Translation of ludicrous in Spanish:


ridículo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈludəkrəs/ /ˈl(j)uːdɪkrəs/


  • 1

    it is ludicrous to believe the problem can be solved so easily es ridículo / absurdo creer que el problema puede resolverse tan fácilmente
    • The idea that a pit crew can win a race, irrespective of the ability of the driver, is ludicrous.
    • What a shame about the ludicrous fake tans which gave them the appearance of well-ripened oranges.
    • That's the whole problem with this ludicrous measure: it is grossly asymmetrical.
    • When you take a look at it, space travel is an inherently ludicrous idea.
    • While this may seem like a harsh conclusion or a ludicrous one at that, it most definitely is not.
    • Certainly if you lose three in a row here people are asking pretty serious questions, which is ludicrous.
    • However, at one ludicrous point she starts babbling about how her face has changed!
    • So a ludicrous policy is cobbled together to avoid a real policy choice.
    • I used to think they were clever fiction, a satire on trendiness, a ludicrous but effective barb.
    • The sincerity of the feeling that Alexander evidences is apparently ludicrous to these people.
    • Frankly, using this as a measure of the attitudes of an entire nation is ludicrous.
    • To relate its massive increases to only one service was a ludicrous gesture and can only be worthy of our contempt.
    • Therefore the whole exercise can at best be described as ludicrous and certainly a total waste of town funds.
    • It is ludicrous in this day and age that people can advertise such clearly shoddy services, and get away with it.
    • The idea that every garment would have internet access is so patently ludicrous you couldn't make it up.
    • The period details and ludicrous costumes are recreated and the fight scenes are exhilarating.
    • The other thing about tattoos is that people seem to want to cover themselves with the most ludicrous things.
    • Of course when you're young the possibility that you ever might be old is ludicrous.
    • To have a situation where the law can be subverted so easily is ludicrous.
    • In the end, we started giggling, as each suggestion became increasingly ludicrous.