tones, muffled against the closed double doors.
      • Another time, I woke to my older brothers talking in low tones.
      • He simply stood for half a second, a low, guttural cry escaping his burnt throat, before he ran.
      • Wind opened his mouth but all that came out was a low groan.
      • White fangs were glistening as you opened your mouth and let out a low growl.
      • He opens his mouth in response and lets out a low wheeze.
      • He talked with whoever was at the door in low whispers and then opened the door all the way and in came a girl.
      • The Captain let out a low whistle as he opened the cabinet, its contents a vampire killer's dream.
      • His eyes were wide open in shock and as he opened his mouth in a low groan, I winced.

    • 2.2(in pitch)

      (key/note/pitch) grave
      (key/note/pitch) bajo

  • 3

    (in intensity, amount, quality)
    (pressure/temperature) bajo
    (wages/prices/productivity) bajo
    (proportion) pequeño
    (standard/quality) bajo
    (standard/quality) malo
    (number/card) bajo
    his weight was low for a sprinter pesaba poco para un esprinter
    • low levels of radiation bajos niveles de radiación
    • cook on a low flame / heat cocinar a fuego lento
    • a low number of voters turned out pocos votantes acudieron a las urnas
    • student numbers fell as low as five el número de estudiantes bajó a tan solo cinco
    • attendance has been low lately últimamente no ha habido muchos asistentes
    • the temperature was in the low sixties la temperatura apenas pasaba de 60° Fahrenheit
    • lower unemployment but higher inflation menor desempleo pero mayor inflación
    • it's low in calories es bajo en calorías
    • a low risk operation una operación poco arriesgada / de poco riesgo
    • he has a low opinion of doctors no tiene muy buena opinión de los médicos
    • I had low expectations of the team no esperaba mucho del equipo
    • The mark up and transportation costs may overprice the product, while at the same time its quality may be low.
    • This has led to the low quality of most of this sector's products, and hence its decreased credibility.
    • But today, low quality is often presented as a justification for speech regulation.
    • I think that has contributed to the growth of courses of low quality.
    • Moreover, the high quality and low prices of these goods played a major role in forcing changes in the economies of Europe and other nations.
    • However, cheap carries with it the connotation of low quality and low performance.
    • Poor allocation of Government funds often contributes to the low quality of rural education.
    • The state of the infrastructure is poor with low quality telephone lines and little if anything in the way of broadband.
    • The movie has failed miserably at the box office and the producers have blamed the low quality of the latest game for the poor ticket sales.
    • Evidence for this fact can be found in the terribly low quality of this entry, and my true inability to write anything better.
    • The reasons for the increased use of mobile phones also include the low quality and unreliability of fixed-line services.
    • Then it got onto a low quality US news site, and many more linked to their story.
    • It is totally unregulated and much of it is of low quality.
    • The low quality of college and university graduates is another concern.
    • We've had a disastrous year in our local lobster fishery, with catches down by half and the catch of low quality.
    • In return, owners are not keen to offer more than a low quality of service.
    • Let's face it, most of them came here to escape the low quality of life and the glaring risks.
    • This tends to be of a low quality and over-crowding with families of three or four in one medium-size room is not uncommon.
    • Apologies for the relatively low quality but it's in order to keep the file size down.
    • By this time he had more men than his pursuers, but they were of low quality because the best troops were kept in European Russia in case of rebellion.
    • The primary reason for this was the low level of disposable income.
    • One of the main problems we have is the low level of income at which single people become liable at the top tax rate.
    • There was also a low level of disabled staff in the workforce.
    • The reason for that was low skill levels and a lower proportion of quality jobs.
    • Over a low to moderate heat this will take a good 25 minutes, during which time a savoury golden sediment will attach itself to the pan.
    • Another consequence of underfunding is that staff levels are very low at the moment.
    • However, the number of fixed-term employees in Australia remains relatively low by some international standards.
    • I believe it is still a good market for borrowers, as mortgage rates remain relatively low.
    • Alternatively, during the 1980s the Japanese authorities kept interest rates artificially low to help bolster a sluggish world economy.
    • The sugar industry is struggling against a corrupt world market which keeps prices artificially low.
    • Mortality is extremely low in patients under 40 years old but thereafter increases steeply with advancing age.
    • Our costs are low by industry standards but that is not to say they could not be lower.
    • The economy was growing strongly, unemployment was coming down, inflation was low, real incomes were rising fast.
    • The number of extramarital births, however, remains very low by European standards.
    • There was an increase of 50 percent in the number of children suffering from low weight for their height.
    • Study after study reveals a surprisingly low number of gunsmiths in early America.
    • It revealed that disclosure of sexual violence to professionals was strikingly low.
    • Any cursory examination of schools would reveal that the attendance on Carnival week is abysmally low.
    • In subtropical or temperate regions, or on tropical mountains low temperatures may limit their growth and survival.
    • Second, low rates continue to boost wealth in the household and corporate sectors.
  • 4

    (in short supply)
    to be low on sth
    supplies are low los suministros escasean / están empezando a faltar
  • 5

    (in health, spirits)
    to feel low sentirse débil
    • to be in low spirits estar bajo de moral / con la moral baja
  • 6

    • 6.1 literary (humble)

      of low birth de humilde cuna literary
      • When members of the public make a complaint, they are classed as low priority and have to wait until more serious crimes are dealt with.
      • One class of the population is too high to be reached by the preacher; and the other class is too low to be cared for by the preacher.
      • He had too much on his mind and too many things to do than get apologies from the low classes.
      • Joe, one of the bad guys, who was part of the low class of the gang, slides the wood board on the door like a window.
      • One can only assume that for the command, this program is low priority.
      • The answer that if most often given for not using technologies is lack of time which is another way of saying it is a too low priority to be done.
      • In a hard-pressed inpatient unit they will be a very low priority.
      • The low status of widowhood has the severest impact on society.
      • These women, although they lived a rich life depending on their beauty, still had a low status in the family.
      • Steps are also being taken to address the traditional low status of judges.
      • The children are drawn from low class families mostly children of farm hands.
      • Many dealers, even though they were successful, tired of the labor and low status and opted out.
      • The perception persists among some gay people that their issues are a low priority within the party.
      • In the past, colleges of agriculture placed a low priority on agricultural economics.
      • The unemployment gap between those of high educational status and low status is also growing.
      • The missing child of an unwed mother was a low priority for police.
      • A further complication is the very low status of woman in many of these societies.
      • It was either he wasn't too interested in talking or the fact that my status was too low for him.

    • 6.2(despicable)

      a low trick una mala jugada
      • The Liberal Party has always been a mix of idealism, pragmatism, opportunism and low cunning.
      • But in the end he lacked the sagacity or the low cunning to do the one thing necessary.
      • He was the personification of the kind of low cunning to which Nixon himself aspired but could never quite achieve.

  • 7

    a low species una especie inferior / poco evolucionada
    • This was a right old mishmash of high art and low culture, sport and theatre.
    • There was high art and low art, and they never met, like rail tracks.
    • There is plenty of low art around, and a huge demand for it.
    • So it makes perfect sense to leave the masses to their low culture, and they will likely do the same for you.
    • There are those who insist that low culture will always drive out high culture.
    • In other words, the high / low culture debates are often no more than an agenda to keep the literari amused at the dinner table.
    • Maybe it's foolish to look at it as anything other than a triumph of low culture and cheap thrills.
    • Last week, the lord and lady of low culture launched their new website.
    • These days, the divide between high culture and low culture seems to be disappearing.
    • When I walked around the Hayward my first thoughts had nothing to do with low art.
    • Even TV cartoons with artistic pretensions tend to be about as low as low art can get.
    • Thus has postmodernism helped close the gap between high art and low art.
    • It is not that other countries do not indulge in this, more that one in particular is turning it into a low art form.
    • Instead of high drama in slow motion, this is low drama and high speed as the cars zip by.
    • People thought Cleo was low drama, just because it was about a hugely popular comedy form.

adverb lower, lowest

  • 1

    to fly low volar bajo / a poca altura
    • plants growing low to the ground plantas que crecen casi a ras del suelo
    • to bow low hacer una profunda reverencia
    • get down lower if you don't want them to see you agáchate más si no quieres que te vean
    • low down on the right-hand side of the painting en la parte inferior derecha del cuadro
    • they're lower down the list than we are están más abajo que nosotros en la lista
    • put the shelf lower down coloca el estante más abajo
    • he rates low in my estimation no lo tengo en gran estima
    • he rates the car low on comfort el coche no le parece muy cómodo
    • he values himself too low no se valora como debería
    • to buy low comprar a bajo precio
    • to play low jugar una carta baja
    • It was flying very low and momentarily disappeared into a valley.
    • We lived because someone made holes with a machine gun, though they were shooting low and still more died from the bullets.
    • If river levels sink too low, barges could be grounded and agriculture thrown into chaos.
    • They instantly began their workouts again as the sun sank dangerously low on the horizon.
    • He stays too low to the ground and is too crafty with the ball to be stopped.
    • He crouched low to the ground and held the sword firmly with both hands.
    • They flew low in the sky and they made a loud, happy racket.
    • The two planes came in low from over the horizon, chased by the rising sun.
    • To drink, these graceful birds skim low over the surface scooping water with open mouths.
    • He watched the object come off the lake and fly very low and circle around the house.
  • 2

    • 2.1(softly, quietly)

      speak a bit lower habla un poco más bajo

    • 2.2(in pitch)



  • 1

    (low point)
    the peso has dropped to a new (record) low against the dollar la cotización del peso ha alcanzado un nuevo mínimo (histórico) con respecto al dólar
    • inflation is at a ten-year low la tasa de inflación ha alcanzado el punto / nivel más bajo de la década
    • relations between the two countries are at an all-time low las relaciones entre los dos países nunca han sido peores / nunca han estado tan tensas
    • the temperature will reach a low of two degrees la (temperatura) mínima será de dos grados
    • Companies are also scurrying to rebuild depleted inventories, as stock levels sink to record lows in relation to sales.
    • Electoral support for the two parties has dropped to all-time lows, with record numbers of people expressing their disgust by voting for Independents or minor parties.
    • In 2001, many Costa Rican coffee farmers were forced off their land and into poverty when coffee prices plummeted to record lows.
    • Last Friday the Bank of Scotland revealed that the number of first-time buyers in Scotland had fallen to a record low.
    • Ratings fell to an all-time low of 2.6 million on Saturday, and the show has been axed.
    • Though consumer price inflation is at record lows, having fallen to an annual rate of 1.5% last month, prices and wages in the state sector are rising much faster.
    • But as shameful as inaction is, Alberta is expected to set some all time records for a new low.
    • The index has now jumped 13 points from October's lows to the highest level since December 2000.
    • With esteem levels at a January low, people are particularly vulnerable to be mis-sold miracles.
    • The stockmarket fell by over 40 percent last year and the baht hit all-time lows against the US dollar.
    • The dollar reached another new low against the euro, however.
    • The dollar has plunged to an all-time low against the euro.
    • Stocks hit a year low of 36 cents earlier that day.
    • Profit expectations fell eight points to a 10-year low of 2 percent.
    • The stock fell 2.74 per cent on Wednesday to a 3-month low of 14.2 cents before the suspension.
    • As of June 21, the euro was nearing a nine-month low against the very shaky dollar.
    • Spending has been jump-started by a drop in interest rates to 30-year lows as well as by the best monsoon since 1988.
    • In alpine environments, plants may be exposed to high temperatures during the day, but may be subject to overnight lows near freezing.
    • Interest rates are at historic lows, home values continue to magically rise, and you do not plan to be living in the same house in five years.
    • Bittern numbers had hit dangerous lows in the past as large areas of their reedbed habitat were drained, destroyed or neglected.
  • 2

    zona de bajas presiones feminine
    • This may sometimes be associated with a tropical cyclone or a monsoon low.
    • People who know about thermal lows and high pressure in cold air often jump to the conclusion that warm air means low pressure and cold air means high.
    • The powerful winds that accompany tropical cyclones and east coast lows can and do generate huge waves.
    • Heavy rains extended south to the Illawarra escarpment west of Wollongong, an area accustomed to drenchings from east coast lows.
    • However, another significant factor is the development of highs and lows out in the Atlantic.
    • Such lows usually form when a strong wind speed maximum riding along the main belt of westerly jet stream winds dives into a deep upper-level trough or dip in the jet.
    • Two six month contracts are being offered to those who feel they have what it takes to explain highs, lows, mid-Atlantic depressions and incoming warm fronts.
    • The circulation is then entirely of cold polar air, and there is little precipitation associated with such lows when they reach the polar areas.
    • This difference in temperatures would have encouraged deeper and more severe lows to develop.
    • A third east coast low developed on 26 June, and became notorious for the huge seas it produced.
    • In his defence though, he did say that strong winds could cause problems, and that there was a vicious looking low on our doorstep.
    • At the peak of the La Nina some drought relief can occur when warm moist tropical lows are brought onto the country.
    • These lows suck the low level air north of the sub-tropical highs which then becomes westerlies as it heads for that feature.

There are 2 main translations of low in Spanish

: low1low2


mugir, v.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • Cows lowed in their fields and dogs barked as children dashed through the street, weaving their way through the people that were now out.
    • I could hear the milk-maids' buckets clatter, the cows lowing in the dell, and the indentured servant boy's tortured cries as he was being flogged.
    • The three men always fell asleep to the sound of horses whickering from the nearby corral and the cattle lowing on the plains.
    • Where is the description of the stable, crude and bare, with cattle lowing and the baby Jesus lying on a bed of hay?
    • Up here it's so quiet at night you can hear the cattle lowing in the valley, and the snow touching the ground in winter.
    • Cattle lowed behind him as Joe picked his way through the snow.
    • When we arrived on the dock some of the cargo was still being loaded - some sad-looking cattle were being urged through a large hatchway into the bowels of the ship, lowing miserably as they went.
    • The little steer lowed to its Ma, its feet again getting perilously close to the edge.
    • The sun was bright and cheerily shone in on her bed, the birds were chirping noisily, Mathilde was lowing from the barn eager to be milked, and she smelled breakfast.
    • I turned off on a small farm road and found myself among lowing cattle.
    • Guests at Prestonfield can enjoy rural tranquillity, strutting peacocks and lowing Highland cattle without sacrificing access to the Royal Mile.
    • Before last July, there was the constant noise of squealing and lowing at Marderby Hall, Felixkirk.
    • Far from the bucolic paradise of popular myth, with lowing herds winding slowly o'er the lea, modern farms have as much romance as a widget factory.
    • Animals added their noises to the din, poultry screeching and draft animals lowing as they were displayed and examined.
    • The cattle are lowing, the shepherds wash their socks by night and I am now on holiday.
    • Some cattle lowed from holding pens across the drive.