Translation of low-cal in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈləʊkæl/


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    • To satisfy a sweet tooth, she allows for low-cal desserts.
    • Members can now choose to go with a new plan that emphasizes low-cal filling foods.
    • I like to munch on the stalks as a low-cal, delicious snack.
    • Quench your summer thirst by downing water or a low-cal drink like unsweetened iced tea.
    • If you're looking for a low-cal sauce for chicken or pasta, try this delicious green one.
    • Cantaloupes are mostly water to start with so they're definitely low-cal.
    • Skip the full-fat ice creams and opt for low-cal desserts.
    • The clam chowder on the menus is a far cry from low-cal, so I modified my "real" recipe into a low-fat version.
    • Salads don't have to be merely low-cal veggie feasts.
    • The majority of the low-cal and light foods we eat contain some kind of artificial sweetener.